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KevenSeven On November - 5 - 2009

No Teabaggers
OK, let’s just get a few things straight.

The Teabaggers called themselves teabaggers until someone told them about the Gay meaning of the term.   That was rich!

The Teabaggers want to draw a parallel to the Boston Tea Party.    In order to do that, they show up at the town hall meetings of Untied States congressmen and senators and chant “no taxation without representation!”   Opps.

The Teabaggers warn of death panels that were never considered or proposed.   The Teabaggers demand that Obama deliver his birth certificate.   The Teabaggers draw toothbrush mustaches on portraits of the president.   Wadda bunch of cretins.

The Teabaggers decry the gutting of Medicare in order to create a govt run health care plan.   Opps.

Oh, and there were no goddam teabags in Boston circa 1774.   The first tea bags were commercially available in 1904.   That is 130 years after the protest that the pea-brained Teabaggers pretend to emulate.   No taxation without representation.   Opps.

Finally, the whole “Teabag Movement” is as ersatz as the feigned indignation of the common Repug.    The “Movement” exists solely due to a conspiracy between Dick Armey and Faux News.    It is as Genuine as AstroTurf.   Tang is more real than the Teabagger Movement.    Faux spent months promoting the whole movement, and when the crowds are not sufficiently noisy, Faux “News” producers rev up the crowds like cheerleaders at a high school football game.

The Teabaggers are due no respect what so ever.   They demand that “their” country be returned to them.   They mean that America should not have a N****R  as president.   I hold them in the utmost contempt.

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  1. choicelady says:

    The sorrow and the pity is that a lot of these folks are genuinely scared. They’ve been lied to, manipulated, shoved into these roles, but they are, indeed, scared. They are old enough to want Sinatra back, Doris Day, abundance in goods and services, to have a personal doc who comes to the house, and a world of people just like them, working hard, living decently, retiring with loving family. Yes -- they want the fiction that often enough was fact of the 1950s when the US reigned supreme and all was therefore right with the world.

    Having the second Great Depression (in many states it is) coupled with terror from forces they don’t understand, and a Black president to whom they cannot possibly relate all compounds the loss of jobs, the insecurity of their economic lives, the apparent abandonment of them to Wall Street.

    A century ago they would have been the founders of the Grange movement, the anti-railroad forces, maybe even union organizers -- but we’ve destroyed the heavy industries, the farms, the very roots of what once made us prosperous and relatively self-sufficient. What ELSE can they rail against since they haven’t a clue who runs the behemoth multinational that took their land, tore down their mill, threw out their jobs. There is no figure like J.P. Morgan anymore -- there are only faceless, nameless hedge fund and derivative sellers.

    If we want to stop this racialist, anti-government hype from them, this Congress and Administration needs to understand they are NOT just crazy. They’re terrified. We must make investments in secure pensions and health care for our retirees and bring back manufacturing types of jobs for the working people. Does anyone remember the LIFE magazine cover with the four blast furnaces being blown down in Youngstown OH? What you did not see -- cropped out of the photo -- were the TEN THOUSAND men, women and children standing at the chain link fence watching their lives go to hell.

    Only today have we destroyed productive industries and the jobs that go with them. People claim it was always true -- the buggy whip makers died when the car came in. Yeah -- but the buggy whip was replaced with the gear shift. Never before in human history have we destroyed entire industries -- because it paid more money (government payouts) than staying in business. But what we also threw away were these people and their families.

    So, detest them as I do (I’ve been in their midst at rallies) for their ignorance and massive gullibility, I also pity them -- I know their ilk nationwide. Good people distorted and warped by a society and economy that has no use for them.

    We have to regain America for everyone, even -- or even especially -- for them. They once were the salt of the earth, but now they are nothing but pawns of anger and hate. It’s up to us to give them hope and bring them back some measure of security. We have to remember them in our plans and goals for change. We need a new kind of civil rights movement today -- civil rights and economic rights for the ordinary working citizen, regardless of race or ethnicity. If we can show them the commonality so many people have, across color and ethnic lines, because of giant corporate pillaging of our nation, maybe we can begin to rebuild a nation for all of us. We have to try.

    • KevenSeven says:

      Wow! You ARE new here!

      How many pages did you go back to find this old thing?

      Good points though.

