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AdLib On June - 28 - 2016


Trump Kiss Boris

The Brexit referendum vote in the UK, which resulted in telling the UK to leave the EU, was a little more complex than the core supporters of Brexit would admit. There were of course many voters who voted for it because they are xenophobes and racists but there appear to be many who voted for it out of ignorance, either deceived by the pro-Brexit propaganda or to “send a message”.

One can hardly sympathize with the “send a message” voters who, after the destruction to their economy, whined “I thought it wouldn’t pass anyway.” Now they want a re-do of the vote to “really” vote and while that would be a good thing for the UK and world economy, admitting you’ve been an idiot and used your vote to restructure the UK’s economic and political status like a thumbs down on a Yahoo comment, is not impressing anyone with showing someone worthy of getting to vote again in a do-over.

Of course, the MSM which has been co-financing Donald Trump’s campaign through in-kind contributions of billions of dollars in free airtime, was quick to try and re-inflate the sagging Trump campaign by parroting that this proves Donald Trump could win the Presidency.

No, it doesn’t.

There are big difference between the UK and the US (and not just the windshield vs. “windscreen” crap) in demographics, politics and the fact that Donald Trump is not an organization of sovereign states that our country belongs to (yet).

To begin, there is little question that the core Brexit voters want to leave the EU because of their anger at immigration (and out of resentment that Germany doesn’t have a leader with a small moustache). These core voters, not too dissimilar from Trump’s core voters, are markedly racists, poorly educated, more rural, more elderly and look goofy when wearing baseball caps.

Oh, and did I mention they’re white? Really, really, really white?

The UK is 87% white and known for being very provincial (IOW, anti-immigrant). That’s a huge base to try and gain a majority from, especially in the current global environment of the wealthy robbing the 99% of their standard of living and pointing at the “others” as the phony cause for that.

Though there were high profile supporters of Brexit including ex-London Mayor Boris Johnson and UKIP Leader and Antichrist groupie, Nigel Farage but they were not the ones being voted for, it was a vote on a referendum that had been wholly propagandized.

The fact that Johnson and Farage and the Pro-Brexit movement lied hugely to the public to get it passed is similar to Trump’s compulsive lying but similarity does not mean things are identical (I drink water and my dog drinks water but only one of us humps people’s legs…but I am going to therapy for it).


  1. DEMOGRAPHICS – The UK has a white population of 87.1% (AKA “Whitetopia”). The US has a white population of 63.7%. So the pool from which white racists could slither out of is much smaller as a percentage. On the Brexit vote, the “Stay” supporters had an uphill battle along the way because their arguments were primarily intellectual. They tried to invoke fear of economic harm if Brexit passed but compared to “Them immigrants are stealin’ our jobs and women!”, it is a cold and intellectual argument. However, in the U.S. Presidential race, Trump’s attacks on just about everyone but older, white, uneducated males  has emotionally energized women, Latinos, African Americans, Muslims, Asians, etc. to register and get out and vote. Polls show Democrats very enthusiastic about voting for Hillary while they show Republicans unenthusiastic about voting for Trump. When it comes to getting out the vote, this is a critical advantage for Dems in most all demographics.
  2. VOTING FOR A REFERENDUM VS. A PERSON – People in the UK voted for and against a policy which itself, has no character, personality or fake comb over. People in the US will be voting for a person to become President. It’s not a binary vote of “yes” or “no”, Americans will be choosing between two people, comparing the two and voting in a combination of who they like and who they dislike. Also, (unlike Brexit) Donald Trump already has a negative rating among 70% of the population, many Republican politicians  and voters are refusing to support him and there’s even a movement within his party to deny him the nomination at the convention. While there may be many independents who support the anti-globalism Trump blathers about disingenuously, they won’t vote for him to advance it if they hate him.
  3. DIRECT VOTE VS. ELECTORAL COLLEGE – Sometimes, as the quote goes, the masses are asses. Unfortunately, tyrants and tyranny can rise by whipping up the public into a populist furor (or Fuher) and winning a direct vote. One reason The Founders instituted an Electoral College in U.S. elections was to protect our democracy from such a situation. So, does it really matter if Trump is polling nationally close to Hillary? Does that mean he can pull a Brexit? No. Just because Trump may excite racists to turn out in huge numbers in a red state he’s already going to win, it changes nothing. In Presidential elections, it is about winning states, not voters nationally. So national polls are just informational about trends but otherwise have no relation to how much of a landslide or nail biter a Presidential election will be. As it is, counting strongly Democratic and Republican states, Democrats begin being close to winning in the Electoral College from the start. There are swing states that need to be won but few need to be won by Hillary, many need to be won by Trump. Hillary could lose most of them but if she were to win a state like Florida, it wouldn’t matter if she lost other states, she’d still win. Trump has to run the table and with a 70% disapproval rating and the polls reflecting the enthusiasm advantage very much in Hillary’s favor, that is highly unlikely to happen.
  4. VOTING TRENDS – PM David Cameron was very cocky when he guaranteed the Brexit vote, as a ploy to win what he thought would be a tough election and rally pro-Brexit Conservatives to support him. The polling trends though began moving bit by bit towards pro-Brexit, especially after the Syrian refugee crisis and the Paris attacks by ISIS. Those trends continued to favor Brexit and it was a struggle for Cameron to steer opinion against it. Trump on the other hand is experiencing an ongoing negative trend in support (from his own party as well as others). What’s very interesting is that in most primary races while the GOP Primary was still competitive, undecided voters flocked to Trump’s opponents by wide margins. Trump seems to be the kind of candidate that, the more undecided voters see of him, the less they like him.

