Have you got the COVID-19 I’m-Staying-At-Home-Again-With-A-Remote-In-One-Hand-And-A-Pint-Of-Ben-And-Jerry’s-In-The-Other-Hand Blues?

Then PlanetPOV has a great alternative for you! Every Friday night at 7:00pm PDT we host a live chat, Vox Populi, to which we invite all members for a fun, social meet up to catch up on the week’s events (and anything else that comes to mind!). It’s our virtual neighborhood bar where everyone’s welcomed like a regular and you don’t even need a mask to come on in!

This being Friday, you’re invited to join us for Vox tonight!

To join the chat, first make sure you’re signed in to your account on The Planet then click the blue “Vox Populi” bar in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, the chat window will open and you’re in!

Hope to see you here tonight! We’ll buy the first round!

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