      You should author more stuff. Has Adlib authorized you yet? You are certainly promotable.

  2. Lance says:

    Kevin, you have to remember that Teabaggers get their talking points from industry tools who read and twist the meaning of the Health Care Reform bills but actually do build on stuff that is there.

    For instance the Death Panels thing is built from both the provision to pay for end of life counseling with your doctor and the government establishing a panel to analyze best practices and promote them. So the twisters read this and decide that the government is creating a panel to tell you how you must die. When you confront the tea baggers with the accurate information about one part they start to argue the other part.

    Or for another instance even though the House bill clearly states that illegal immigrants won’t be getting subsidies for buying health insurance the republican’ts complained (Joe “You Lie” Wilson et al) that because there weren’t stringent checks (tigher then the checks to buy a handgun for God’s sake) to make sure those weren’t illegal aliens that we were just letting them in. And even now that we have strigent checks in the bill preventing subsidies going to illegal aliens the fact that illegal aliens would be able to buy health insurance (as opposed to running around this country without any) through the exchange is to the republican’ts tantimont to subsidizing them because taxpayer money is used to run the exchange.

    You have to have a lot of patience and knowledge to defeat that kind of crap.

    And if you are going to spend time complaining about Huffington rather than Red State or Druge you might as well just set up a circular firing squad.

    • Kalima says:

      Welcome to The Planet Lance!

      I think that you are missing the point about Huff though. When you go to the sites you mention, you pretty much know what to expect there. Huffington Post gained it’s fame as a progressive site and seemed to fully support then Sen. Obama as the Democratic candidate. Now it’s becoming more and more like a RW site, dissing the President on his choices, the strength of his leadership, so I think that anyone who used to post there like we did, needs to expose their hypocrisy to the full. Very soon RW sites will have competition if Huffy continues to barrel its pov to the right.

    • AdLib says:

      Lance, welcome to The Planet!

      You’re right on the money with the dishonest way that the Repubs have and continue to knowingly distort the truth and spoonfeed it to their mindless Dittoheads.

      It is politics at its most cynical. Betting on Americans being so ignorant and fearful at their core that they’ll believe anything.

      As for criticizing HuffPo, I think it’s becoming an imperative to start exposing the manipulation and intentional dishonesty there too.

      Just two weeks ago, HuffPo’s lead story was an unverifiable “report” that Pres. Obama was trying behind the scenes to kill the public option. This week Arianna herself wrote another top story attacking Obama titled:

      “Obama One Year Later: The Audacity of Winning vs. The Timidity of Governing”

      The Obama Admin and David Plouffe responded to protest her and HuffPo’s message as well.

      In the opinions of others here and at Huffpo, The Huffington Post and Arianna have charted a suspect course recently.

      We should have unconditional principles, we can’t afford to blindly follow or support an entity because it represents itself as Progressive or we’re no different than those who do the same with entities that claim they’re only about serving Republican interests.

  3. Athena says:

    I think KevenSeven makes a valid point about the teabaggers marching to get “their” country back. There is a lot of fear of the different in their platform. They feel the white majority rule slipping away after they have so carefully segregated themselves into white flight areas.
    They don’t understand much about this country’s history except that the wealthy and powerful always looked like them. The others (people with non-European heritage) needed to be segregated to the fringe of government and society. This somehow made them more secure. Fear of loosing this social order is at the root of this “movement” and their anxiety. I believe them when they profess that racism is not what the movement is about because they have nothing against the non-white as long as they aren’t in charge of anything. Black people are just fine in the abstract, but having a black President, or employer or bank CEO is another. Privileges slipping away has them fearful.

    • AdLib says:

      Hi Athena!

      When teabaggers wail, “I want my country back!” what they’re really saying and even Beck has said so literally, they want to return to the 1950’s.

      Remember what it meant to be a white American back then? Especially in the south?

      The election of a black president has brought the notion of white supremacy crashing down and these people, who only had their skin color to make them superior, are freaking out because now that’s gone.

  4. nicole473 says:


    And the most true and telling line resides in your last paragraph: ” They mean that America should not have a N****R as president.”

    I too hold them in utter contempt.

    Americans for Prosperity and Dickhead Armey should be ashamed of their completely transparent machinations of people who have absolutely no real understanding of the issues, and persistently fight against what is in own their best interest. Indeed, the buses carrying these shills to the site of their faux populist gatherings could be likened to coffins.