So in the end, despite the MSM’s insistence that Brexit proves Trump could win, that’s not the case. Yes, any candidate could win any race, even someone with a 99% chance of losing has a 1% chance of winning so it’s not impossible for Trump to win.

But it is not more likely because Brexit passed in the UK. In fact, polls released since the passage of Brexit show Hillary with a growing lead over Trump (I guess it didn’t look so good for Trump to be applauding the crashing stock markets and Pound while on the world stage, trying to spin it as beneficial as an incentive for wealthy people to fly to his golf courses in the UK and make him richer…and how do the folks in Florida feel about losing tourists to their golf courses?).

It may instead be that the cautionary tale that is the pro-Brexit vote, how it has destabilized the nation politically and economically…and will continue to play out as a disaster over the coming months…may convince many of the (unbelievably!) undecided voters in the U.S. towards the Hillary side to avoid boarding the Trumptanic.

Written by AdLib

My motto is, "It is better to have blogged and lost hours of your day, than never to have blogged at all."

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  1. Fergie1 says:

    Folks, just FYI. The now Home Secretary in Britain, Theresa May is in the running for Prime Minister. Why do I mention this? Because, although 10 years younger than me, she is an “old girl” (alum) from my school in Oxford! Yikes. I would still never vote for a Tory in a million years.

    • Kalima says:

      Hello, Fergie, yes I saw that this morning and said a quick prayer. I have nothing nice to say about May, except when she gets flustered she panics, makes huge mistakes and tries to cover them up. Hardly the person now needed to clean up and organise the Brexit mess left behind by Cameron, Johnson and Hitler-lite, Farage.

      Under her control, asylum seekers, unforgivably many children, were treated like criminals and some even died. Her border patrol was a shambles. Human rights were abused. I have no respect for this woman. If she can’t even keep the borders safe, what on earth could she do for the rest of the country?

      I see a flash election coming before the end of this year.

  2. pinkpantheroz says:

    I can’t believe what has happened. Britain is suffering economic PTSD as we speak. It wouldn’t happen in the US, the demographics are against it as is the culture (for want of a better word).
    One thing that inflames me is the absolute and utter cowardice of both Cameron and Johnson. Where is the ‘If You Break It, You Own It’? They destroy the UK and creep away to let Someone Else sort it out. Pathetic cretins, both of ’em.

    Maybe we could suggest a solution for both the US and the UK -- send Don The Con and nominate him for Pry Minister. He’d be YUUUUGE and the best in the world for the job.

