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Posted by KevenSeven On Nov - 12 - 2009 169 COMMENTS

Just wondering if I am the only foodie here?   Just love to cook.    Perhaps Sundays could be recipe exchange day?

Categories: Society
Posted by KQµårk 死神 On Nov - 11 - 2009 91 COMMENTS


Categories: Featured, Veterans
Posted by javaz On Nov - 11 - 2009 27 COMMENTS

With war raging in Europe and knowing it was only a matter of time before America became involved, Jacqueline Cochran, the most famous female pilot next to Amelia Earhart, met with Eleanor Roosevelt and General Henry ‘Hap’ Arnold, to discuss a program which would employ women pilots, to free the […]

Categories: Featured, History, Society
Posted by nellie On Nov - 11 - 2009 57 COMMENTS

One of the frustrations I have with conservative talking points is that they contain a grain of truth. Arguing against “personal responsibility” can be like trying to argue against feeding your own children. Thinking about the phrase and what it means, the interpretation that leaps to my mind is: “People […]

Categories: Featured, Observations
Posted by KevenSeven On Nov - 9 - 2009 43 COMMENTS

Tonight I introduce a new feature: A recurring seminar on various topics.   The concept is deliberately academic.   I (and others assuming y’all embrace the concept) will be conducting a conversation on various topics: politics, policy, economics. For this first effort, I will outline a discussion and invite you to comment.    […]

Posted by AdLib On Nov - 9 - 2009 12 COMMENTS

Hey fellow members, here is the latest bitingly satirical piece by AntiChrist (I’m going to have to add a gallery to The Planet to hang all these masterpieces!), created in response to The House’s vote against women’s right to choose. May I ask that any of you visiting that other […]

Posted by javaz On Nov - 9 - 2009 59 COMMENTS

Fifteen year old Erica suffered from depression, suicidal thoughts and self destructive behavior. Her parents sought assistance from doctors in helping their daughter, and it had been a counselor and psychiatrist that advised Erica’s parents that they must do more. The anti-depressants, anti-psychotic and street drugs were a potentially lethal […]

Categories: Society
Posted by KevenSeven On Nov - 5 - 2009 47 COMMENTS

OK, let’s just get a few things straight. The Teabaggers called themselves teabaggers until someone told them about the Gay meaning of the term.   That was rich! The Teabaggers want to draw a parallel to the Boston Tea Party.    In order to do that, they show up at the town […]

Posted by Khirad On Nov - 5 - 2009 26 COMMENTS

13 Aban 1388 / November 4th, 2009 began with an early morning 4.9 earthquake near the southeastern port city of Bandar-e Abbas. But, 850 miles away to the north in Tehran, there were other tremors brewing beginning around 9:00 AM.

Posted by Corgi Lover On Nov - 4 - 2009 29 COMMENTS

Our words are what define us as a society, in many ways.  Words may be turned into images, such as plays, or movies, or even defined further through actions associated with the words, but it is the words that hold the definition. Many speak of those who have fought for […]

Posted by nellie On Nov - 4 - 2009 41 COMMENTS

I used to view the initiative process as a victory for direct democracy—the people’s voice bypassing the corruption and deal making of legislative bodies. After living in California for 20 plus years, it has become clear to me that this lawmaking strategy needs to be constitutionally banned. Nationwide. In California, […]

Posted by javaz On Nov - 2 - 2009 89 COMMENTS

As most everyone knows by now, Lou Dobbs has reported that someone has taken a shot at him and his wife or at the very least, his house. The police dispute Dobbs’ claims, but that hasn’t stopped America’s self-proclaimed Toughest Sheriff Joe from jumping on the Dobbs bandwagon. Somehow, our […]

Posted by BlueStateMan On Oct - 30 - 2009 20 COMMENTS

The Huffington Post has sparked a national blatherfest with a series of posts by self-help guru Marcus Buckingham, which Arianna, in her trademark breathless fashion, blurbs as “the sad, shocking truth about how women are feeling.”

Posted by BlueStateMan On Oct - 28 - 2009 25 COMMENTS

The “Matthew Shepard & James Byrde, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act was signed today by President Obama. This is a great Bill, a long time coming. Localities can succumb too easily to the prejudices of their populations, & making these FEDERAL crimes pulls that potential of injustice out of the […]

Posted by BlueStateMan On Oct - 26 - 2009 9 COMMENTS

The “drama”, the bogus articles about “infighting” & the “Presidents reluctance to support the Public Option” (all to eagerly parroted on Huffington Post).. the nonsense about “triggers” was simply political brinkmanship by MASTERS.

Posted by KQµårk 死神 On Oct - 9 - 2009 34 COMMENTS

In surprising news President Barack Hussein Obama has won the Nobel Peace prize in the first year of his presidency. While the president is under constant attack at how from the right wing he has already begun to transform the world, especially America’s image around the world. This prize is […]

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