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AdLib On November - 24 - 2012

Hope everyone out there is having a great Thanksgiving weekend (even those folks who aren’t in the US)!

This weekend’s theme is about family and holidays, songs about the season, family that’s here and remembered and memorable times with those we care about.

Celebrate Me Home – Kenny Loggins

We Are Family – Sister Sledge

Holiday – Madonna

Tommy’s Holiday Camp – The Who

Time of the Season – The Zombies

Categories: Music Thread

Written by AdLib

My motto is, "It is better to have blogged and lost hours of your day, than never to have blogged at all."

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  1. AlphaBitch says:

    I was once a Knucklehead, and still talk with a few of the guys regularly. See if you can guess the lyrics to this ditty: That White Christmas Song. When you don’t have time for too many tunes…..

  2. AlphaBitch says:

    It’s OK to do this now that it’s after Thanksgiving. The official Christmas anthem of Texas “Merry Christmas from the Family”. Where else can you hear about cigarettes and tampons in a Christmas song? Maybe this can help explain our politics, although this guy is a librul.

  3. LFer says:

    We can’t forget this Thanksgiving classic.

    Arlo Guthrie -- Alice’s Restaurant

  4. Kalima says:

    Dionne Warwick -- Thats What Friends Are For. (You know who you are)

    CAROLE KING You’ve Got A Friend

    Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing -- Stevie Wonder (1973)

    Sly & The Family Stone -- A Family Affair

    This was funny and they mention where we live. 😆

    tokyo song

    Oops! I owe KT a coke or a coffee or something. Sorry, bad eyes. 😳

  5. LFer says:

    The Cranberries -- Ode To My Family

  6. James Taylor--Shower The People You Love With Love;

  7. Three Dog Night--Family of Man;

  8. CSN&Y--Teach Your Children;

  9. Tower of Power--Time Will Tell;

    A sweet trumpet solo by Adolpho Acosta!

  10. JMBrodie says:

    A true gem — The Elements of the Universe…

    • hey JM, hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. These guys are really good. I’ve never heard their music before. Always great to hear stuff for the first time.

      • JMBrodie says:

        Hey Killgore. Happiest of the holidays to you and your family, my friend.

        I grew up listening to Earth, Wind & Fire. They were my first concert — a double bill with the Tower of Power. Phillip Bailey, who sings lead, is a Denver native, along with two original members, so when they came to Colorado, we claimed them as our own.

        They really don’t make music like this any more.

  11. The O’Jays--Family Reunion;

  12. Sly and the Family Stone--It’s A Family Affair;

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