    • AdLib says:

      PPO, it is an astounding display of cowardice and betrayal by Tories, Cameron and Johnson in particular, to have engineered this disintegration of the UK economically and politically for incredibly selfish reasons, not even considering the disaster it could bring, then heading for the hills.

      Don’t know if you’ve seen this secret footage of Cameron, Johnson and other Tories reacting to Brexit passing:

    • Kalima says:

      No thanks, ppo, there are enough dickheads running around loose as it is. The British people voted against something they didn’t understand just because Cameron was for it. That was stupid, many regret it, but they would never be stupid enough to vote for a horror like trump. Almost 2 million of them actually wanted him banned from the country, and in his self promotion trip to Scotland, he had tight police security that I think he should pay for himself.

      Maybe you can have him? He did send emails to Australian politicians asking for campaign funding after all.

      Trump in my neck of the woods would be pelted with rotten tomatoes, and something worse I’m sure.

      The line up for the next PM look like entries for The Gong Show. Each of them has screwed the British people on healthcare cuts, Hunt, education “reforms”, Gove, military cuts, Fox. All I can say is what a bloody nerve these conservative twits have. Scandals roll off their backs like dirty rain water. Conscience is a word they never learned to spell or understand.

      • AdLib says:

        I just watched an interview with Gove before the vote and here are two “brilliant” predictions by this pompous idiot. First, he claimed Scotland would vote for Brexit and would not want another vote on independence because of that.

        He also lives in fanatsyland on economics, claiming that the EU will give them the same access to the Single Market as only EU members have…because we’re the superior British and they’d have to.

        So his pitch was, the UK would get everything they have that they like from being in the EU after they left the EU, without contributing in any way to it.

        Right…because the EU wouldn’t think that every other country would leave immediately wanting the same “everything for free” deal.

        What an ignorant ass with no concept of the way the world really works!

        • Kalima says:

          Yes, Gove knows best. His charter schools were a disaster. Public schools did much better. He tried to get more religious schools opened, probably at the urging of his American repub friends and advisors, and lived in a mangaland that most of us know is make believe. Being buddies with the terrible three, they let him drive both teachers and students nuts by writing a new curriculum and rules that made sense to no one but Gove himself. Hunt was sent to destroy the NHS, a job he was never qualified for, and pissed off the brightest young doctors and medical staff in decades. Fox decimated the military with Tory cuts that left thousands of injured soldiers returning from Afghanistan and Iraq sacked without disablement benefits. It reads like the who’s who of tyrants.

          The Tory Party has survived too long on cronyism without experience for the posts they were given. Time to clean house.

          Yes, the arogance of Cameron and Farage believing business as usual after the vote was laughable. The next day the six founding leader countries of the EU said they wanted the U.K. to start the leaving process as soon as possible. I laughed again. Cameron was always cheap. He fought the EU wanting to protect his rich city banks and crooks from paying their share. The EU said no. Cameron must have thought that the EU was an institution he could barter with, but his “can you make it a bit cheaper” didn’t work there.

      • AdLib says:

        Kalima, Gove looks like a sickly clone of Mr. Bean, just uses his personal opinions of “I don’t agree” to dismiss all the opinions of experts and facts that dispute his opinions…how can anyone take that blathering twit seriously? And he’s been decimating and privatizing education…what a tool.

        Hard to believe Brits will sit by and agree to wait until 2020 to have a chance to change this incompetent and dishonest government.

  3. gyp46 says:

    There is a world of difference between voting for something you believe in and voting for something you are frightened of. The end results can be disastrous. The English are learning that lesson the hard way. What is amazing though is reading posts by Trump clones applauding the disaster. Do they know it is their 401’s that are losing value, sure isn’t Trump. The average citizen in the UK have lost about 20% of their buying power in less than a week, the rich could care less, if you have a million or so it hurts on paper, if you have a hundred it hurts a whole bunch. Sometimes that old expression; ‘cutting your nose off to spite your face’ is true and this is one of those times. Vote Trump and lose, even the republican controlled Chamber of Commerce agrees.

