It’s that day when the scariest creatures creep and crawl around to scare you out of your mind!

Nope, it’s not Election Day in Republican districts.

Uh–uh, it’s not the scary, scary caravan of tired children and mothers trudging from South America.

It’s Halloween!

I know it may seem a little anti-climactic to try and feel scared after two years of Trump in the White House but at least play along for the kids’ sake.

And no one likes celebrating a day to scare people like Republicans! So we thank Republican politicians for taking pictures of themselves in their Halloween costumes and sharing them with us.


Jeff Sessions and Mike Pence as “Trump’s Dummies”

Wicked Lindsey WitchLindsey Graham as “The Wicked Witch of The Senate”

Mr. Don CreosoteDonald Trump as “The Self-Destructing Glutton, Mr. Don Creosote”

zombies 4 trumpTrump-supporting zombies…as…”Trump-Supporting Zombies”

Wishing everyone (even Republicans) a very Happy Halloween from PlanetPOV (though the scariest day for Repubs may be in six more days after elections results come in…scary!!!).

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Republicans may be zombies, but they wouldn’t even eat brains, much less use them.