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AdLib On September - 2 - 2014

happy 5 bday ppov

Five years ago, after George W. Bush left the White House to pursue a second career in bathtub self-portraits and a young Senator named Barack Obama defied predictions and convention to be sworn in as America’s 44th President, PlanetPOV began it’s orbit.

Kalima, KQuark and me met as bloggers at Huffington Post and as its character changed, we imagined a home for bloggers that echoed what we enjoyed of the early HP, the sense of community, the freedom of expression and the informed, conscientious and wit-filled conversations. To that, we added our own sensibilities of what an ideal site for bloggers should include, an adamant respect for freedom of speech, spotlighting real people with real opinions and insisting on a modicum of respect for all.

Along the way, we and our fellow members added unique features to PlanetPOV and continue to keep The Planet spinning in fresh ways. We’ve upgraded our server and our software in an ongoing commitment to keep PlanetPOV speeding along.

We are an all volunteer site, all the work you see our Admins doing here (and a lot more you don’t see behind the scenes) are provided purely as dedication to the community here and all that The Planet represents.

PlanetPOV doesn’t accept the typical advertising that you see at many other sites because some of it would conflict with our principles and those of our members (no doubt you’ve seen pro-Right Wing ads on HP and other sites not perceived as Right Wing sites). So, the way we pay our bills is primarily through your kind donations.

As part of our celebration of  five years of providing a platform for real people to speak truth to power and express their opinions on any and all issues, we invite our members and readers to donate to PlanetPOV to help out with our ongoing expenses of keeping The Planet orbiting the political universe as well as encouraging colleagues, friends and family to join the growing community here.

If you appreciate the conscience and informed nature of the articles, comments and conversations you find here, please donate. If you enjoy the international rundown of what’s going on around the world on Morning Blog, please donate. If you enjoy Vox Populi and the new live chat room software we’ve added, please donate. If you enjoy the Weekend Music Thread that Kilgore Trout hosts, please donate. If you enjoy the irreverent humor in the comic and satirical articles posted here, please donate.

We don’t make many requests during the year for donations, this is the first time we’ve done so this year so we do encourage all those in our community to pitch in even if they’ve donated in previous years.

There are two ways to donate, you can make a one time donation or subscribe to make a $5 monthly contribution (just about the price of one coffee at Starbucks…and The Planet never makes you wait in line!).

To make a one time donation, you can click this button:



To subscribe to PlanetPOV, please click this button:



A big thanks to all of our members for helping us reach and celebrate our fifth anniversary! With a midterm election coming up fast this year and a Presidential election picking up steam next year, not to mention all the big stories happening in the U.S. and all around the world, there’s going to be a lot going on here at The Planet and your contributions will help make all that possible.

So…here’s to the first five years of our remarkable community here…and to the next five! Cheers!

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Written by AdLib

My motto is, "It is better to have blogged and lost hours of your day, than never to have blogged at all."

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    Ad, something is wrong here. I havent’ gotten any email from replies I get.Had to visit the page again and only then I could read RSG’s response to me…….Peace.


    Oh…forgot to mention: donated yesterday through PayPal…

  3. sillylittleme says:

    Happy Birthday. Nice to know I share something besides my liberal bent with the Planet…

  4. pinkpantheroz says:

    Happy birthday, Planet! You are an oasis of common sense in an increasingly chaotic, partisan and plain criminal media. My favourite site. Donation happily made. Congrats to the Founding Crew. May there be many more years of sanity ( well, almost!)


    Ad, so sorry I’ve been away….thanks to TWO laptops crashing at the same time, overworking, trying to help my boss deal with his wife’s debilitating health and a husband who still believes he can beat any Casino in the world! LOLOLOL..Actually, not so funny. But hey…HAPPY BIRTHDAY and my heartfelt thanks for all you my dear digital friends do.I was reading -- before logging in -- yes my former lap had all the passwords but then I went to my hotmail and found my lost password you kindly sent over and I am back -- the posts remembering KQ and bito.Could not help sobbing so much. I did not know but remember them at HuffiePuffie……..I will gladly make a donation, hoping to be around for quite a while before the angels -- or satan :)- calls to my soul! No I am not sick —--hopefully.Big hugs and many many more to come. As I am sipping my white Italian wine, here comes two cheers for the departed beloved ones.T

    • monicaangela says:

      So happy to see you back EXFAN…It appears you have a lot going on in your life. Don’t let things become to much, always remember to take a bit of time to relax, come visit your friends here at the Planet. That always helps me clear the cobwebs from my brain, and gives me a better outlook. Living with someone who thinks they can beat the Casinos has to be stressful. I hope he actually wins big, or decides he’s wrong and gives it up. The latter would probably be better. Take care, we are always here for you if you need us. :)

      • EXFANOFARIANA says:

        Dearest Monica, thanks for your kind words.Indeed it’s very stressful but, at least, he is facing he has a gambling addition and is frequenting AG. It was the worst hit on our bank account and I will not put up with it any more.Especially having his 20 years old son living with us and witnessing his downfall.Disgraceful.And my husband is a wonderful lawyer….and a fool.
        The major cause for my absence was actually the damn password. It was like living in Dante’s Inferno.Have a great weekend.Hugs.:)

        • RSGmusic says:

          Hi Friend,

          Glad you got every thing to work out!!
          No he can’t beat the casino’s.
          I Quit when you are ahead and take my wife to a fancy dinner!

