Greetings and salutations Planeteers. This weekend’s music thread is about songs that are dear to you. Songs that fit into a special place in your heart and soul. Songs that move you, inspire you and songs you just find enjoyable to listen to, and why that may be so. Share with us the reason that certain songs just make it for you.

Pick your favorite songs, singers or musicians, regardless of era or genre or artist. Have fun and hope you’ll add a favorite or two, or just enjoy what is posted. 😉

This is one of my favorites because it speaks to a myriad of visions in this thing called life.

I especially love this recording, because Charlie Parker was totally bent out of shape because he was detoxing from a heroin addiction, and pretty drunk, yet he gave us his all (under the circumstances). From a studio engineer’s POV, it wasn’t the best recording, but the emotion and dedication Parker puts into it, is wonderful and amazing.

i love this song because it so aptly describes the change from cocky youth, to the realization that we all need a little help now and then.

These two combined songs always take me back to a wonderful, wild world of exploration during my late teens.

There is no question that every time I hear this song, it always brings me back to a time when real love was possible. The indescribable feeling and wonder that only true love can make possible. My ex used to call me her poetry man. I really appreciated that, because I wrote so many poems, for her only.

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A very old song I know, but one my father used to sing to me many years ago when I was a child, and probably where my “basement” voice came from. Private joke. 😉

Paul Robeson – Ol Man River