thumbs_upThis a general post.  That’s all.  A pat on everyone’s back. An “Atta Boy/Girl”!

Today, I got on this site at around 11:00 am today and since then I have been to Japan, Iran, Canada and across this country and watched AdLib inform someone of the rules of the road (a few times).

In my short time here, 10 days ago (?) I have read and been involved in many informative,thoughtful, intelligent and fun discussions.  I have been challenged and I am grateful for all the well written topics.

I have gotten some insight in many of your lives and your experiences.  Having a bit of disabilities and seeing mostly doctors, nurses and pharmacists  for the last few years, I feel I have met people I may have a thoughtful conversation with and I hope every one here feels the same about each other.

Just to follow the old rule of  KISS (keep it simple, stupid), I want to give a large  Thank You Taks) to AdLib and every one posting here.

The word is simple — civility!

Now , slap AdLib on the back and tear your rotator cuff  and pat yourself on the back!!!

(now, don’t we all feel warm a tingly  😀 )

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Bitohistory, let me second that.

AdLib is not only technically more than capable; he has a steady hand at the helm when it comes to the guiding philosophy of the site. Those two skills combined make PlanetPOV work in every sense of the word.

This does feel, as someone said, like a “bit o’ history” (pun intended) in the making. A great online community.


Good morning!
This site feels more like a community or family.
Whenever a new face appears, it’s uplifting to read all the warm welcomes.
The graphics and page setup are A-1 and the site is easy to move around and user-friendly.
It has become my favorite site!
Massive applause and cheers to all involved in setting up Planet POV!


Thank you again javaz for your warm words, we appreciate it very much and are delighted that you feel at home here.


Spread the word!

Corgi Lover

Bitohistory: Nice little piece. BTW, I did catch that you’re here in AZ too. How far south?