Rick Perry Calls Trump ‘The Chosen One’ Sent By God To Rule Over Us is the headline of a HuffPost article.

Really? Rick Perry expects us to believe God has designated Donald J. Trump as his personal chosen one to lead us to, well, lead us to what? Admittedly I’m at a loss as to what Trump as – God’s designated chosen one – is supposed to be doing. If Mr. Perry means to lie, steal, cheat on your wife, behave like an insufferable bore, and the most miserable excuse for someone made in God’s image, then okay, he can be the chosen one.

But, then I must inquire if the four attributes God attributed to man, love, power, justice, and wisdom – which Trump lacks – comes forward, is that person the chosen one who should lead us? I will give Perry a sliver or credit when he tried to clean it by saying God also sent Obama. Not sure how those who proclaimed Obama the anti-Christ feel about him saying that.

Look, as a young lad, I’ve had my head thumped with a Bible from time-to-time told not to question the Word of God, which why I am neither atheist or agnostic, but one with a hefty dose of skepticism. When I read something like I did in the HuffPost piece, I revert to my simple concept of “Fred.”

The short version is that Fred is the person who has no hunting-gathering skills. So to avoid becoming Raptor bait, he invents the concept of a God or pantheon of Gods, and with a bit of luck and timing ties eclipses and red moons into some mumble jumble incantations. The result, some other slacker becomes Raptor bait, and he gets a special hut and fifteen vestigial virgins.

For my friends here at Medium who are active in their faith and may find my cheeky rendition of religion a little disturbing, in my defense, I offer Flip Wilson’s Geraldine:

But, I ask this question, ‘what in hell’s bells is Rick Perry’s excuse?

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