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Posted by bito On Jul - 26 - 2011 3 COMMENTS
Get To Work for the People!

The entire world is watching. So let’s seize this moment to show why the United States of America is still the greatest nation on Earth –- not just because we can still keep our word and meet our obligations, but because we can still come together as one nation.

Posted by AdLib On Jul - 25 - 2011 11 COMMENTS
gop bomb

Terrorism is defined as, “”The systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion.” So is the GOP.

Posted by AdLib On Jul - 18 - 2011 141 COMMENTS

Many of the cartoonish GOP figures running for President and in Congress actually appeared in cartoons before heading into the wacky world of Washington DC, you’re invited to peruse their former appearances.

Categories: GOP, Humor, Speakers' Corner
Posted by AdLib On Jul - 14 - 2011 1,447 COMMENTS

Welcome to our ongoing thread covering the latest updates and opinions from our members on the GOP manufactured crisis of raising (or not raising) the debt ceiling.

Posted by BlueStateMan On Jul - 7 - 2011 14 COMMENTS

Unbeknownst to the conservative Congressman, Dr. Ron Paul (Bagger – TX) inserted an arcane addendum that required replacing all elected Republicans (federal, state and local) with the results of some experiments he had been conducting in his suburban Galveston basement.

Posted by BlueStateMan On Jul - 7 - 2011 3 COMMENTS
2001 space oddessy

 The depths to which our “4th Estate” has sunk is the result of a deliberate plan to obscure the differences between contrived drama and reality and it will be very difficult to turn around now that several generations have already been indoctrinated. After the so-called “Liberal Press” had successfully caused […]

Posted by AdLib On Jul - 1 - 2011 36 COMMENTS
gov dayton

Take action to support MN Gov. Mark Dayton in this tense government shutdown, as he fights to fill a $5 billion budget gap by making the wealthy pay their fair share instead of allowing Republicans to squeeze it all out of the middle class once again.

Posted by AdLib On Jun - 30 - 2011 123 COMMENTS

There’s so much hostility in our society and media…doesn’t it just piss you off?!

Posted by AdLib On Jun - 15 - 2011 132 COMMENTS

You don’t have to be crazy to believe that the same Republican Supply Side economics that destroyed our economy will magically fix it…but it helps.

Posted by AdLib On Jun - 13 - 2011 189 COMMENTS

Some pre-debate insights into tonight’s GOP Debate in New Hampshire which is sponsored by Ringling Brothers Circus.

Posted by Marion On Jun - 13 - 2011 19 COMMENTS

New Rule: If we stop treating politicians like the celebrities they’re not, maybe then they’ll act like responsible people we trust to represent us, instead of the celebrities they’re not. May ended well for the Democratic party.  For the first time in an eternity, they’d captured a Congressional seat from […]

Posted by AdLib On Jun - 10 - 2011 85 COMMENTS
palin Top Secret

PlanetPOV exclusively presents some of the secret emails from Sarah Palin that she never wanted you to see!

Posted by KQµårk 死神 On Jun - 9 - 2011 135 COMMENTS

Probably my favorite pop science series in the last few years is “Through the Wormhole” narrated by Morgan Freeman which examines the latest scientific theories and boldly relates them to questions of religion and spirituality. One of my favorite segments in the series is “Through the Wormhole, Is There a Creator?”  The whole […]

Posted by ADONAI On Jun - 5 - 2011 8 COMMENTS

  I never wanted to be a pundit. ~Robert MacNeil   Let’s get this out of the way early. Almost all of us dislike punditry for various reasons. There may be a voice or two out there that we all hold in some esteem and try to set apart from […]

Posted by Haruko Haruhara On Jun - 3 - 2011 70 COMMENTS

I have a confession to make. I know very little about Mormonism. Oh, of course I know the basics — Joseph Smith, no coffee allowed, the missionaries in the white shirts. I even know about all the unusual things — the Magic Underpants, the Star Kolob, the polygamist sects, Native […]

Categories: GOP, News & Politics
Posted by AdLib On May - 31 - 2011 107 COMMENTS

The GOP (short) bus ran off the main road and is wrapped around a tree yet because they’re still on the bus, they think they’re going somewhere.

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