This is a list of oil refineries in the USA.

Why not ship the oil to the nearest refinery and distribute it from there? We don’t need to put a pipeline across one of our biggest aquifers. Both North and South Dakota have refineries.

I see no reason to ship the volatile Bakken crude oil any further than necessary.


“This raises major questions, after numerous instances of derailments and explosions of Bakken crude on railroads in the last year. Now one of the questions is what the impact will be on the James River. Will this stuff sink or float?” This information is thanks to wikipedia.

We already know the Gulf of Mexico is still polluted from the BP disaster 5 years ago. It will never be the same in our lifetimes. Hundreds of small businesses have been hurt or ruined from the BP blunder.

Shipping oil from the Tar Sands in Canada (the dirtiest oil on the planet) across the water sourse for the “Breadbasket of America”  is asking for trouble that we don’t need.

Open this link and see the explosion photos.


So tell me if you think I’m right or wrong. Lets have a conversation. What do you think?

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Nirek, the pipeline is being directed to Port Arthur, Texas for 2 reasons:

A) This particular refinery is able to handle large volumes of refining for extra-heavy duty tar sands oil into diesel fuel. It is the largest oil refinery in the United States. Port Arthur is also home to several other refineries that can process various types of fuels.

B) It is also an export terminal. The diesel fuel is destined for Europe, S. America and China.


Obama vetoes oil pipeline bill

US President Barack Obama vetoes a bill that would have approved construction of the controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline, White House officials say.






Haruko Haruhara

That Bakken oil comes through our town … by train.

Spooky. It’s an especially volatile grade of oil, too.


Good points, Nirek!

Now I’ll cue the “Twilight Zone” music and speculate a little bit here. Would I be too much of a conspiracy theorist if I thought that the oil industry might be deliberately shipping oil on poorly maintained railway lines? Those spectacular explosions following derailments are video “candy” for TV news. Those stories always lead because they’re so dramatic.

Tonight I even saw one derailment and explosion story that ended up with the statistic that “experts predict” that there will be many more of these derailments over the next ten years, and they “question the safety of transporting oil by railway.”

This was on the local FOX affiliate. I couldn’t help but wonder if the subliminal message was: “Look how much safer a pipeline would be!”

Of course, most sane people recognize that the risk to the environment from a ruptured pipeline is as bad as (possibly worse than) a derailment. After all, the aquifer beneath the proposed Keystone XL supplies drinking water for nine states.

Maybe I’m too cynical. But when the Koch brothers are involved in any project, it’s all too easy to get that way.


This is one more reason that we need more funds for infrastructure improvement. Old and damaged infrastructure? What could possibly go wrong?


The reason the GOP wants this pipeline so badly is because of their rich, big oil contributors. They want the pipeline (and the oil) to go all the way to Texas, not to be refined, but to be shipped around the world, for immense profit.

This is another reason to vote against it. This oil will not go into our national reserves.


Hello Nirek.

Last year, I posted a link on MB about how many jobs the XL Keystone would provide. Someone had done a thorough job of breaking down the Republican myth. From the initial thousand or so while it was being built, permanent jobs would be about 50.

Getting ready to keep a couple of appointments, and when I come home you will be sleeping, but I will check for the link and post it here when I find it.

Take care.



Nirek, you have a gift for understatement, but you are exactly right. The KXL Pipeline is the most unnecessary, destructive, and stupid idea that the GOP has had since the Iraq War. I am quite sure that republicans don’t look into the facts behind any of the ideas they push. Seems like they just pick up the checks from their benefactors and push the ideas without any consideration. makes me wonder how long they think this method of operating can last.