2018 has been a year like no other…we hit some of the lowest lows for our country with Trump’s lies and betrayals of our values, allies and democracy. We’ve also had some big victories for what America stands for in the courts and in the midterm elections this year.

For a little perspective on 2018, we invite you to take a stroll back through some of the events of this year through a chronological gallery of graphics that were on PlanetPOV. We hope you enjoy!

From: Trump Wears Ivanka’s Bra While Screaming at WH Paintings – Repubs Praise His Stability

Trump bra

From a comment:

trump stacking

From:Trump To Re-Classify Women as Recreational Equipment

trump bat

From: EXCLUSIVE: Video and Photos from The March For Our Lives in Los Angeles


From: ICE Harshly Detains Immigrant at Border Who Claims to be Jesus Christ

Jesus ICE Arrest1

From: Trump Announces New All Star Legal Team Not Realizing They’re Fictional Characters

Trump - Lawyers1

From: Trump Approves NRA’s See-Through Clothes Proposal

NRA Clear Shirt f

From: Rudy Giuliani’s Lips File For Separation

giuliani smile

From a comment:

Trump 's Tweet - Impotent

From: The Trump Policy of Separating Republicans From Their Humanity

trump-rally shouting

From: Trump Clarifies That “Believing Putin” Was Really “Be Loving Pudding”


From: Trump Connects Twitter Account to Fear Center of His Brain

Trump Tweet 15a Trump Tweet 14aFrom: Republicans Decide on “We Got Nothing” As their 2018 Campaign Theme

Trump nothing

From: Weekend Music Thread – Crumblin’ Down

Trump FBI

From: Weekend Music Thread – Invincible


From: Trump Proudly Hangs New Painting in White House

Trump Poker Dog

From: Trick or Trick – Halloween Costumes of Republicans in 2018

Sessions Pence Dummies Wicked Lindsey Witch Mr. Don Creosote zombies 4 trump

From: Trump Says Delay Answering Mueller Questions Due to Crayons Breaking

Trump Dino

From: No. Collusion!

Trump - Game Over

From: Weekend Music Thread – End of the Line

Trump Train Crash

From: Donald Trump’s Christmas Wish List

Trump baby santa

From a comment:

Trump Home Alone1From all of us at PlanetPOV, we hope you have a very Happy New Year and we look forward to seeing you in 2019!

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