Phil Griffin, President of MSNBC, announced today that they will be spinning off a brand new 24 hour news channel that will be completely dedicated to news stories and commentary about Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign, to be named MSTRUMP.

“There’s no denying that at least to the media, Donald Trump is endlessly fascinating and controversial,” Griffin noted. “Sure, he may say things purely out of self-interest and self-promotion that are racist, dishonest and intended only to whip up his popularity with the Republican base at the expense of insulting and offending the majority of Americans but to us, he’s a dream come true!”

Griffin said that he is not bothered by claims that his channels are actually elevating and promoting the racism and ignorance that’s contained in Trump’s calculated-to-be-outrageous statements. “Is what he says based on any facts or truly worthy of putting on newscasts? No. Does Trump even believe most of what he says? I doubt it. Should Trump be treated as someone who isn’t a serious candidate for President and a reality show huckster? Of course. Is MSNBC changing its business model to one that more resembles prostitution? Absolutely. But do you have any idea how much we can make in one night?” Griffin propositioned.

To kick off their new venture, Griffin stated that MSTRUMP will begin programming their channel by repeating their interview with Trump every other hour. In between, hosts will show clips of that interview and along with guest pundits, will make funny faces, smile a lot, shake their heads and look right into the camera to ask viewers, “Can you believe this?” Griffin plans to add new programs to the channel in the coming weeks including, “Morning Trump”, “Meet The Trump”, “The Trump Cycle” and “The Trumpman Show”.

“We have a responsibility as The Fourth Estate in this democracy, to get the most viewers we can so we can make the most ad revenue possible,” Griffin said as he rubbed his hands together like the fictional animated character Montgomery Burns. “Our Democracy is resilient, it can take all the denigration our collaboration with Donald Trump can heap upon it. In fact, it only makes our democracy stronger. So as we participate with Trump to broadcast the most inane, self-promoting, racist and offensive statements as he attempts to turn one of our most important democratic processes into a ridiculous and farcical spectacle, we’re only making our democracy stronger,” Griffin insisted while rolling his eyes and being unable to hold back his laughter.

MSTRUMP is scheduled to launch next week after taking a slow escalator down from MSNBC.

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James Michael Brodie

Hey, all.

What bothers me is that there are people who follow this man and like what he says. I realize that just because a person can get a following does not mean there are president material. I really do. But this scares me. It scares me that people like him can do what he does, say what he says, and gather a large following.

I like what Chris Matthews said last night. He called out the GOP. Told them that while Trump was doing all that he could to dehumanize Barack Obama, the Republicans giggled, piled on, legitimized Trump. They said almost nothing when Trump insulted Mexicans.

Now they are outraged at what he said about McCain, what he is did to McConnell, said about Perry.

Too late, GOP. You own this monster. You gave him life and made him think he mattered. You own this.


Trump has taken buffoonery to a level I did not think possible.And the MSM and cable treat the story like it is need to know stuff.It is relevant to the R’s nomination fight,however,the media has really blown this WAY out of proportion.


Ad, T rump is a slimy SOB! Sorry to be so blunt. He just likes to hear himself talk and to be talked about.


It’s extremely difficult to type after sticking your fingers down your throat. He should be treated as the bad, unintelligent piece of manure that he is.

About his nauseating immigrant fiasco, well lies and hypocrisy are nothing new for him.

I’m sorry but he doesn’t make me laugh because he is too disgusting. As I said on another article about him, he is an insult to the highest office in the land.



Loved the piece AdLib, even though it’s hard to differentiate fact from fiction these days. It’s a bloody madhouse!


Hey Kalima! Fact and fiction aren’t too difficult to separate these days, just use this method. If it’s a GOPer candidate, you are being presented with fiction. If it’s a progressive candidate, it’s at least partially fact, that is, if there actually is such a thing as a partial fact?

Like George Carlin famously said, “When you are born in this world, you are given a ticket to the freak show. If you are born in America, you get a front row seat!


Hi KT. I don’t have a problem with distinguishing fact from fiction but your msm seems to think it’s ok to insult their average viewers with crap day in and day out.

Can’t say much against Americans because I don’t live there and am not one, but Carlin spoke wisely about things happening then and now years after his death. I just don’t understand or want to understand the mentality of people who believe everything that they are spoon fed by corporations who laugh about them in boardroom meetings as they plan other ways to rob them of any dignity they might have left. Thankfully I watch very little TV.


Certainly not my man. His sorry existence is through no fault of mine.

I think if you lived here, you would feel the same as me. His existence is in way no any doing of your own.

People like Trump and those who support him are a cancer on this nation. A sick symptom of a much larger and more complex problem that will take years to eradicate.

America exceptionalism? Only in our profound ignorance and resistance to change for the better.

We are nation controlled by rich white men who are scared shitless by the notion they will someday have to share their wealth and power with the rest of our country’s people.

Is Japan all that different?


Sorry KT. that was a typo from Spellcheck that I just corrected. It was supposed to be “your msm” and I just corrected it before I found your reply. That is why I said that I couldn’t speak about the George Carlin quote because I don’t live there and am not an American. I also don’t watch the same TV as many American do so my opinion is mostly on the moral side of an issue.

Japan has it’s share of quirks, but political issues and discussions are much more serious and limited, even more respectful. So no, politics in Japan are not the same although things can become pretty heated in arguments during the Diet session which is the equivalent of your Congress or the U.K. Parliament.

At the moment Japan is being led by a bunch of ruthless conservatives who most certainly cater to the rich. Isn’t this the same worldwide?


Thank you Kalima! That makes more sense to me.

America has a lot to be ashamed of. Slavery, the near total annihilation of it’s native peoples, Jim Crow and, from a Japanese perspective, the way we interred thousands and thousands of law abiding American citizens, simply because of where their parents were born, many of them who left Japan for the promise of something better. I have no defense of such horrible actions and mindsets.

I would love to spend some time in Japan. There are many very admirable things about Japanese culture. I wish you could spend some time here, in this insane asylum, but there are some pretty admirable things about American culture too.

It’s the greedy bastards, and religious control freaks that ruin things for everybody, in any nation.


As you know I am not Japanese but have spent the longest time here than in the other two countries I was born and then spent the rest of my childhood and early adulthood in. It can be very frustrating as I just experienced when I spent almost a day renewing my “Alien Registration Card”. Yes, I’m an alien and they will never let me forget that. Still, the people are nice and respectful, maybe more so than in the countries I had to leave behind.

I have been to the U.S. twice in the 80’s and everything seemed so big over there, including the size of our Club sandwich. Our first trip was to Sausalito and San Francisco. Loved it. Our second trip to LA and Connecticut. LA was fun but the store people were snotty. Did you see “Pretty Woman”? Well it was just like that. Connecticut was beautiful and we had talked of maybe one day moving there.

After building our new house two years ago we are settled here again now with neighbours who care about us. Sometimes it’s not the place, it’s the people.

Again, sorry about the typo, will have to rid myself of Apple’s Spellcheck because it takes over my keyboard and often writes the most incredible jibberish imaginable. Sometimes I have to laugh out loud. Once after sending an email to a friend without checking through it, she replied with the words “Are you drunk?” 😳


I think Trump should be treated like Muhammed, in that all portraits and/or depictions should be prohibited.


While doctors do recommend laughter daily, too much Trump is dangerous to your health. Continuous laughter can cause brain damage, especially Hair laughs, take care not to injure yourself with falls and the rolling on the floor.