Mafia 101:

The Mafia doesn’t just steal stuff, kill folks, and corrupt politicians (and dress badly). They have a core directive. One of their main objectives is to replace law with binding arbitration, Mafia style: (The strongest man in the room decides – period.) One of the strategies to enable this fundamental change in our society (and a Louisiana tradition) is to offend the law by acting extra-legally, then foot-drag in court, and use position and power to act above the law. This is a strategy and practice that Louisiana has used for centuries (no exaggeration) to assault federal law. It’s really just plain old obstructionism and anarchy. It is a fact, in large part, because Louisiana has a fundamentally different legal tradition, the Napoleonic Code, rather than English Common Law. But, the alternative is to allow intimidated witnesses, “whistle-blowers”, to go “outside of channels,” and report egregious criminality that threatens individual liberty, or national security; but might give offense to the “Boss.” That would be fundamentally against the Mafia “Code” just stated.”

But, Louis Gohmert also “outed” the CIA. It doesn’t matter in the least what the topic of conversation was, or how many employees were outed; If Gohmert talked about how a CIA agent at work went to the bathroom; the issue would be the same: We don’t know about what, or to whom, Gohmert talks. He lacks discretion, is quite possibly unreliable, and certainly a threat to significant assets. What will he discuss next? What will he publish or cause to be leaked next? How many lives will he, or Trump, endanger next time.

If Republicans really think that everyone’s against them – “out to get them;” would they “out” the whole Knock List?

Russia would rule! Russia and O.C..

A, “Director,” (I shudder) “reported” (ha, ha) that he lived in Sicily for years, where he studied the Cosa Nostra. He learned too well. The Mafia and the FBI have become true alter egos.

There is only one possible way to stop Anarchists. Arrest them. They must destroy the rule of law. We must use the law; to save all law. Fight them in the “hills and hedgerows.” Attack first. Employ the full weight of the law. Do it now!

If we let members of Congress blatantly ignore the law, then Law is dead. And they can all do anything that they want to do. All of them! Put on a red hat, and you can do anything. If you think of something heinous and evil enough, you may attract the eye of Trump and get a pardon. The police may be off today anyhow, writing books praising crooks, or posing with corpses. I guess this isn’t any of their business though; they have turned against us. They aren’t with us now. It’s a sad betrayal, but sadly true.

Arrest Louis Gohmert today!

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