All Good People! (Opinion)

I feel compelled to write this piece. But, it makes me feel sick.

Almost immediately after Robert Mueller started speaking at the afternoon hearing yesterday, minutes after leaving the morning questioning (he looked intimidated and beaten), he proceeded to reverse his position on Presidential immunity that he has promoted for three years. Why did Robert Mueller reverse course and say that we had not been paying attention, that he never said that (“that’s not the correct way to say that”)? Obviously, even the questioners there in the room were under the impression that Mueller believed that a “sitting president” could not be indicted. Mueller’s answer and his “dumb” sounding evasion, seemed to be dishonest – he was obviously being controlled. Believe me, I do not get any pleasure in describing the FBI as dumb and weak. But, those are the words that fit best.

You may be asking why it’s important and not just semantics for Mueller to deny his own words. Because, as long as we believed that the investigation was not in earnest, it was okay for the F.B.I. to say that they had gone for years without a determination as to whether or not the President committed crimes. In an insane way, that resembled logic (Bizarro logic at best), and it was a recognizable thing as incompetence. But, for the FBI to say that they investigated in earnest, were not interfered with, and completed their investigation without finding cause to prefer charges is very much like an acquittal (I find the statements about non-interference… suspicious! How would they know, so why assert something that is impossible to know?). Who is likely to trump their findings after years of costly investigation?

And in a uniquely insane twist, the findings were that the elections were interfered with by Russia and that Trump “coordinated” with them. Also that Trump obstructed justice on numerous occasions. At this point, the dialogue and the narrative have gone off the rails, devolving into meaningless babble.

I have a thought: If Congress can’t, and doesn’t impeach Trump now then how logical or reasonable is it to think that a lesser court can try and punish him? And when is that likely to happen? Impeachment won’t be on the table! Congress will have left the building. It will be like gnats attacking an elephant.

In fact, if we don’t impeach him now, we probably never will. Isn’t it imperative that Congress impeach him now to enable criminal prosecution in the future, from a constitutional point of view? It’s ridiculous to even assume that we will ever have another chance.

Which brings me back to Bob Mueller, who just flatly contradicted himself before Congress, who appeared to be in shock. Who let Donald Trump off the hook, once and for all (he thinks). What’s up Dude? How do you sleep?

To hell with Donald Trump. We have a much bigger problem.

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Well, given the performance by most all the Dem candidates in the debate, if they don’t get to Impeach Trump they will be perfectly happy Impeaching Obama…

Dahlia Swan
Dahlia Swan

I’m sorry but IMO we are passed the time for impeachment. That investigation should have been over in 1 year. You are right – Mueller looked weak and beaten. It was a huge mistake to bring him to Congress, especially after he said he would no longer speak on it. We need to focus time and energy on the 2020 election. I just hope the democrats do the same. If not, that will only guarantee Trump’s reelection.


At this point there is no bigger problem than Trump. And the only way to solve that is with the 2020 election or the grace of God.