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AdLib On July - 27 - 2015

Trump as Huckabee

This weekend, Mike Huckabee was admitted to a Little Rock, Arkansas hospital, suffering from what doctors describe as PTSD, or Post Trumpatic Stress Disorder. Mental health experts explain that the Republican Presidential candidates are especially vulnerable to this disorder, triggered by the emotional stress of being forgotten about and unable to get media attention since the entry of Donald Trump into the GOP Presidential Primary.

Currently under observation by mental health experts, Huckabee has been rambling incoherently about President Obama being Hitler, peaceful nuclear agreements being a march of Israelis into ovens and Obamacare forcing Jews to put mayonnaise on their pastrami sandwiches. As part of this tragic mental illness, not only is Huckabee uncontrollably using Nazi imagery to describe every opinion he opposes but he has begun wearing a Donald-Trump-style toupee and his Southern accent has changed overnight to resemble Donald Trump’s east coast accent.

Huckabee has been observed trying to fire all of the medical staff attending to him, filing for bankruptcy four times and calling for Latino orderlies by saying, “Tell the rapists I need a new bedpan.”

Unfortunately, doctors are expecting Huckabee’s condition to worsen. “We’ve still got Lindsay Graham and Rick Perry in our isolation ward…which coincidentally is the same term the GOP is using for the rest of their primary field,” explained Dr. Walter Irony. “Mr. Huckabee appears to have the most acute case of PTSD so far, we’re concerned about how much worse he will become when he runs out of Nazi imagery to get attention. We have started him on a media exposure drip, hooking an IV up to him from Sean Hannity’s posterior.”

The prognosis for Huckabee and other GOP candidates to overcome Post Trumpatic Stress Disorder isn’t encouraging. Doctors warn of its potential to become an epidemic that spreads throughout the Republican Party and are bracing for it by installing many banks of escalators for Republican candidates to use to enter their facilities in as Trumpian a way as possible.

“We’re preparing for the worst case scenario, we’ve made thousands of copies of a list comparing various Nazi persecutions of Jews to Obama policies, we’re training our Latino staff members to self-deport and we’ve instructed all our workers to incorporate the words, “huge”, “billion” and “worst” into any sentence they speak,” Dr. Irony stated.


Written by AdLib

My motto is, "It is better to have blogged and lost hours of your day, than never to have blogged at all."

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  1. pinkpantheroz says:

    A saying that rings true for Huckabee, Trump, and, actually all the GOP candidates.

    “The higher the monkey climbs the tree, the more he shows his arse”

    Oscar Wilde.

  2. jjgravitas says:

    Hard to know what to say anymore, because the GOP have become a parody of themselves. They have no serious position on anything. Their only arguments are aimed toward stirring up their base, and as a result are uniformly stupid and stereotypical of themselves. Vilify immigrants. Go to war…again. Cut taxes on the rich, cut services to women, the poor and everyone else (the rich don’t need services, they supposedly exist as islands separate from the rest of us even though they still use our services: water, energy, sewage, garbage collection, and more). This year’s GOP has insulted pretty much everybody, it’s the most negative campaign yet.

  3. Beatlex says:

    Adlib! Great post!You understand that people like Trump ad Huckabbee in that ridicule is what is called for as a response to them.They are not worth seriously getting worked up over or even responding to their worthless assertions.Keep it coming Ad-hilarious stuff!

  4. SueInCa says:

    BTW, thanks for fixing my id

  5. SueInCa says:

    Too, too funny Adlib. The comedic comments coming from the GOP are too much. I am actually trying to ignore all of their silliness but it is hard when they are plastered everywhere all day long. I have a feeling the media is going to be left, once again, with their mouths dropped open in puzzlement on election days though.

    I only want one thing out of the GOP clown car and that is to be in one of Hucklebee’s town hall meetings where random questions are allowed. I have mine all ready.

    “Mr. Hucklebee do you regret giving Maurice Clemmons a full pardon because he found Baptist Jesus? Because he went on to murder, in cold blood, 4 Seattle police officers. Do you hold any of the responsibility for their deaths?” I expect crickets or a full denial or possibly to be led out of the hall. Just in case, though, I have a friend secretly recording lol

    • AdLib says:

      Sue, I think you’d see The Huckabee Shuffle if he was ever asked that question. But if he went up in the polls, I could imagine Trump going after him using that.

      I am really excited about watching the GOP debates, it should be the funniest sitcom series on TV! Like Archie Bunker, Al Bundy and Mr. Burns co-starring in “Gall in the Family”.

  6. gyp46 says:

    Seeing hate is so revealing, when watching the Huckster make these atrocious statements his face was frightening, he seems lost in the ecstasy of hate for the President. And what is truly appalling is that some, maybe many, Americans believe him!! Hitler had the same look when preaching hate against the Jews, that insane ‘glow’!!

    • AdLib says:

      gyp46, I don’t know, I see The Huckster as a huckster, playing a cynical game to whip up the hateful GOP base to boost his poll numbers and celebrity status with them.

      I don’t think he looks like he actually believes what he’s saying, he tries to say it so vehemently but he looks like a bad actor to me…bad in so many ways.

      • gyp46 says:

        Well you could be closer to the truth of it. Personally I believe there must be a class that ‘preachers’ take to project believability from the pulpit and ‘ol Huck’ has perfected that look. I have often wondered how some can stand before others and boldly lie about what is true, practice, practice and practice I guess. Remember the story about the old preacher who answered the question about the money, “I throw into the air, what god wants he keeps, what hits the floor is mine” .