    • AdLib says:

      gyp46, so true that making a decision to vote out of fear is about the worst thing you can do as a voter. Witness the re-election of Bush/Cheney in 2004.

      I think the Trump Zombies have just a simple, zombie-like process of thinking: “Things good for Trump are good. Things bad for Trump are bad.”

      That’s it, no reasoning, no critical thinking, no understanding of facts or reality. For these brain dead creatures, The Trump campaign represents the opportunity to say “Fuck you!” to the society they blame for everything that makes them unhappy about their lives.

      No wonder that the only sub-demographic that he wins is “uneducated white males”. Only morons would ignore so much and buy into such obvious daily lies by Trump so that they could express their inner road rage, not caring one bit who could get hurt as long as they get their emotional gratification.

      I have said this from the beginning, Trump will lose big time like the second coming of Goldwater and is already destroying the GOP in the process. This is all for the best, we should be glad that the bigots and small minded haters that populate the GOP will finally be represented by a candidate that can be destroyed in an election so they can again be banished from the political landscape for a long time to come.

  4. Kalima says:

    No, I don’t think trump can win in a similar way because while the U.K. and Europe chose austerity, the American v oters chose President Obama who along with congressional Democrats, stopped the Republicans from implementing the same brutal agenda in the U.S. There are 65 million people in the U.K. compared to over 350 million in the U.S. most of whom are not anti-immigration. Of those 65 million, only 45 million of the population in the U.K. were eligible to vote.

    The republican scare tactics of the msm are deplorable as is the comparison to the Brexit farce in the U.K. The Caneron government is to blame for the decision to leave while the president has been fighting as hard as he could to improve the lives of Americans, not destroy them. I find the comparison rather insulting to President Obama, but what else is new?

    The vote in the U.K. was about hardships imposed by the Tory government as too many Brits had no idea what the EU even was or did. Yes, some were about immigration but what they don’t know about many immigrants from Europe is that some corporations send people to Europe to find workers and bring them back to work in the U.K. paying them very low wages, providing inadequate housing, and leaving them adrift in the country once the work is completed. So the meme “they are stealing our jobs” is the propaganda of monsters like Nigel Fararge and the Tory xenophobes to strengthen their own platforms and have dissatisfied voters crossing over to them.


    The hardships in the U.S. are the direct result of repub legislation in repub controlled states. Most intelligent repubs know that. Like the U.K. there are the haters and racists who will vote for trump because he enabled them to come out of the closet and gave legitimacy for them to be open with their hate.

    The U.K. Is now facing verbal abuse of anyone with a different skin colour, some actually citizens born there, and hate crimes.

    What bothers me is the lack of unified outrage from both the politicians and the general public. The U.K. may have voted to leave but until they do they still have to abide by EU rules and laws, among them, hate crimes and human rights.


    Brexit: Wave of hate crime and racial abuse reported following EU referendum



    With trump’s falling poll numbers, and some repubs crossing party lines to vote for Clinton, I don’t think that a GE can be compared to a misguided decision to leave the security of the EU.

    According to BBC sources, about 3 million people now want a second referendum because they realise they have been lied to by xenophobic Tories, and “Nasty Little Nigel” the racist and bff of the European extreme Far Right nut jobs like Le Pen and Geert Wilders. Both not welcome in the U.K. because of their hate speech.

    As Farage stood like the jerk he is, insulting the EU parliament, all I could think of was the skinheads in the 70’s roaming around the streets insulting foreigners, and in some cases trashing their businesses and causing grave bodily harm. I know about these extremists because we were almost attacked one night leaving a London Tube station while they screamed insults against my Asian husband, and threw insults at me for being with him. We were lucky to find a Bobby at the exit, some were not. It has started again, and I fear for the country that once was my home. Knowing that this man had unleashed this horror again, I wanted to weep.

    I have hope that the majority of American voters are against everything trump stands for, and will vote accordingly.

    As usual, AdLib, you approached the issue with the clarity and understanding that will never be seen in most news sources, and so-called expert opinions. Thank you as always.

