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What’s going on right now in the Republican controlled Congress is the weighing of which of the following should have more weight, sustaining their racism towards Latinos (and our black President) or protecting our country from terrorism. If you know the current state of the Whitepublican Party, it’s not difficult to guess which side of the scale is tipping down.

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is scrambling around the Senate trying to drag the GOP off of the train tracks as the Shutdown Express chugs closer. The funding of the Department of Homeland Security (a department name that still reeks of Orwellian roots) will end this Friday, February 27th, unless the Republican Congress can pass a new funding bill for it. This is due to a scheme by Repubs after last year’s election to try and force President Obama to conform to their racism and reverse his Executive Order to protect several million undocumented immigrants from deportation.

McConnell first had to push forward the Crazy House Republican bill pushed by the Tea Party wing that would shut down the DHS until Obama and Democrats gave into their demands…kind of like threatening domestic sabotage against the country’s protection from terrorism…to “save” the country from the threat of undocumented five year olds going to kindergarten. Once that proved impossible to pass in the Senate, McConnell offered the current and ridiculously lame proposal to fund DHS temporarily as long as a pointless second bill to deny Obama his Executive Order was voted on. Of course, Obama would sign a bill harming his own policy (the Repubs could never override a veto in the Senate), why wouldn’t he? However, the Loonypubs in The House are insulted by such maneuvering, they want what they want and they’re willing to hold America’s breath and safety until they get what they want. In fact, many of them love shutting down any part of government because their right wing constituencies, which of course represent a fringe element of the U.S. population, hate government and dream of marching against the U.S. military with handguns to “take this country back” from its democratically elected officials.

House Speaker John Boehner is beginning to look pale despite his latest slathering of Coppertone. He knows that another government shutdown, especially due to a race-based ultimatum, isn’t going to be the best advertisement for attracting the growing minority vote the GOP desperately needs in 2016 to win. Unfortunately, having made a deal with The Devil to remain Speaker (he had to exchange his spine for the gavel), Boehner continues to run from a stampede and claim he’s leading it. If Boehner pushes too hard against the Tea Partiers to insist that they show a shred of common sense, they might turn against him and try and remove him (“We don’t need no stinkin’ brains!”). If he supports the DHS shutdown, he knows he may permanently damage the GOP’s chances in 2016.

What’s an orange jellyfish to do?

The RW Republicans who are in denial and actually think they can blame Obama and the Democrats for their shutting down government using tortured logic, directly contradict the polls that show great support for Obama’s Executive Order and identification of Republicans as the ones wanting to shut down the country as part of their political extortion plans.

So what will happen in the short term and long term? In the short term, the best that could happen is a temporary funding of DHS which will force the nation to go through this again in several months. The worst that could happen is a shutdown of the DHS and though Repubs can’t think this far, ISIS, Al Qaeda and others who despise the US have internet and tvs and can decide that this creates a window of opportunity for them to prepare or commit and act of terrorism (though the DHS won’t stop operating on Friday, the cutoff of funding may encourage bad guys to act).

When has shutting down part or all of government ever worked out as a good thing for Republicans? Aside from never, never. But that’s not what any of this is about. It’s about Republicans displaying their hatred of other races as a badge of honor to the RW racist voters in their districts, showing what extreme lengths they’ll go to, to pursue hateful, racist policies. And why they are doing that is to get the votes they need to get re-elected.

So when boiled down to its essence, all of this is really just about Republican politicians getting re-elected…so they can cause more threats to the nation in pursuing re-election once again. Sure, there are some fanatical Repubs who really want to permanently hobble our government and implement tyrannical policies against those who aren’t white males that stroke their gun muzzles for sexual gratification. However, even for them, this is about getting re-elected.

It’s hard to see how this works out in any way that is good for Republicans. If they pass a temporary funding bill for DHS, they’re only promising more extortion of the nation’s safety in the near future. If they shut down the DHS, they can flail around trying to lie to the public that it’s the Dems’ fault but that won’t fly and will turn the majority of Americans strongly against them (especially if something terrorist-related happens in the US). And no matter what, the image of the Republicans competence to lead Congress has been and will be seriously damaged as will the standing of McConnell and Boehner as leaders.

Racism blinds those who practice it. Republicans chase after racism with a mindless enthusiasm because it offers the joy of re-election, not recognizing that it is actually a lemming leading them right off the edge of a political cliff.

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The GOP may think that it will work. Their base is the Old Confederacy which is a one party region.
The members of the GOP who are not from that region have “to along to get along”. Just like the Democrats had to do before the Nixon “Southern Strategy.

All things considered, this is their best shot. They do need to stay in office.


Ad, what if terrorists are plotting to blow up a bridge? Of course, that bridge will likely fall down soon anyway, but gosh that would be awful!

I think the budget for Fatherland Security should be doubled. And everyone receive a complementary razor-wire/spotlight “safety” suit, so we can enjoy our freedom and envious quality of life in the way nature intended.


Yeah, spin the wheel, take a chance, and fly your friendly skies! Think of all the exotic places you could visit. The Ukraine! Syria! Fallujah!

(round trip ticket not necessary)


U.S.A. 2015: Trending Now.

Immigrants – Out

Terrorists – In

(per contra)


Kalima, I know; Immigrants? So yesterday… Harder to be afraid of too!


Precisely funk.

Can you imagine how afraid the GOP bagatelle would be if they suddenly had nothing to be afraid of? 😆


So the Repubs who say on the one hand that Obama is not a “true American”, and “does not love America like we do”, love a country that was founded on immigrants? If anyone can make any sense of that one, call me.

“Obama is weak on national security and we are the only party that can keep America safe so we will defund Homeland Security?”

If both these strategies are not from the mouths of madmen, lead me to the nearest institution to help cure my obvious psychosis.

For the benefit of the Teapublican Party, a quick reminder.

What is psychosis?

Psychosis is a medical term. If you have psychosis, you might see or hear things, or hold unusual beliefs, that other people do not. Some people describe it as a “break from reality”.


Weak on national security eh?

Who was president on 9/11?


Selective memory loss I think, agrippa. They all seem to conveniently suffer with it to suit their destructive agendas.


Hi AdLib great article and you analogized very accurately! gave it the highest star

Yes i think they are working on a clear bill now! Just read it passed 98 to 2. I am not sure the president has signed it?

The Dems will win if this keeps up for 2 yrs! The Latino community will turn out in droves as well as other minorities to see a democratic president for fear of a new immigration bill by the republicans!

Equal pay for women and the minimum wages must pass
fd stamps and welfare are issues also!

Their is not one good GOP candidate!

The debt cieling is coming and the GOP will fight that maybe with a shutdown.
They will still have the pro life issue.

Also the LGBT issue!
If the economy still is good they will take credit for that also.

it has been awhile ! RSGmusic

A synthesizer can create any instrument made and others that
have not been created yet.


Hey Ad! The problem is that the GOP base will always blame the dems and president Obama. Just like the last shutdown, you can argue till you’re blue in the face and they still blame Obama and the dems.

They are a bunch of brainwashed dolts who are proud of their willful ignorance and their pseudo-patriotism. Boehner and McConnell know this, all too well.


Ad, when I read “Whitepublican” I almost died laughing!
I will have to come back later to read the rest of the post. However I get the idea that this is a more serious post from you.