Instead of letting the GOP get away with trying to create an anti-identity based solely on what they oppose and want to repeal, it's a good time to recognize who they really are as a party and what they truly stand for.
“At one point, my son had $7,000 in a CD and I had to break it. That really hurt. I was saving that money for his college. I put $2,000 back but it’s hard."
Elizabeth Warren divined the reasons for the financial meltdown and continued economic sluggishness--the fact that the middle class now needs 104 paychecks a year to pay for a lifestyle their parents had with 52.
Americans Elect feels like a Koch-Brothers-type Tea Partying of the Left and Indies. Exploit the anger and frustration of the constituency and drive them together under a populist tent...that's in fact owned by the wealthy.
Thank you for signing on to the obstructionist dog and pony show contrived by your Republican colleagues in the Senate. Have you signed the “secret” letter being circulated in the hallways of the Senate Building, akin to passing notes in study hall?
With the growing abuse of the filibuster and Democrats unwilling to take the strong action necessary to fix the economy and regain the public trust, with the airwaves and cable increasingly dominated by the demagogic likes of Fox News...
Tonight I introduce a new feature: A recurring seminar on various topics.   The concept is deliberately academic.   I (and others assuming y'all embrace the concept) will be conducting a conversation on various topics: politics, policy, economics. For this first effort,...

Random Thougts

OUR founders were NOT omniscient or omnipotent. THEY were human beings, nothing more. FOR their time, they truly provided some astounding new ideas. HOWEVER, we should not stop developing new ideas.
I know what you're thinking, "What's a Rocky III?".  I would ask that those people stop  reading this post immediately as you are too young to matter to me.  Rocky III is the second sequel to the popular Oscar...
Where the dogs go on with their doggy life and the torturer's horse Scratches its innocent behind on a tree. - Auden St Francis of Assissi had, to be sure, an odd relationship with his body. As a strict ascetic, he...