    Teabaggers will be pitied, reviled, and laughed at for the remainder of this country’s history.

  5. nellie says:

    The “Tea Party” movement is a great example of the right wing robbing the language and our history of their meanings — like they always do. They know that marginally educated people don’t really know why all that tea was thrown overboard, so they distort the history to mean something else entirely. They know that people are all too ready to be jingoistic, so they throw in a few historic slogans — that people don’t really understand either — get everyone all riled up, and send them off to Washington.

    Then they conflate what is supposed to be a “limited government” movement with racist posters, offensive and inappropriate parallels to the Holocaust, bad spelling and pictures of our president doctored up as insults that have no relationship to anything about his presidency.

    It’s ridiculous political theater. And the country is having none of it.

    • Athena says:

      Your observations are right on the mark. Just like the jingoistic forwarded emails I have receive from a friend (one who is woefully misinformed) with pictures of US soldiers praying, etc. With the banner: One nation UNDER GOD, . .
      So anxious to claim the religious righteousness of our cause. The great irony is that the “one nation under god,..” is from the Pledge of Alleigence, a pledge composed long after our democratic founding documents, and the “under god” added during the cold war to draw contrast to the atheist communists. Reciting the pledge became a tradition long after the establishment of our democracy and would have, most likely, offended the Enlightenment principles of the founding fathers of our nation. There are endless examples of the irony in the Teabagger cause.

    • KQuark says:

      Yup the right wing uses books like 1984 as textbooks, instead of learning the proper lessons.

  6. dndobson says:

    I would rather be a Teabagger than a Teabagee…and it’s not just a gay thing…btw.

  7. FeloniousMonk says:

    I propose that if there is anyone who just wants to whine about insults today that we just pretend they aren’t there. I hope EVERYONE has a nice Friday. I haven’t got time for the grief, personally.

  8. Will T says:

    So much for taking the insults out so real debate can happen.

    Enjoy rolling around in the mud with the rest of the pigs.

  9. Kalima says:

    Your second to last sentence is the real crux of the matter, they can deny it until they are blue in the face. There were a bunch of them on Huff during the primaries and they had an orgasm about the Rev. Wright fiasco that was allowed to play on for far too long at Huffy, to a point of becoming sickening with the trolls and their racist filth. It was about the same time that I began to question AH’s loyalty to Progressives, to Libs, the Democratic party and of course Sen. Obama.

    The teabaggers are what they are, racists for the most part and incredibly stupid, gullible fools for the rest of them.

  10. PatsyT says:

    Thanks Kevin,
    I will never look at Tang- the same.
    I wonder…..
    Can’t that tea baggie {{energy}} be harnessed to fight the wall street banker monarchy?
    Isn’t that their REAL enemy?

    If they are this gullible to follow Dick Army as tea baggers.
    I think they could be lead into going away with the circus and performing with monkeys.

    • PatsyT says:

      I am just stating that if any common sense were in their brains and the veil of racism wasn’t over their heads they might see some real enemies to fight.
      They would be for healthcare reform- banking reform- green energy and so on.
      I am pointing out the total lack of common sense in their “movement”
      Just some satire.

    • KQuark says:

      I don’t think so at all. So what if populist liberals agree with them on 20% of the issues. I know part of the huffy narrative is to try and join them together with populist progressives but on social issues and having similar beliefs with what role government should have in most areas of our lives populist progressives and teabaggers are completely different.

      For examples teabaggers favor the “Flat Tax” which is by far the most regressive way to tax the population. Basically all high income earners would need to do is hoard their money and they would pay no taxes.

      I can’t even imagine wanting to be a part of group that does not believe in basic human rights like they believe healthcare is not a right.

    • KevenSeven says:

      You are kidding yourself if you confuse them for actual populists.

      No. These people are the tools of Wall Street. As easily manipulated as a packet of sugar in hot coffee.

  11. KQuark says:

    The teabagger movement is just the Ron Paulies in disguise and a few fearful old people added in during the healthcare debate. It’s basically far right Republicans who are trying to re-brand the base. It’s corrupt to the core because the base organizers are Republican lobbyists and corporate right wing radio and cable news.

    ” alt=”Church of the woo woo” />

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