    • AdLib says:

      Kalima, you really nailed this one!

      It does seem pretty clear that the core Brexit voters, and even many of the less intense Brexit voters, saw this as an opportunity to express their anger and resentment at how they feel their standard of living has gone downhill.

      One can actually agree with many of them on the decline of the quality of life for many in the UK, with all the shredding of the social safety net and the same economic inequity the majority faces here in the US as well. However, the ignorant and often bigoted response to it all that many of them reached, should be condemned for what it is.

      Voting to destroy the UK’s economic and political stability to “send a message” is just plain stupid as is doing so out of bigotry and buying into UKIP’s Nazi-like propaganda of blaming the “non-Anglos” for all of their woes.

      The pro-Brexit forces lied and deceived to prey on the lowest instincts and emotions of many Brits to advance their nationalist agenda.

      What is kind of amusing is how the unprincipled and greedy nature of the Tories has brought the party to tear itself apart. Cameron has to resign for betraying the nation and selling out the future of the UK to win re-election, Boris Johnson stabbed Cameron in the back by flipping around to be a top supporter of Brexit and Gove stabbed Johnson in the back, abandoning him to run for PM himself and forced Johnson to give up running.

      Labour has its problems too with Corbyn being a total wishy-washy failure on Brexit and refusing to resign despite the party giving him a decisive no-confidence vote.

      But the Tories are the ones who have really done the true damage to UK society and its future through austerity, slashing and privatizing social programs and bringing about Brexit and the economic disaster it represents all out of selfish, political greed.

      So horrible to hear what you and husband went through with those racist assholes but very glad you both goot out oof that situation safely.

      And now, Brexit has unleashed a new wave of “acceptable” racism and hatred on people of all nationalities in the UK. The echoes of Nazi Germany is so loud, it’s deafening to many but IMO, seems so under-discussed by the media. Though I agree that many Brexit voters were motivated by how hammered they feel by the Tories and UK government, the explosion of racial hatred that followed Brexit also exposes the same Hitleresque mindset of a people beset by economic woes, being guided to hate “the others” in their society for causing all their woes.

      It is in fact the wealthy in the UK who own the companies that are seeking and even importing workers from outside the UK so they can pay lower wages. Of course, it isn’t the immigrants’ fault for wanting to work and feed their families. But the wealthy know well how to avoid the spotlight for the damage their actions cause which contributes to the whipping up of bigotry.

      It is an ugly time for good people in the UK and a good time for the ugliest people. While the economic harm of Brexit will continue, I think the British people will turn against these purveyors of hatred and division (including UKIP and Tories), as the destruction and failure they have brought to the nation sets in.

      Meanwhile, Labour sits wounded and needs to get rid of Corbyn and find a more effective leader so that they can take the reins of power from the Tories (they have until 2020 now, they better get it done by then!).

      • Kalima says:

        In defence of Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour Party has never really accepted his leadership from day one. He came out of nowhere after the defeat in the last GE and bumped off some contenders who thought they deserved the position. The Party has always been split, he didn’t get the support he needed, they didn’t rally behind him, so a “no-confidence” was hardly surprising.

        I put this link on MB last month and found it very interesting. Remind you of anyone? 🙂


        The astonishing rise of Jeremy Corbyn



        As for Boris Johnson, his stand down as the next PM and Michael Gove the useless, the man who destroyed the education system by changing the curriculum and introducing U.S. style charter schools labelled “academies”, I don’t believe it was backstabbing at all. More than likely it was a devious plan between friends so that Boris could walk away from the mess he created the same way as Cameron passed the buck.

        Buyers remorse came only a few days after the devastating decision to leave the EU, and judging by the politicians, the leave side never thought it through or imagined the inevitable consequences or the strong, united reaction from the EU. They seriously believed they were important enough for business as usual after throwing Europe under the bus. How’s that for British arogance?

        Watched on and off on the Beeb, and the number of people now trying to give up their British citizenship for a European passport is something I have never seen before and hardly a cause for celebration.

        Here is something to laugh about. Only 9% of Europeans think that trump has what it takes to be president. I think those 9% are all from Far Right haters across Europe so even that low number is tainted.

