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nicole473 On October - 26 - 2009


HP is creeping ever closer towards becoming a distinct thorn in the side of the Democrats and Obama.

Their false and misleading headlines, the unsource, sometimes blatantly false stories are reprehensible, and confirm what I have always suspected. A conservative rarely turns in to a real liberal. Arianna Huffington is no liberal, in my view, and I believe that the world at large should be made aware of this.

A month or so ago, I posted for several days in a thread about racism. It was fully moderated, and thus I was very careful as to how I verbalized each post. Nevertheless, the racists won. My posts, and those of others who felt the same way, were mostly scrubbed. The posts of the trolls, some of them supposedly liberals, clearly racist, remained. One of the trolls spent several more days following me from thread to thread, in order to make personal attacks. I had to threaten him to report him for stalking if he refused to stop.

The site does not conduct itself as a liberal site. It is repressive, and it condones the racists, the anti-semites, et al, by allowing their posts to stand while ours go poof.

We need to give serious thought to how we might possibly affect the Queen, and cause her to reconsider her methods. If that isn’t possible, then at least we can attempt to draw some mainstream attention to the revolt of the liberals on her site. Peacekitten offered some excellent strategy suggestions in her response to another post:

one other suggestion kevin, is tell them you are going to post on every rightwing site you can think of all the evidence you have of HP’s hypocrisy, talk about your banning experiences, their censorship, the way you have to type in code just to make a post for such innocuous words as “magic,” “sick,” “ill,” etc. let them know in no uncertain terms you will keep hammering the right wing sites about the bullshit policies of HP, the slanted reporting that sometimes blatantly lies, every negative thing you can think about. they REALLY hate that. tell them you have been a loyal regular and mention too the racist, bigoted, vile crap that they allow right wingers to get away with while they scrub posts of self defense, and that you have plenty of examples to share. if you have any screen shots (i took LOADS of them when i was being attacked) tell them you will pass those on to the right like rush, o’reilly, etc.

the Queen (another “verboten” word on HP, btw) does NOT like it when people who are fair-minded threaten to expose her lack of same. if she starts getting slammed on o’reilly again, or rush, she’ll lose advertisers, which is what happened to her the last time.

I think that one of the things that we could do is put forth some sort of organized campaign to get the word out.

Btw, thanks AdLib for the warm welcome! I am already very much enjoying this site. :)

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  1. rcwblessed says:

    Good blog, and love the “Enoughington”. I, probably like so many others, just need to vent! I am so sick of Ariana tearing down our President, as well as the HP scrubbers. You cannot get any type of dissenting comment through on one of her articles, no matter how benign it might be. I guess they need to make her think that everyone is in agreement with her. Ridiculous!

    • AdLib says:

      Welcome rcwblessed!

      Yeah, kinda defeats the purpose of a blog when the censorship is set up precisely to prevent people from expressing themselves.

      But if you want a really great site to read lots of articles about what tv show Arianna was just on, Huffington Post is the place!

  2. AdLib says:

    It’s very gratifying to hear you’re enjoying The Planet, thanks!

    As you might have guessed, I am right down the line with you on this.

    Peacekitten’s advice is brilliant and could be very effective. The only issue could be that Mods are not management at HuffPo. So though the Mods are either following orders or being vindictive when they ban members, the management is disconnected from that and the fallout.

    They just seem like they don’t care. At the same time, Arianna locked down HuffPo in a panic after O’Reilly attacked the site for spewing hate against conservatives.

    My feeling is that it can work in select instances but I don’t think you can teach an old Huffy new tricks, don’t see HuffPo goung back to being a place for free speech and mature, honest dialog.

    • nicole473 says:

      I agree with you, more or less. I do think that it should become well known that she is no progressive, for a variety of reasons.

      I can deal with the lack of free speech better than I can the lie that the site clearly is. That really ticks me off.

      • AdLib says:

        Absolutely, I’m trying to do my part in exposing her because I actually think it can be harmful to the Dem Party.

        She’s got a huge and growing megaphone through Huffington Post and can use it for personal benefit, at the expense of Dems and the movement.

        Let’s not forget that Huffington Post initiated and publicized the “clinging to Bibles and guns” quote from Obama which was a huge hammer against him in the primaries and still follows him today.

        And the more “followers” she has, the more brazen and destructive her manipulation can get.

  3. KQuark says:

    Very well said and 100% spot on. People cannot hide what they are inside for long. Aryanna is a money hungry right wing opportunists inside and that’s all that matters. Why do you think a majority of the mains are about banks and many come from from the WSJ? I go to many other progressive websites and they don’t obsess about banks. Banking is simply not a progressive issue because they are just a necessary evil, a means to an end if you will. Like all trolls she looks at politics as a series of personal attacks and could not give a flying leap about real progressive causes.

    From what I understand the domain name “enoughingtonpost.com” is still available.

    • nicole473 says:

      Thanks, Kquark. I am just so tired of watching her tear down Obama. I understand the need to criticize, but to constantly make up false stories, use misleading headlines, and undermine him in any way possible, is really going beyond that, IMO.

    • AdLib says:

      Excellent insight, KQ! You’re “right on the money”. You go with what you know and what you really care about. Her obsession with AIG was bizarre…until your perspective is factored in.

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