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AdLib On December - 25 - 2013


As is our tradition at PlanetPOV, we celebrate Christmas with our version of a well known carol…well known before we got our hands on it, that is. This year’s carol is the kid classic, “Nuttin’ For Christmas”.

Here is the original:

Now for this year’s PlanetPOV Christmas carol:

Nuttin’ For Christmas

by The GOP Choir

We’re giving nuttin’ for Christmas
Ba-rack Obama is  mad
We’re giving nuttin’ for Christmas
‘Cause we ain’t been nuttin’ but bad

I broke my bat on Obamacare’s head
Somebody snitched on me
I kept the poor from hospital beds
Somebody  snitched on me

I stopped pay for the unemployed
On SNAP payments I stamped “void”
Bought some guns for de-ranged boys
Somebody snitched on me, oh

We’re giving nuttin’ for Christmas
Ba-rack Obama is  mad
We’re giving nuttin’ for Christmas
‘Cause we ain’t been nuttin’ but bad

I shut down government, didn’t care
Somebody snitched on me
I tied a knot in the Senate’s hair
Somebody snitched on me

I did a dance on ‘Bama’s race
Pocketed cash without a trace
Fillibustered just to please my base
Somebody snitched on me

We’re giving nuttin’ for Christmas
Ba-rack Obama is  mad
We’re giving nuttin’ for Christmas
‘Cause we ain’t been nuttin’ but bad

So you better be bad, whatever you do
‘Cause if you’re not, I’m warning you
You’ll get primaried on Christmas!

From all of us at PlanetPOV, we wish all of our members, readers, their friends and families and heck, everyone else around the world a very Happy Holidays!

And we hope you get plenty for Christmas!

Written by AdLib

My motto is, "It is better to have blogged and lost hours of your day, than never to have blogged at all."

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  1. Kalima says:

    I didn’t know this song but you certainly made it real with your brilliantly executed words.

    Yep, that’s the majority of the GOP and all of the TP cranks.

    Wonderfully done as usual, and thank you for doing it.

    Joseph Conrad

    “All ambitions are lawful except those which climb upward on the miseries or credulities of mankind”.

  2. VegasBabe says:

    Just another day. Peace and joy to all who come here, and may the new year be brighter for any who need it.

  3. jjgravitas says:

    Pee Wee’s Christmas Special (1988)

  4. choicelady says:

    Perfectly fittin’ for the people who today are sitting around opening high priced useless crud and stuffing their faces with expensive food. Why should THEY care about anyone but themselves? God, through his mouthpiece, Sarah Palin, says they’re his “Elect”.

    So much for 2000-plus years ago when the baby they say they care about AFTER it was born found his origins in the most rude of circumstances and kept up the message that the rich will NOT find favor with their false piety and massive wealth.

    So it’s the poorest of the poor who have love in their hearts for one another who make manifest the real ‘reason for the season’. That’s what has gotten Christian humankind through for all these centuries. Some folks got the message, and it’s not about self indulgence at the expense of the poor.

    Happiest of holidays to all who celebrate and those who don’t. Peace on earth, goodwill to all!

  5. Nirek says:

    Too funny , Ad!

    Also too true. The TPers seem to be the Grinch of America.

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