angry mobHere is a post I just saw on a few of the threads on HadenoughingtonPost.  One on the main, the other on the RealClearPolitics thread.

We are losing some of our BRIGHTEST people because, for some INEXPLICABLE reason, this site has decided to become the exact OPPOSITE of what it started as: a PROGRESSIVE blog — a place for OPEN EXCHANGE.

As peacekitten wrote —

You either believe in free speech or you don’t — but you cannot hold your hand out and wait for ADVERTISING money to drop into it, given to you as a “liberal” and staunch defender of “free speech” — while at the same time ARBITRARILY C.ENSORING a website that you claim is open for anyone from the public to participate in.

That means that you don’t get to SILENCE people simply because YOU do not like what they have to say.

You can’t GAG someone for citing facts and speaking truth that YOU don’t want others to know about — because that makes YOU a HYPOCRITE.

You either BELIEVE in free speech or you DON’T.

You PRACTICE what you PREACH or you DON’T —  and if you don’t, you need to expect to be dealt the CONSEQUENCES. —————

EXPOSURE — as an entity that has been CORRUPTED by the same folks that corrupted our NATION.

This place is NO different than any other, and it should stop MARKETING itself as such.

Just as the republican party should call itself what it IS —

….just as people who DON’T STAND UP for what THEY BELIEVE IN should at least have the GUTS to call themselves as well.


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Hey Keven! Miss you!

KQµårk 死神

PK is one of the originals. She has been as frustrated as anyone with the constant scrubbing and banning at Huffno.


Well, I am sure peacekitten has been put to sleep by now…..


Amen. Let’s get Huffno Friday rolling!


KevenSeven, thank you so much for guiding me here last Sat. night, I have been getting a little disgusted with the articles posted, the advertising for some Gun realty show on TV and ‘Let’s knock Healthcare Reform out’; plus the biased moderation that goes on and proliferation of right wing trolls, that you know from what and how they write that they are just there to get you going…..

I would love to have a place to go to discuss politics, where I don’t have to code certain words and try to decipher what others code words are saying…count me in on Huffno Friday nights…


Glad to see you here, BigDogMom.