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whatsthatsound On May - 4 - 2010

Written by whatsthatsound

Writer, Illustrator, Curmudgeon. Ferret Owner. Tokyoite, formerly Ohioan. Much nicer in person.

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  1. msbadger says:

    Wow, friend- that’s amazing, and only the first one I’ve seen so far. OMG- how powerful and beautifully done. Also, today, there’s the juxtaposition of the oil-soaked pelican on the right-side news bar…. absolutely heartbraking. You have a lot of talent and powerful imagery in that one piece. Thanks for asking me to see it!

    • whatsthatsound says:

      Hi MsB. Thanks so much for checking it out. I’m in the middle of a move now so not posting so much, but between here and there we can always manage to find each other, as furry friends so often do!

  2. javaz says:

    My gosh, WTS, I adore this artwork because it says it all and speaks volumes.

    Did you take classes or are you a natural at what you do so well?

  3. AdLib says:

    The words brilliant, talented and WTS always seem to go together.

    I love this piece, WTS. So true, so potent, so evocative.


  4. KQ says:

    Excellent statement WTS. Unfortunately to evolve we have to be a reasonable society. Right now I don’t care who the leaders are. The people in this country refuse to evolve even a little.

  5. LiseLives says:

    Fantastic symbolic artwork !! I predict that your works will be collectors’ items one day soon WTS ….

    • whatsthatsound says:

      Thanks, Lise!

    • kesmarn says:

      If WTS ever wanted to raise money for the Planet or another worthy cause, the originals would probably fetch a handsome price! πŸ™‚

      • whatsthatsound says:

        I do plan to exhibit them in Tokyo eventually. I’ll be sure to hold a “virtual exhibition” here as well.

        • LiseLives says:

          That’s something to look forward to, seriously --
          & ‘attaching’ your works (to gain fame & fortune heh) to a world-wide Environmental Agency could be a perfect venue --

          • whatsthatsound says:

            That’s an interesting thought, Lise. I submitted my TeaBagger parody (the post I put up last week) to the NYT OpEd page, but never heard back. But I’m going to keep trying!

            • LiseLives says:

              Where’s the teabagger parody ?
              Link ?
              Save me some time & make you do all the work ?

            • whatsthatsound says:

              Thanks, Boomer, again! I just went out for a bit, and didn’t see this comment from Lise. But, much agreement, we need her around here more often!

            • boomer1949 says:

              Lise, Lise…

              I’ll jump in here —


              You really do need to hang out here more often than not πŸ™‚

            • LiseLives says:

              Never give up -- I’ve heard that many a well-known artist (in their own particular field) had to do that & then one day : boom, it all took off, so do not give up.
              Our man Patriot (Planeteer) needs to do the same, his venue could be to attach his most well-written travelogues (hope that expression isn’t offensive) to some travel industry, like Fodors ….

            • boomer1949 says:

              And then there are those of us, me in particular, who only aspire to such fluid greatness.

  6. choicelady says:

    Wow -- WTS -- magnificent and simply stunning in its implications! Thank you for being part of he Planet and sharing your amazing talents with us!

    MIND boggling and beautiful!

    • whatsthatsound says:

      Thanks, choicelady. I had it in my head to write an essay about the disaster, but eventually opted to just put a visual up. I think there is so much frustration right now about this, and feelings of impotent rage. We want changes. We are appalled at how preventable this tragedy was. I’m sick about this. That is all, ultimately, any essay by me would say. So, I figured, just the picture.

  7. PepeLepew says:

    Did you do this yourself Whatsthatsound?

    Wow, quite talented. Very powerful.

  8. kesmarn says:

    As if the Gulf Coast hadn’t already been through enough…

    You have an empathetic heart, WTS. And a great talent.

  9. nottoolate says:

    Whatsie, this is astounding! Are you syndicated? This art deserves nationwide circulation, right now, IMEO (in my exalted opinion).

    I think I’m still in an elemental, primitive denial stage regarding this tragedy. I grew up on the St. Johns River in Jacksonville, FL, and spent many childhood days in a rowboat in the cypress swamps, or on the beach. I could lie on the dock and watch manatees and dolphins and pelicans (prodigious shitters!), or hail a passing shrimp boat for a just-caught supply. Catch crabs. Watch egrets and herons and storks and clouds of bats.

    My soul aches for the lives being lost and ruined by unchecked greed.

    • whatsthatsound says:

      Thanks, nottoolate. That’s what it is -- unchecked greed. Sick and appalling.

      I’m not syndicated. I would love to reach a larger audience, though. I appreciate your encouragement.

  10. Mightywoof says:

    Every politican should have your art tattooed on their foreheads, WTS!! I, too, seem to spend my days in a perpetual haze of anger -- not good!! Your work really draws me in -- there is so much more than readily meets the eye.

    • whatsthatsound says:

      Thank you. Yes, I know it’s not good to be stuck in anger, but it is so difficult not to be. Everything about this event, and the more we learn about it, it seems that the only natural response is to scream and sob like a three year old throwing a tantrum in response to watching her parents squabble.

  11. Questinia says:

    I live near an exquisite river. A river that is teeming with fish, mostly trout. One sees trout fisherman there all the time, in their wading outfits.

    Can’t eat the fish though. Up river, GE spewed it’s hostility, greed, and waste.

  12. Questinia says:

    In some ways, we already have perished. Or at the very least rotting in the fridge.

    I find it hard to say anything rational about this, I am using a very unevolved part of my brain right now to process this thing.

    • whatsthatsound says:

      Me too; just angry. We may not have perished, but we’ve very nearly become a society of death. We need the eightfold path, but are ruled by the seven deadly sins, greed first and foremost.

  13. Questinia says:

    I love the motif, wts. No words necessary. Picture=1000

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