It seems appropriate that in light of the racist law passing in AZ that this week's Friday Music Thread is dedicated to "fighting the power". Whether it's authority figures oppressing others or even people not being treated fairly in...
The debut of The Weekend Music Thread kicks off with a focus on songs with your favorite lyrics. The songs you can't help but sing along with, the songs that talk to who you are or how you feel, ...
Finally, finally, Spring is officially here! Here in New England, it's off to a pretty slow start, but I know other parts of the country are enjoying the wonders of rebirth that Spring always brings. Post your favorite songs about...
This week's music thread is a nostalgic trip through the music that you remember enjoying when you were in school. Share your music education with The Planet (and maybe earn some extra credit!).
If Trump's CFO Weisselberg doesn't want to spend the rest of his life in prison, he's going to have to name names. So this weekend's music thread is about naming names, songs with the name of a person in the title.
As the old saying says, "When the going gets tough, the tough get going." So this weekend's music thread is about being tough, being strong and standing up for the principles that won't be denied.
Share your favorite songs about mothers, family, children and love as we join in a tribute to those wonderful women who brought us into the world and taught us what it means to be loved as well as those who grew up to become mothers and taught the same to their children.
This weekend's music thread is dedicated to our allies across the pond, for keeping calm and carrying on against Trump. Share songs by Brits or about the UK.
With the recent swearing in, to a second term of President Obama, the message is clear. Social justice and togetherness is the way forward. President Obama's message is clear, and it is not new. The message for social change and...
Black Americans, joined by Americans of all races, are standing up to power and not afraid to question the status quo. So this weekend's music thread is about questioning, songs that ask who, what, why, how or where.




A Tale of Two Vancouvers But Mostly Mine, the Best One

I was born, raised, and lived in the city of Vancouver into my mid-twenties, in the American state of Washington, with only a population of about 180,000; making it the fourth largest city in Washington (after Seattle, Spokane, and Tacoma), while Vancouver, British Columbia is the eighth largest city in Canada.

Weekend Music Thread – I Thank You

It's Thanksgiving weekend, a day for thankfulness, family, and antacids. To celebrate Thanksgiving, our weekend music thread is about being thankful, love and any song about something you're thankful for. Including antacids.

Weekend Music Thread – How Do You Sleep?

The GOP now openly supports sedition, racism, death threats towards fellow Congresspeople, men who sexually assault women, pedophiles, voter suppression, and murdering protesters. And that's just the shortlist. How do they sleep at night? That's the musical question we ask in this weekend's music thread through the theme of songs that ask questions.

Weekend Music Thread – Rock and a Hard Place

This week, a grand jury indicted Nazi Fred Flintstone AKA Steve Bannon which signals the beginning of bringing Trumpanzee criminals to justice. So the theme of this weekend's music thread is about justice, just desserts, the law, and crime and punishment.