“I’m the President. Really! It’s true, isn’t it?”

Trump never keeps anything to himself! It seems to be a feature of his derangement. His compulsion to reveal his crimes overwhelms even his instinct to self-preservation. Apparently (and transparently) he believes that no one understands this. He is only dimly aware of the word, “psychiatry.” He can’t conceive of its uses, or how they might apply to him. Yet, if we are to find a way to stop him, we are obliged to try to understand him. So, we delve into the mind of a madman:

If he did not intend to start a war, then what happened? There aren’t many sane options; but if you follow Trump, insanity is the norm. That Trump risked destabilization of the entire Middle East to collect a head, and pay his dues, isn’t shocking in the least. And, Donald lusts for blood – he’s a very sick man, and a murderer many times over. We have to expect this sort of thing.

Sometimes Donald is inefficient (too bloody), but that’s just his sense of style. At least he hasn’t started a nuclear war yet. That’s good, right?

But maybe, this is simply a matter of incompetence. If that’s the case, then I recommend you settle your debts and say your goodbyes – the fool is going to kill us all.

Worst of all, we may be teetering on the brink of war because of inattention. Trump’s vision is narrowing in focus. The narcissistic Obsessor obsesses on himself. He can’t think of anything else. (I live in gold country. There’s a legend about a man who found a huge gold nugget.He bought a Thoroughbred and rode it at breakneck speed all over the country; until he was thrown, and broke his blasted neck. That’s Donald Trump.)

Trump is the punishment for all our sins: every lie, every wrong decision we have ever made. Every bad thing that we have ever done created Trump; not just figuratively, but also in a very real sense. Decisions are like that. And that works both ways. (Of course I understand that my last sentence is illogical, irrational and seemingly impossible; but I believe that it is nonetheless true .)

There is one thing that I might add, from personal experience: Soldiers, sailors, and marines care very much about the morality of the orders that they are given. They also care about having achievable goals and clear objectives. Trump is throwing lives around as though they had no value, or even significance, at all. But, is that an: “Army of One?” No.

Trump probably doesn’t even know that every soldier is a million dollar investment. He sure as hell doesn’t know that every civilian and government employee in harms way is a patriot!


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Air Force brat. My dad was shepherd to a bunch of B-52's; the GI's called that place "20 Minutes From Armageddon;" because a missile launched in East Germany would pop over our heads twenty minutes later. That put me in some of the best schools anywhere. I wrote in the Press Office of a powerful, charismatic Midwestern Governor. I dabble in graphic arts. My 50+ entertainment sites get a few million visits, and I have stopped counting the fans, likes, and shares, per year. I've rambled the world, hitched around the continent (counter-clockwise). Climbed a couple of teeners, been to a couple of thousand rock, blues, and jazz concerts. I was at a free concert on Telegraph Avenue, Berkeley, CA with about 350,000 freaks and hippies; and other festivals. I won a writing contest when I was six. It was a Poe-like horror story taken from an account of a mining disaster. I had already been reading Edgar Allan Poe (which may explain a lot). I could read before I could talk. I implemented some of the first client/server, TCP-IP networks (the Internet) at many of the world's largest corporations. I know a half-dozen programming languages, and have implemented and administered many network operating systems. Right now I build ebikes, and lithium batteries from scratch. I was taught that race and ethnicity don't set us apart. I think that the best thing that could happen in this country would be if a woman were to be elected President of the United States. I admire President Obama more than any man in history, save one.

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