        Let the haters vote for trump because even though the probability is now so low with Clinton expected to win at 80%. Should it happen, he is the last person in America who could ever do anything for them, and the most clueless person ever to run for office.

        As you say, their anger will continue along with the demise of the Republican Party, the only good thing to attribute to trump’s contribution to the most bizarre election season I have ever seen.

        The Brits voted out of anger in 2010 and got Cameron the Thatcher wannabe who ruined what was good and just in the country. They did it again last Thursday and now have a bunch of weak kneed politicians who have no ideas how to deal with the fallout of leaving the security of the EU. If I didn’t have family and friends there I would say, “Fuck you! You broke it. You fix it.” When the hardships to come will affect those I care about, it’s hard to turn my back completely, and I still have ends to tie up over there. Namely a house to sell that dropped to half its value the day after the Brexit vote. Thanks Tories!

        Pew poll: Trump at 9% with Europeans


        • AdLib says:

          Kalima, good points. I don’t dislike Corbyn, it was actually exciting when he won the position of leader but de facto, I don’t think he’s the person who can lead Labour back into power. With such a high number standing against him in a no confidence vote, doesn’t his remaining in his position keep Labour more divided and weaker?

          What you describe makes Boris Johnson an even more disgusting human being than he was. To rally this Brexit vote just for his own political leverage then to unexpectedly win and run away after seeing the destruction he’s helped cause? What a piece of work!

          I’ve seen it described as leading an army to a battle then running away at the first sight of gunfire.

          Never surprising that bullies like him and Trump are actually cowards.

          I assume his political career is over now, how could he run for anything again and be taken seriously?

          I’m with you in any case on hoping the Brexit vote could somehow be turned around. It’s clear that it is a disaster for the UK and destroying the savings and property values of Brits.

          Maybe you should hold onto your house for a little while, in hopes Brexit doesn’t go through?

          It’s ironic that Brits can look at the US and see what a joke Trump is yet a majority marched behind Boris and voted for Brexit, not thinking about the actual ramifications.

          It definitely is easier to look elsewhere and see the folly though I think most Americans dislike Trump because they recognize what a crazed con man he is.

          • Kalima says:

            Oops. I just added this link but found you had already replied. Here it is again below.

            At the moment I don’t think there is anyone who can pull the Labour Party together, they need to go back to putting the people first. Back to their roots to get the people on board. One of the biggest mistakes Ed Miliband made was being bullied by the Tories to turn their backs on the unions. In fact, they voted in step with the Tiries on far too many occasions for my liking. The working class voters in rural regions never forgave them for that. Corbyn promised to re-establish the union connection to the Labour Party. He is a good man and will do the right thing. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is an election before the end of the year.

            Never liked Boris to begin with. He, Cameron and Osborne are all friends from their Eaton days and painted with the same brush. There is not one alternate on that list who thinks differently from Cameron, so having a new leader will change absolutely nothing.

            We are going over in November and I think it will be my last long distance journey. Getting the house on the market is one of the main reason we have to go. I pay as much yearly property tax as some rich foreigner pays in London, and it’s draining my piggy bank savings. I’ll just have to grin and bear it; accept the loss.

            Trump’s descent into hell has already begun. There is a new scandal now. He asked British, European, Australian, to name a few, politician to fund his campaign. They complained to the U.S. Federal Election Commission as it is against U.S. Federal law to solicit money from foreign countries and are disgusted. As one member of Parliament said, “What is this crap? I can’t even vote for him.” Clueless doesn’t cover it.


            Trump fundraising emails overseas prompt complaints here and abroad



            Here is the New Yorker link.

            The astonishing rise of Jeremy Corbyn


            • Kalima says:

              Yes, the Labour Party needs to reform and there lies the problem with Jeremy Corbyn. He wants to go back to the times of people first and unions. His platform is exactly like the platform of Bernie Sanders and therefore the lack of unity since he became the leader echoes the Dems reaction to Bernie. Misguided by the trappings of the “New Labour Party” of Tony Blair, some in the party remain stuck in the quicksand of that past, and are afraid to embrace who they worked for and what made them different and strong. Consequently in the eyes of voters who had always voted Labour, it was a brutal betrayal and the rural areas north of London were left to decay and rot again.

