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This could be the night Marco Rubio is knocked out of the GOP Primary, Kasich may win his first (and possibly only) primary and Donald Trump could become the only Republican with a mathematically viable path towards winning the GOP nom.

On the Dem side, Hillary could accumulate a dominant lead or Bernie could pull out another surprise victory.

It will be a dramatic election night whatever the results and this is the thread to post your thoughts, observations and predictions on the night.

Hope to see you then!

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Just wondering about those nasty Koch brothers and their efforts to try to stop Trump. The last article I posted about them was over a month ago. Do you think they fled the country, or maybe went to live at the other brother’s recreated “Wild West” town??

They seem awfully quiet. 😉


Bernie pulls ahead in Missouri!! Go Sea Biscuit!


Hillary won the Ohio primary too, but lost to Obama in the GE.

Ohio Democratic presidential primary, 2008
Candidate Votes Percentage

Hillary Clinton 1,259,620 53.49%

Barack Obama 1,055,769 44.84%

John Edwards 39,332 1.67%


Florida primary 2008


I believe I’m going to be sick. Hillary has won the great state of Ohio. I can’t believe the luck Bernie is having tonight. I sure hope those that are voting for Clinton get what they are hoping for. I see Rubio has dropped out, and Trump is winning all over the place. Many democrats here in Ohio voted the republican ticket to help Kasich win in Ohio. This night has been really hard on me, don’t think I can take much more of this. 🙂


monica and friends, as you probably know I was working the polls in Ohio yesterday (6 a.m. to 10 p.m. this time), so I’m even later to the party than usual.

Kasich’s win was pretty nauseating, I agree. But at least Ohio chose him over Trump — which is a very small consolation, but still better than having this state hopping on the Bigotry Bandwagon staffed by clowns.

A tough road ahead for Bernie, and a heartbreaker in MO. But he has gained some delegates.

I have to say that my opinion of Hillary has declined so drastically over the last few weeks (hard to believe I was ever pretty much neutral about her), that I find it hard to resist hoping that she just makes some major gaffe or blunder that knocks her out of the running. When she accused Bernie of opposing the auto bailout and being a Koch-puppet, that was the last straw.

I can handle almost anything but a straight-up liar and to suggest that Sanders hates auto workers and loves billionaire bullies puts her pretty much in that department imho.

At least the turnout was good in Ohio and we had a lot of first time — including 17 year old — voters. Always heartening to see that. (And today was recovery day. Blast those $#@%@& heavy Diebold voting machines.)


Boy the night is looking good for the front-runners. This may be a decisive evening. I’m fairly certain that Bernie will stay in until the end of April, but not as certain as I was. 🙁


Never mind. I just saw the % reporting numbers. Guess I shouldn’t panic with 1 or 2% reporting. lol


I really hope Bernie over performs in Florida. He could win Missouri, Ohio and Illinois and still lose significant ground in the delegate count. Hillary is tightening her grip on the math even as Bernie gets closer and closer in every poll. By my calculation Bernie needs to win 59% of the remaining delegates on the board to have a chance at the nomination.

Anyone else have a different number?

Keep your fingers crossed!

Trump will win Florida, and Rubio will bow out. Trump may win North Carolina and Missouri, but I don’t think so.
Kasich will win Ohio and linger a bit longer
Cruz will win Illinois, probably in North Carolina, AND Missouri because of their open primary status and gain some strength. (This is what I am also hoping for)

If Trump wins Florida and North Carolina and Missouri, the race is effectively over. If he adds Ohio, even Cruz will think twice about continuing.

I keep thinking that Cruz and Kasich will linger as long as possible, thinking that somehow Trump will screw this up and hand them a gift. Katich, unfortunately will run into money problems, Cruz does not have that issue.


Hey funk! I don’t think Bernie can win in Missouri. I voted in Ohio today, for Sanders, of course. He might just take Ohio.


KT, thanks for voting Bernie!
Wouldn’t it be great if Bernie did win MO?
Bernie has lost the South which is where dems always loose, so what? Bernie is winning in the best states that dems usually win in the general.


KT, I do. It’s an open primary. Independents and the odd Republican can come in and vote for Bernie. The results sure don’t bear it out so far though lol


If Trump gets the majority of delegates, I think the GOP establishment will try to nominate someone else at their convention, if there is a legal way for them to do so. Personally, I think that would be political suicide if they do. Then again, allowing a guy like trump to be the face of the republican party in the general, would also be suicide. The old GOPers just might go for broke.


KT, their ace in the hole is if Trump comes into the convention with less than the threshold delegate count. Delegates are required by rule to support their pledged candidate on the FIRST ballot only. If that vote is taken and Trump doesn’t have the count, those delegates can vote for whomever they like on the second ballot.

If Trump has the correct number of pledged delegates I think they’re hosed. Either they break their own party rules and piss off 40% of their electorate and shatter the party, or they meekly submit. I’m obviously hoping for this scenario.