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AdLib On February - 12 - 2013

obama sotu

Tonight at 6:00 pm PST (9:00 pm EST) President Obama will deliver his 2013 State of the Union Address and you’re invited to join us here at PlanetPOV for a live chat here before, during and after the speech. The Republican response by Marco Rubio will follow it and a drinking game based on how many panders to Latinos tke place in Rubio’s speech might yield big dividends. Thee will also be a rebuttal speech by Rand Paul on behalf of the Koch Party…er…Tea Party but it will be broadcast only through the government mind control devices in the teeth of those with tinfoil hats.

We’ll open our chat at 5:30 PM PST so please feel free to join us then for SOTU appetizers then. We will be streaming the speech live here on our Live Events page so you can watch it at home or at The Planet.

You can participate in tonight’s chat either in the Live Events widget in the right column of every page (it will appear shortly before the chat begins) or on the full Live Events page by clicking Live Events in the menu above or clicking this link: http://planetpov.com/live-events/

This should be a far more substantive speech than many SOTU speeches, gun control, immigration policies, Climate Change, the debt ceiling, the wars we’re still fighting and the use of drones, so many big issues that will be confronted this year will be on tap so I hope you’ll join us here tonight for our conversation about this important speech.

Written by AdLib

My motto is, "It is better to have blogged and lost hours of your day, than never to have blogged at all."

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  1. Kalima says:

    Great speech and he made his point so well about the GOP by repeating that “we can do this together” and “I see no reason not to take a vote on this” when addressing Congress while looking at the Repubs without having to accuse them face to face with words.

    Well played Mr. President!

    Well I don’t know about you but I’m in no mood to watch Cubio-Rubio or “The Son of Ron Paul” make a complete balls up in their ignorant re”butt”als, so I’m switching off now.

    Have a nice evening. See you later.

    • Checkmate K! It really was a great Obama speech with so many good ideas, passion and optimism. Take that gloom and doom GOP.

      • Kalima says:

        Game Set and Match and he looked so confident saying it while the GOP were stuck to their seats trying to fool everyone that they had changed. 😆 Changed what, facial expressions? They still looked awfully pained and constipated to me.

        • foodchain says:

          Kalima: sour and angry like a naughty child who stole the cookies, broke the jar and is angry that blaming his the other child isn’t working

          • Kalima says:

            Hi Fc, it might be considered cute with some 4 year old, but when a bunch of menopausal geezers do it, it’s just very embarrassing and extremely ugly to witness.

  2. MurphTheSurf3 says:

    PS This would be easier at Vox. Why don’t we use that fomat?

  3. MurphTheSurf3 says:

    Anyone here?

    I don’t know if I can rip myself away from the live coverage of a sad example of humanity who has killed innocents being (apparently) burned to a crisp after taking his own life.

    Wall to wall coverage for hours.


    • AdLib says:

      Kalima, let’s face it, most Presidents use the SOTU address to burnish their image and accomplish very little else. Very few Presidents are as sincere as Obama so his SOTU is far more likely to me meaningful and substantial than most others in recent memory.

      • Kalima says:

        Oh absolutely AdLib, there are few leaders or politicians I believe in these days, and your President is one of the few. Knowing that he makes the GOP uncomfortable is one highlight of the evening. Knowing he believes in what he says and really means it, is another.

        I’ll be watching on C-Span to avoid the nasal “mumbling pudnuts”, so I might drop by again when it’s over as I can’t seem to be in two places at the same time.

  4. Kalima says:

    SOTU Advice: Hammer the GOP
    by Michael TomaskyFeb 12, 2013 4:45 AM EST

    Republicans’ current strategy on the budget could conceivably fool Americans. Which is why Obama needs to clearly expose its dishonesty in his State of the Union, saysMichael Tomasky.


  5. In a stroke of genius the GOP is having Marco Rubio who voted against the VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) will be delivering the response to President Obama’s SOTU address. So the signal the GOP is sending is they need Latino’s but not Latina’s in their continued war on women.

    Fortunately despite the GOP knuckle draggers the VAWA did pass the Senate.

    • AdLib says:

      But Marco Rubio has a 22% national approval rating, that’s about the highest of any Republican other than Christie, who else could they put up?

      And he’s a Bagger in every other area so being 99% RW extremist makes him the most mainstream Repub out there.

      When you’re Republican, you need to grade on a curve.

      • SallyT says:

        So AdLib, you are telling me that in reality there will be two Tea Party rebuttals to the SOTU speech with Rubio and Paul?

        • AdLib says:

          Sally, yes, we are in store for a Bagger Twobuttal, like dumb and dumber, it’s Bag and Bagger.

        • glenn says:

          You know, Sally, that gets me, too. How does the MINORITY party get to have two rebuttals? Last I checked/heard, they are not two different parties, and they are still in the MINORITY!

          • AdLib says:

            Glenn -- It’s like a suspect in a case having two alibis that conflict. Why do they need two? Because they’re in so much trouble that one just doesn’t seem adequate.

            They can have 50 rebuttals, it only underlines their desperation and weakness.

            My guess is that Rand Paul’s rebuttal could taint and even overshadow Rubio’s which would be very amusing.

          • SallyT says:

            Glenn, and they get air time. Now shouldn’t all the other parties out there like the Green Party get air time? Two for the Repugs and no one else. (I’m not for the Green Party but just using them to make a point.)

            • glenn says:

              Exactly. And, then why doesn’t the Libertarian party get a response? And, to make matters even worse, I have read that even TedNugent is going to have a press conference after the SOTU address.

    • Other troglyodites, all GOP men that voted against the legislation.

      • AdLib says:

        KQ -- Hence the need for the GOP to suppress the vote, change the electoral rules, flood elections with corporate money and lie-lie-lie.

        Otherwise, how do you win when you oppose the rights and equality of women, minorities, non-Christians, etc.?

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