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Posted by Emerald1943 On Dec - 18 - 2009 18 COMMENTS

I have been writing about this subject since I first heard about it earlier in the year. In my opinion, this is one of the most important and far-reaching stories of my lifetime. It is about the actual death of our democracy. No, I’m not just being hyperbolic this morning. […]

Posted by SueInCa On Dec - 17 - 2009 179 COMMENTS

This prayercast was held yesterday………………………   The Family Research Council Action PAC just finished it’s spend 90-minute “prayercast,” an online event to pray for God’s intercession to get Senators to stop the health care bill, and it sure was interesting to watch. Overall, the event provided a good look at […]

Posted by AdLib On Dec - 16 - 2009 197 COMMENTS

The Senate bill is worse than you may think. A few upsetting facts: 1. Insurance companies can charge people up to 50% more for having any condition the insurance companies determine to be a relevant pre-existing condition, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, anything at all as they decide. 2. Insurance […]

Posted by AdLib On Dec - 16 - 2009 183 COMMENTS

Taken one by one, many of the troubling events we’re confronting at this moment in our civilization may have specific causes that appear unique. However, when viewed as a whole, the killing of true health care reform, the bailout that helped banks but not citizens,  the hatred and racism driving […]

Categories: Featured, Observations, Society
Posted by Emerald1943 On Dec - 13 - 2009 79 COMMENTS

A Reckoning Long Overdue

Posted by nellie On Dec - 13 - 2009 17 COMMENTS

Friday night on Vox Populi, I mentioned that I had been posting the HP Bush Years Posters to answer Obama bashers across the net. I believe it was escribicat who asked what the Bush Years Posters were, and I promised to post something about them. It occurs to me as […]

Posted by KevenSeven On Dec - 11 - 2009 65 COMMENTS

Got my mind wandering. Apparently some chappie has a book out, California After Arnold, or some such.   And apparently he had the opportunity to give a copy to Arnold at some social doo or other.   Word has it that Arnold poked him in the chest and whined that nobody knew […]

Posted by Questinia On Dec - 10 - 2009 61 COMMENTS

A 20-something photographer professional acquaintance of mine, a twin, came to me and disclosed a litany of things that weren’t going well:  a male friend who had an ambivalent approach-avoid response to her, not sure if he wanted to be a friend or a lover but nonetheless could not stop […]

Categories: Observations
Posted by javaz On Dec - 9 - 2009 47 COMMENTS

This morning after my husband and I walked our little dog, and while my husband was on the phone, an unfamiliar vehicle pulled into our drive. I could see the older woman with a cell phone at her ear, trying to get into our yard. I asked my husband if […]

Posted by Corgi Lover On Dec - 8 - 2009 89 COMMENTS

I would like to communicate to you my sincere concerns over the overall premise and day to day operation of your website, the Huffington Post. If I did not care on how the image of Huffington Post reflects on all progressives, within and outside of the blogosphere, I would just walk away and say nothing, but it is considered a “representative” source for progressive thought. Therefore, I must speak on these issues.

Posted by KevenSeven On Dec - 7 - 2009 25 COMMENTS

I find myself rather in the minority in my fondness for Christoper Hitchens.   It has been said, with very real credibility, that he is an opportunist who chooses his stance at any given moment based on currently popular opinion.   The accusation has evidence to back it up.   He certainly is […]

Posted by escribacat On Dec - 6 - 2009 65 COMMENTS

On a cold Saturday afternoon in December, a group of 30 volunteers gathers in the lot of a large Denver park. Members of a greyhound rescue group, we are waiting for a “dog haul” from Oklahoma. Right on schedule, a customized semi-truck pulls up in the parking lot. The load […]

Categories: Animal Rights
Posted by Khirad On Dec - 2 - 2009 36 COMMENTS

Since the 13 Aban demonstrations nearly a month ago, the international nuclear debate has been ratcheted up, and the domestic scene of the Islamic Republic of Iran keeps lurching further into the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps’ blood-soaked hands. From Maziar Bahari’s article, written after his experiences of being arrested and […]

Posted by Kalima On Nov - 29 - 2009 7 COMMENTS

A friend sent this to my inbox this morning and I thought I would like to share it with you. I think that we all need to laugh a little more, it’s good for us I hear. It’s hard to read I know but when I tried the larger version, […]

Posted by KevenSeven On Nov - 28 - 2009 28 COMMENTS

Seeing as winter is coming on (even in Los Angeles, it’s all relative) I have a hankering for my favorite soups. Cipollata is high on my list.   It is an Italian answer to French Onion Soup. From “Easy Italian Cookery”, Grange Books, 1986. 3tbs olive oil 1/4lbs to 1/2 lbs […]

Categories: Featured, Society
Posted by AdLib On Nov - 26 - 2009 26 COMMENTS

It is a tradition with our family that at Thanksgiving Dinner, we go around the table and each of us says what we’re thankful for. It occurred to me that many other people may do the same, especially those who should get stuffed along with their turkeys. So, The Planet’s […]

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