          Long life!

          • EXFANOFARIANA says:

            Rod….it’s very difficult but I am a strong “girl”….40 FOREVER! LOLOLOL. But I think you have hit reply to Monica Angela. XOXOXOXOXOOXOXO

            • EXFANOFARIANA says:

              I still believe the major fault/scam, was when he hit in Monte Carlo a 80k poker video game….He now fucking thinks he is gawd.LOLOLOL. He either drops it or he will lose both his kid and I.I have no patience for casinos though, I love to play it for nothing on FB…AHAHAHHAHAHA iMAGINE, TWO DAYS AGO, I’VE HAD OVER 3 “MILLION DOLLARS” On Ceaser’s Palace……Bwahahahaaahahah Really hitting the sack.Prosper always. XXXX

            • RSGmusic says:

              HI Tat’s yea that is probably true.
              OH i have no question of your strength and fortitude.

              Yes i gamble some, DeL also but we have strict limits and low get out point and do something else .

              I am very good at math and casino’s do not like that, i do know when to leave the table with winnings small enough not to notice and go to another or just wait a while.

              With all OUR friendship XXXXXXXXXOXOXOXOXOXO

  6. Well, since the Planet is my home, There is no question as to whether, or not, I contribute. Of course NOT!

    Just kidding. I am happy to have done so. I love this place! 😎

  7. seehowtheyrun says:

    Happy 5th Birthday Planet POV ! I’ve enjoyed this site from the beginning and I happily donate. Keep up the great work!

  8. RSGmusic says:

    Congrats to all at planet Pov.

    long life!!

  9. James Michael Brodie says:

    Will be making my donation this week. Thank you, POV. You have allowed me to have my Hillary moment… :-)

  10. SearingTruth says:

    Happy Anniversary!

    I didn’t know I could donate or subscribe, but I’ve subscribed now. You are all doing an incredible job.

    I’m curious about the cofounders KQuark and Bito you mentioned. What happened to them?

    “Until the last voice of freedom was silenced.

    That’s how long they had to wait.”

    A Future of the Brave

  11. GreenChica says:

    Happy birthday PPOV. It hardly seems that long!

    • AdLib says:

      Hey GC, so true, kind of surprising and kind of amazing. Thank goodness we look exactly the same after 5 years…at least our avatars do!

    • Kalima says:

      Hi GC, I know what you mean. It seems like just yesterday that AdLib, KQ and I were biting our nails, fastening our seat belts and waiting expectantly after launching The Planet. Who would have thought that so many wonderful people would have joined us to share our dream and their pov. We are humbled and forever grateful.

  12. monicaangela says:


    It is too bad KQuark and Bito couldn’t be here to enjoy your 5th anniversary. Congratulations!!! Many happy returns! :)


      They are here, dear Monica…with their everlasting love and brightness……among our galaxy….

    • AdLib says:

      Thanks monicaangela! Agreed, KQuark and Bito had a lot to do with the PlanetPOV we all know, they are missed and always remembered.

      Thanks for the birthday wishes! We’re five years old…does that mean we start kindergarten now?

      • monicaangela says:

        I remember conversations with those two at HP, I miss their wisdom and humor.

        Kindergarten? Aren’t we gifted? I say, maybe we will probably be accelerated beyond Kinder. :)

    • Kalima says:

      Thanks monicaangela.

      We carry them both in our hearts so they will never be forgotten, and feel their presence on every page. There is not a day goes by when I come to The Planet that I don’t think of them. They would be proud.

      • monicaangela says:

        They would, you guys in administration here are wonderful. I’m sure they would be proud of that, the tradition goes on. I’m sure you guys keep them in mind with every decision you make here. It is wonderful to have friends, and to be able to say those two were your friends is really saying a lot. We have all been blessed, those of us who had an opportunity to interact with them, but you guys who actually worked with them I feel were incredibly blessed.

        • Kalima says:

          Yes we were lucky to have had a good relationship with them outside of The Planet. We laughed and cried together, and supported each other in good and bad times. They are a part of my life I will carry with me until it’s time for me to go. I loved them both.

  13. MurphTheSurf3 says:

    Happy Birthday to the Planet and to all Planeteers!

    Particular greetings and salutations to

    Ad Lib
    KQuark of happy memory

    Left you all a gift and I urge everyone to do what they can to support this terrific oasis of sanity, civility, and hilarity.

  14. Nirek says:

    Congrats on the 5 years Ad and Kalima. You folks are great and I am trying to figure out how I can get some of my money to you. I don’t use credit cards or a checkbook. I’ll figure some way soon.

    The Planet is like my second home. I love this place and the way you manage it.
    Thanks for all the work you do.

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