“Distress! We Are Under Attack!”

It’s all been so well planned, and carefully orchestrated! The “War on Democracy,” I mean. And the execution: Wow! With so many details to keep track of. But, they have had a single focus, and that always helps: to make Donald Trump President for life. That required multiple layers of distraction, contradiction, and misinformation. But, when they aren’t leading disinformation campaigns, Trump’s people always try to do a little harm.

What a productive day for the President! He endangered the lives of every State Department employee in the Middle East.; and he probably (once again) exposed intelligence assets and methods.

But, the gearing up for world war and the destruction of Islam served two purposes; of course it was a distraction, but it was a big step towards war. “Start here,” means that Trump & Co are building a case for war with the Base. Now there will be thousands of troops in the region. Any attack will be labeled a “major aggression,” and we will always be on the brink. Trump can light a match exactly when it fits his plans.

Trump began his presidency by making the Arab peace proposal disappear from the world press overnight. Then he managed to remove Islam from the Abrahamic faiths, cemented by the politization of Jerusalem. Then came a series of accusations, one after another against Iran, that if you look closely, dont always make sense, and all depend on accepting Trump and Pompeo’s version of the truth, which is an instant assessment, offered without proof.

The timed, progressive use of Murder Diplomacy was especially brilliant: the public allowed it, then got used to it; then couldn’t say a word, because they had allowed it, when Trump tried to use it to start his own, personal, “big war.” Trump is no piker: this could become a theatre-wide crisis in a heartbeat, and go nuclear easily. That means that any or all of 200+ flashpoints in the region could ignite. If Trump wasn’t courting a war this time, I believe that he would welcome it. I fear that he would stage a second “major” attack, use air superiority mercilessly, and immediately declare a state of emergency at home.

Trump has one problem to overcome to be ready to make his big play: he has a pretty tight window of opportunity, and a lot of work to be done. Like scrubbing our memories of a lot of the details: such as the fact that Trump accused Iran of planning a major offensive for mid-winter, which is ridiculous. And that he said that he attacked because he “knew” what a Republican Guard general was “mulling.” Problematic in the extreme is the fact that Trump and Pompeo are using the fact that they have made unproven claims of using “proxy” militias in the past, to prove the validity of their current assertion, which can’t be proven.

But, back to that “timing” thing: Trump can’t move too soon, or the six months would run out during which Congress has little chance of stopping him.

If all else fails, Trump, after declaring an emergency, may even seize the ballots, and eventually declare the election invalid – because of “Democratic election interference!”

Likewise, he can’t be too slow, because he’s doing a thousand illegal things at once, and his house of cards could collapse at any moment. Giuliani has dared every honest cop and judge in New York (Yeah, yeah: “both of them.”) He could easily blow up the whole racket with his big fat mouth. And he will never shut up.

Moslems must now fear that Trump is determined to eventually annihilate them, and Islam itself. They are right, I believe. And the Base are blind to the fact that Trump is destroying our own way of life, as well as theirs.

Trump can pull the trigger any time he wants to. Everything up to this point has been bullshit. He could trump up a charge of aggression, fake a raid, and start a war; then declare a state of emergency. All without breaking a sweat.

What then? Oh, there’s a plan for that too, and Paul Ryan has been working on it for years: Re-write the Constitution.


Pray for peace!

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