        • Well, the people who believe Huckabee do very little thinking of their own. They seem to need someone to point them is some direction, and they don’t seem to question the “leader’s” GPS!

          • gyp46 says:

            think that crowd is gullible, take a look at the followers of the ‘Trumpman’. that fool just makes it all up as his mouth moves and his followers eat it up!!

        • AdLib says:

          gyp46, I think there is a subset of preachers, unlike those who are genuine in their faith, who could just as easily have been snake oil salesmen. They just exploit the beliefs of others to benefit themselves. Like the preacher who wanted his followers to buy him a private jet.

          The Huckster instead wants to make more money as a TV host, giving speeches for big money and hopes to build political power by using the religious extremists in the GOP.

          He doesn’t want to do one thing to benefit anyone but him. Does he really believe in Jesus and if so, what does he think Jesus would say to him if he came back?

          Maybe, “I’d pack warm weather clothes for the afterlife if I was you, Huck.”

          • gyp46 says:

            Well AdLib, on this we disagree, I will never believe any person with a modicum of intellect could believe some all powerful ‘being’ is out there worrying about this little blue ball of mud. It is beyond belief. Giving ones self over to something that vague is beyond me. Since the caveman shamans and preachers have used fear to control others, power is next on the list, if you can control beliefs you can pretty much do as you please, until exposed, and this shyster and his ilk are just the tip of the spear in that department.

    • kesmarn says:

      “[L]ost in the ecstasy of hate” is a great way to phrase it, gyp46. That’s exactly what’s going on.

      • gyp46 says:

        It seems our great country is devolving into something I do not recognize, I am 69, have voted since the ’68 election, against ‘Tricky Dick’, have followed politics since the ’60 election while in high school, never have I seen such vitriol and hate, seems many wish for another internal war, such a shame for our nation.

  7. Mike Huckabee to the hospital finance department…”Holo-much-is-this- causting me?”

    Am I covered by the Aryan Care Act?

    Ok, I’ll stop now! 😉

  8. pinkpantheroz says:

    Brilliant as usual, Ad! I do hear that the huckster sits in his corner practicing ‘Excuse Me, Excuse Me’s constantly.

  9. Kalima says:

    Very funny, AdLib!

    Such an awful person without social skills or any sign of finesse, should not even be in charge of a cesspool, never mind the highest office in the land.

    The ironic thing is that the majority of Jewish Americans support the Iran deal. Will post the article in Thursday’s MB.

    Hey Huckeewannabebibi, put that in your pipe and smoke it. He’s talking out of the hole he sits on as usual.

    • AdLib says:

      Kalima, that’s true and most Jewish groups have come out against him too.

      But this was all about out-Trumping Trump and pumping up his stock with the racist, religious extremist and anti-Semitic fan base in the GOP.

      But I don’t think he’ll get much mileage out of it.

      Still, thinking about the gutter that the GOP has fallen into, is pretty stunning.

  10. I think the best palliative care for Huckabee, would be an old Croquet Mallet! 😉

  11. fjb says:

    Great photo!
    The huckster is a religious zealot and there is but one mindset for them; stupidity.

    • AdLib says:

      fjb, he is indeed a zealot and he’s counting on the stupidity of the GOP base for support but I don’t think he’s stupid. I think he is a genuinely terrible, calculating and cynical weasel who only cares about elevating his worth as a celebrity among the Repub crowd and he’ll do whatever it takes.

      He’s as evil as many of the self-proclaimed “Christian leaders” who have later been exposed to be charlatans and hypocrites, exploiting the genuine beliefs of religious people to profit themselves.

  12. kesmarn says:

    “Paging Dr. Godwin… Dr. Godwin…”

    I would say that Huckabee and friends are at risk for cardiac arrest, but I’m pretty sure you have to have a heart for that to happen. So we’ll just have to settle for whatever kind of arrest we can get for these guys.

    Terrific article as always, AdLib. The President really nailed it today — just a whole lot of attention-seeking.

    The shriller they get, the better he looks. (And so do Sanders, and even Hillary.)

    Keep on shrieking, GOP!

    • AdLib says:

      Hey Kes, thanks so much!

      We’ll see how Godwin’s Law plays in the next set of polls but if the GOP race has become a new Fox reality show called, “Who Wants to be The Most Offensive Douche?”, this is only the beginning of the ugliest, most bigoted and hateful primary we’ve ever seen from the Repubs…and a prelude to their biggest electoral defeat in decades.

    • Absoutely Homie! I think Trump is giving these cretins the false impression that they can get away with showing more of their true selves. Uh Oh! These nut bags are actually tossing their dog whistles
      in the can, trying to out asshole Trump!

      • kesmarn says:

        Good point, Homie! The dog whistles are long gone. They’re overtly bigoted these days, and when they’re confronted they just double-down.

  13. Shoah me the way, to a stronger USA!-Mike Huckabee!

  14. funksands says:

    All Barack Obama Did Was Follow Mike Huckabee’s Advice On Iran

    “We cannot live with al Qaeda, but we might be able to live with a contained Iran. Iran will not acquire nuclear weapons on my watch. But before I look parents in the eye to explain why I put their son’s or daughter’s life at risk, I want to do everything possible to avoid conflict. We have substantive issues to discuss with Tehran.”

    Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, 2008


    Poor Mike, all your rational comments are going to come back and bite you in the ass as you are trying to get your full Trump-de-Dump on.

    • AdLib says:

      Funk, if that doesn’t prove what a hollow, attention-getting stunt this is by Huckabee, nothing would. Kind of funny that this self-proclaimed moral and self-righteous phony is such a whore when it comes to the media.

      Mike Huckabee -- The Whore of Babble On?

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