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BlueStateMan On October - 26 - 2009

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  1. kesmarn says:

    She really fits into the Rogues Gallery.

    Great parody of the Queen’s Site.

  2. Grabamop says:

    If the few of us has found this outlet already, don’t you think that others will as well? We can add links to Facebook. Which I guess it means I will have to join it. But then I can link my Facebook to HP and get the ball rolling that way.

    • AdLib says:

      So pleased by your sentiments! Working together, we can indeed continue to build The Planet into a bigger and more prominent site.

      We do have a Facebook page people can add right now, “Adlib Planetpov”. We also have a Digg account under “PlanetPOV” people can join.

      Also, clicking on the RSS feed links at the top, under Meta or at the bottom of the page can add sections to your home page on Yahoo, Google, etc. and stream the latest articles and comments.

      I’m going to send out an email to the membership shortly with all the info on how members can help promote and link up with the site.

      The best approach so far has been visiting HuffPo and linking to articles here or recommending The Planet as an alternative to the oppressive censorship and hostility at HuffPo.

      The thing is that since yesterday, HuffPo has blacklisted “PlanetPOV” and PlanetPOV’s web address (I wear that as a badge of honor, guess we’re having an impact on them, heh!) so the workaround is to put a space in the “planetpov” part of the link and advise people to copy and paste into their browsers, removing the space when they do.

      Really pleased by your desire to help grow the site, I don’t take such things for granted.


  3. nicole473 says:

    Your frustration is so shared. But, I have to wonder if speaking out here will do anything more for us than doing nothing (except, of course, it will help to relieve frustration)….

    How can we impact them so that they notice?

    Can we affect their readership?

  4. VegasBabe says:

    This worries me…it’s like de ja vu or something. Can’t talk now, must leave for work…Your a friend BSM, but there has got to be a way in which we can convey to AH how disturbed we’ve become as long time posters with HP and get some actual feedback.

  5. Kalima says:

    😆 Brilliantly stated and of course, the truth, the truth and nothing but the truth!

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