Dear Dr. Maddow:

Okay, I confess, I know you may never see the things sent to you via email, but hey, I will continue to make an attempt. Maybe you will have an opportunity to read me – someday.

I am a regular person…a Main Street Person…as it were; a regular person nonetheless. I have no big political connections or aspirations, and no Wall Street connections.  I am far from rich, far from poor (close, but not quite), hanging on by my unmanicured fingernails and unpedicured toes; wondering why you and your staff continue to ignore me and many of my counterparts attempting to contact you?

Rachel, may I call you Rachel?  You have a phenomenal fan base. Unfortunately, those of us who consider ourselves your fans, are beginning to feel neglected, overlooked and, quite frankly, rejected.  Sure, most of us have no political clout, not when it comes right down to it, yet we are most of the population of the United States of America. While the Becks, O’Reillys, Hannitys, Limbaughs, Hasselbecks…and opining pundits have a soapbox from which to speak (funded by corporate monies to boot), we unfortunately,  are “Munchkins” from The Wizard of Oz.  We are the ones following the Yellow Brick Road, trying to overcome wicked witches and flying monkeys; ultimately the last to be heard.

Guess what? We are the ones who count! Yet, no one cares to listen, turning a deaf ear. Why? Because we cannot be heard above the drone of the Right Wing protesters and pot stirrers.

Most of us do not have millions of dollars (we should be so fortunate). Most of us do not hold a political office, nor are we elevated to celebrity pedestals. Most of us rely on the men and women we have elected to act in our best interest.  Yet , these elected representatives act  in their own best interests, padded in the back pockets of their favorite lobbyists. These elected representatives who would not be where they are if  not for us, continue to leave us treading water, telling us to swim, but secretly hoping we will sink.  Why? Because there will be more money for them if we do.

Dr. Maddow, it is disheartening to us be beaten up day in and day out by the likes of the Becks, O’Reillys, Limbaughs, Hannitys, Scarboroughs, Huffingtons, Hasselbecks…all of the outspoken media pundits (and wimpy politicians) making millions off the plight of the rest of us. Rachel, please explain to me how we should ourselves, our rights, against the millions and millions of dollars being spent to keep us forever in indentured servitude in this country?

I am not some wet-behind-the-ears-naïve-first-time-voter-type. I am sixty. I have been married and divorced. I have raised two daughters to adulthood. I am a Grandparent. I work full-time. I have never received public assistance. Yet Rachel, I continue to struggle, hoping that one day…before I take my last breath, I’ll find peace. Peace, Rachel, just plain peace. Peace from having all of my bills paid, peace from owning my last new car, peace from not feeling like no one gives a rat’s ass about me, peace from feeling like my life has no meaning.  If I feel this way, how do you suppose those who are in worse shape than I must feel?

My car is ten years old car.  My television is fifteen (obviously not a flat screen).  I have  a pieces-parts-computer, with a monitor that could be used as a door stop or a weapon (if only I could lift the damn thing)  My furniture is early Salvation Army, and so non eclectic, would be rejected by <i>The Antiques Roadshow</i>.

I do not want a McMansion.  I do not want a fancy car.  I do not want designer clothes. I do not want to travel all over the globe. I just want to live a comfortable life, go to sleep at night knowing my bills are paid, I have wheels in the garage, and fresh food in the fridge. That is it. Nothing more and nothing less.

Please explain to me why the <b>haves</b> have no clue, why the <b>have nots</b> suffer because the <b>haves</b> do not ore reuse to get it?

And…why…oh…why does no one <b>ever</b> talk to, interview, question, or give credence to those of us in the mainstream, those of us living with reality, those of us whose lives are not being supplemented by special interests, those of us who are most effected by the decisions the men and women elected to represent us.

I would donate one month’s pay to charity just to be interviewed by you, Bob Schieffer, Gwen Ifill, Charlie Rose, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, President Obama, Vice President Biden, ANYONE—ANYONE willing to listen to a regular person, a Main Street Person, a “I’m not in anyone’s pocket” person.

It is disheartening to me and many others, that no one wants to listen to what we have to say. They just want to play politics with OUR lives.

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Hey Boomer – YES!!!! Now I supposedly represent an organization I keep hearing people rant about: “Where are the Christian progressives and moderates?” whine the pundits. “Why don’t they speak out on (fill in the blank)??”

Well, because I, too write to Dr. Maddow and Mr. Olbermann and NEVER EVER get a reply. I’ve even gone so far as to give my phone number at work. We represent 1.5 MILLION people in CA – progressive and moderate people of faith within the Protestant community – and no one gives a rat’s ass. NO one. I’d love to be interviewed, too, because we have a very different point of view from the RW. We love people, no exceptions. Isn’t that NEWS?

I adore who YOU are. You are the salt of the earth, you are the woman who is the center of the national good. You do all the things right, and you have warmth, and love, and energies, and responsibility all down pat. You keep the world turning on its axis. You keep the home fires burning, and the economy humming – the REAL economy of basics, not frills. You remember? The one we USED to have? You think good thoughts, you reflect and ponder, you make sensible decisions, and you open your heart and mind to what and who are “out there” in the world. No – we won’t put your home on HGTV. We won’t see you on “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” nor on any reality show eating worms to win a prize. That’s why we love you! You have good SENSE!

Your heart is as big as all outdoors. You take care of what is yours and do so well. You raised up healthy kids to adulthood and now give the gift of Grandma to the next generation. You’re smart, sensible, and kind. We cannot run this world without you. You sparkle like the stars at night – not flashy but lovely, and THERE. You are the person who made America great.

You DESERVE to be heard because of precisely who you are. You DESERVE to be heeded for the same reason.

But, as with me and us and the rest of the sensible, kind, perservering Americans, we won’t ever be courted because we aren’t controversial. I bet you have enough sense NEVER to hang tea bags from the brim of your hat, so we can’t mock you, and you aren’t filled with hate and spittle so we can’t revile you, and you aren’t filled with superstitious nonsense so we can’t dismiss you, and you aren’t flashy, don’t wear stilettos and designer clothes so we can’t trot you out as an example of pretentious class.

Nope – but there is one thing you are. You are respected by the rest of us like you. We know your warmth, dignity, heart, intelligence, dedication, and devotion to purpose.

So no – Dr. M. will probably never call and never let the world see inside your heart and mind. But we here at the Planet and all who know you personally know we are better for having you in our lives. You enrich us and the world. Never doubt for a moment how important you really are. It’s Dr. M’s loss, but we are the richer for having you with us. Thank you!