              You are so right, it was exactly what happened in the Clinton years. Unfortunately there are so many who forget history, especially European history and why the EU was formed, and we see dangerous elements of the Far Right gaining more power. I see no reason on earth why a so-called Party who preach hate and sheer racism, should ever be allowed to spread this hate by being given a legitimate place in any government around the world. It’s not being prejudiced, it’s using common sense. We have already had one Hilter and some of us are still paying the price.

              I don’t think that trump has a party, nor does he share their core beliefs. He is just an opportunist who threw handfuls of multi coloured shit at the wall, then went with whatever got him the most applause at his riot-rallies. A mishmash of nothingness flavoured with racism, hate and fake outrage. His time is running out. The American people are on to him.

            • AdLib says:

              Kalima, it’s kind of astounding that politicians are so ignorant of history.

              For Labour, Tony Blair took a path similar to Bill Clinton’s, both pulled their parties away from the left and towards the conservative side.

              When Bill did so, Dems lost their liberal identity and became Republican-Lite so when Gore ran for President, many Americans saw him and Bush as essentially two sides of the same coin and it didn’t matter which of them won.

              Labour followed the same undermining path by becoming Tory-Lite and unsurprisingly, lost their base. What they failed to understand, like Dems, is that if voters want Conservatives, they’ll go to the party that has been specializing in it.

              Fortunately, Obama’s Presidency and Bernie’s candidacy have steered the Dems back to the Progressive/Liberal identity they need to be winners that represent the majority.

              Labour has to do the same, their leaders need to get more backbone and decisively disengage from trying to mirror the conservative positions of the Tories, re-connect with unions and the working class and represent their views. Then they will be a legit and competitive alternative to the Tories.

              I know there are many more complexities to this but essentially, when liberal parties sacrifice their values thinking that imitating conservatives that are in power could lead to their regaining power, history indicates that as ultimately a losing proposition.

              I hope by November, Brexit is being re-examined…and your property value goes back to where it should be. I appreciate the financial burden though and hope it works out in any case.

              Yes, Trump’s sloppy desperation at fundraising comes right after the embarrassing stories about how little he’s raised and has on hand. Seems like they just bought lots of email lists and tried shotgunning to all kinds of people…in the process, violating FEC laws.

              I don’t think there will be any criminal investigation, probably for the best because he’d paint himself as a victim being attacked by Obama’s government to keep an outsider from becoming President but I doubt he’ll get much in the way of contributions.

              The real damage to him will be when funding figures are announced for June and it shows how no one wants to invest in his doomed candidacy.

              Nate Silver just gave Hillary an 80% chance of winning the election. He’s usually pretty good on predictions.

              With Republican support waning for Trump (he’s gone from 70% of Repubs supporting him to about 50%) and indies moving to Hillary, I feel the same as I have from the beginning, that Trump will be the new Goldwater for the Repubs and bring them one of the biggest defeats as a party they’ve seen in a generation.

  5. Hey Ad. I wouldn’t say a Trump win is impossible, but I do think it’s highly unlikely. He’s starting to unravel already, and the general election season hasn’t even begun.

    I don’t believe any candidate can alienate that many voting blocks and still win a general election. Women hate him, Latinos hate him, immigrants hate him, the LGBT is not too crazy about him, and he has a bad rep with veterans. That’s a whole lot of people to piss off and still expect to win.

    That said, I still think dems need to come out in massive numbers to vote for Hillary so we can win by a landslide. The GOP needs a severe ass kicking, politically. They need to be humiliated to the nth degree.

    • AdLib says:

      KT, completely agree that no matter how unelectable Trump grows, GOTV is critical for Dems, keeping in mind that overconfidence can sabotage even the most “unbeatable” candidate.

      Also, it’s very important that Dems retake the Senate and do their best to retake the House. The only way that happens is with big turnout.

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