Thanksgiving is a time for family and indigestion…and pondering if they are related.

It’s been a tradition in my family, before we begin eating, to go around the Thanksgiving dinner table from one to another and share what we’re thankful for. What is rarely on that list is that we’re sharing what we’re thankful for before we begin eating.

With all of the madness and hatred out there in the world, we can become inundated with so much that’s negative and lose sight of the things that we’re so fortunate to have. Unless you’re a Republican, then it’s a two-for-one deal.

As for me, I am thankful for being able to walk and think and see and experience life each day. I’m thankful for my amazing family and my invaluable friendships. I’m thankful for having hope and determination that we can indeed make things better for ourselves and others.

I’m thankful for all the people in this nation and around the world who make sacrifices of their time, energy, money, comfort and even their own safety to make a difference for the greater good including the young people powering the Occupy Wall Street movement, those volunteering to help out people in need and those supporting the cause of democracy and progress.

I’m thankful that Barack Obama is in the White House and along with the Dems controlling the Senate, stand between us and the destruction and decimation of our society by the wealthy through their Republican pawns.

I’m thankful for the Republican field of Presidential candidates and the Baggers who are forcing them farther and farther away from the majority of Americans, preserving and increasing Obama’s prospects for re-election. I’m also thankful for the extreme overreach by Republicans, The Kochs and Wall Street as it lit the fuse for this explosion of activism and pushback against them.

I’m thankful for everyone here at The Planet who, through their presence and contributions, have made this site into something that far exceeds what we could have hoped for when we first started out. I’m thankful to be part of this unique and remarkable community, surrounded by so many conscientious and clever people who I avidly look forward to “seeing” and “chatting with” every single day.

I’m thankful for being as fortunate as to be a part of the best Admin team on The Planet with Kalima, Bito and KQuark.

And on behalf of all of us, I want to wish all of you, both our fellow members and loyal readers, a very happy Thanksgiving and wonderful holiday weekend!

And feel free to post your leftovers below!

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I notice that all the comments here were posted on Nov. 24th when I was out of town and out of touch. Since I didn’t have a chance to express my gratitude, I don’t suppose that anyone will mind if it’s a bit late.

I am so thankful to be alive at the most interesting time in the history of this wonderful country. I am grateful for President Obama and what he brings to us with his wisdom and compassion.

I am thankful for all of you here at PPOV! I cannot express my gratitude for the friendship you all have shown me over the past couple of years. Most of all, I am grateful for what I have learned from you…something new every day!

My family is smaller now, but still just as wonderful as ever. They are so good to me, and I love them all dearly! I am grateful for my son’s turkey! He cooked it this year and I’ve never eaten any better, although I wouldn’t tell him that…might swell his head! He just thinks he can cook one better than I can! After all, I taught him all that he knows! 🙂 This is an on-going family “feud” between us as to who actually cooks the best turkey. I am grateful for his sense of humor that can make the darkest day much brighter!

Gosh, I just realized that I have so much to be thankful for that I could write all night. Let’s just leave it that I am so happy to be here on PPOV with my friends who never fail to teach and inspire me! You guys are the best!!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and that you had entirely too much to eat!


Em, it’s so good to see you back at the Planet. You were missed! I was thinking of posting a “missing person!” comment, but then thought better of it, realizing you might have been traveling over the holidays. So glad to hear that you had a good time.

It’s nearing 2 a.m. here in the rust belt, so I’ll keep this comment short and spare you my middle-of-the-night ramblings. Hope you’re sleeping soundly by now and having dreams of your son’s turkey dancing in your head. 😀


Kes, thanks so much! It’s nice to be missed! 🙂

The turkey was divine! I’ve never had any better or more moist. Nik cooked it, using cheese cloth soaked in butter and laid over the top of the bird. It sealed in the juices and kept even the white meat very moist. Of course, we basted it about every 10 minutes throughout cooking. That helps too. OMG, I’m making myself hungry! 🙂

I hope you had a great holiday too! I thought about everyone here, but I had limited access to the Internet. It’s nice to be back.


Giffords heard about dinner event, wanted to go herself, staff says


Being the descendent of two separate Mayflower families and a niece of Massasoit, the chief who provided the food for the first Thanksgiving, I am thankful for all those who struggled to eke out an existence in between, as I would not be here.

In addition, I still have my health, family and of course the Planet.


Planet Friends… I am grateful for all of you out there.
We all live in different places and in different ways
but ideas seem to become universal here at the Planet.
Thank you


Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Patsy, and let me thank YOU for being here with us, and all you bring to The Planet.

Hope you have a great evening, and take care.


I am also grateful for the way CBS News reported this story–really, no snark!
“Occupy movement does Thanksgiving nationwide”

Most Americans spent Thanksgiving snug inside homes with families and football. Others used the national holiday to give thanks alongside strangers at outdoor Occupy encampments, serving turkey or donating their time in solidarity with the anti-Wall Street movement that has gripped a nation consumed by economic despair.
In San Francisco, hundreds of campers at Justin Herman Plaza in the heart of the financial district prepared turkey dinners that were handed out by volunteers, church charities and supporters of the movement against social and economic inequality.

Across the bay in Oakland, where protesters and police previously clashed when an Occupy encampment was broken up, occupiers enjoyed a Thanksgiving feast outside City Hall with music and activist speakers, including Clyde Bellecourt, co-founder of the Minnesota-based American Indian Movement.

And in New York, in an amplified version of a family Thanksgiving squabble, shouting erupted Thursday when police ordered a halt to protesters’ drumming at an otherwise mostly traditional Occupy Wall Street holiday meal.

About 500 protesters were digging into donated turkey and all the trimmings when police told a drummer at lower Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park to stop playing. Things heated up for about 15 minutes.

About 200 of the protesters surrounded a group of about 30 officers and began shouting.

“Why don’t you stop being cops for Thanksgiving?” yelled one protester.

“Why don’t you arrest the drummers in the Thanksgiving parade?” hollered another.

A van rolled up with more officers, but they hung back. The protesters, part of anti-Wall Street movement that has gripped a nation consumed by economic despair, held an impromptu forum and decided to call off the drumming.

Occupy organizers distributed Thanksgiving meals at Zuccotti Park, where the protest movement began on Sept. 17 before spreading nationwide. Protesters were evicted from the park on Nov. 15.

“So many people have given up so much to come and be a part of the movement because there is really that much dire need for community,” said Megan Hayes, a chef and organizer with the Occupy Wall Street Kitchen in New York. “We decided to take this holiday opportunity to provide just that — community.”

She said some 3,000 meals were distributed.


That’s really great cher. Americans sharing with other Americans. We sure could use more of that.


President Obama:

The very first Thanksgiving was a celebration of community during a time of great hardship, and we have followed that example ever since. Even when the fate of our union was far from certain – during a Civil War, two World Wars, a Great Depression – Americans drew strength from each other. They had faith that tomorrow would be better than today.
We’re grateful that they did. As we gather around the table, we pause to remember the pilgrims, pioneers, and patriots who helped make this country what it is. They faced impossible odds, and yet somehow, they persevered. Today, it’s our turn.


I’m thankful life doesn’t suck as much as it did the first Thanksgiving.

Sarah Vowell on Thanksgiving, Part 1 & 2 (material from The Wordy Shipmates)


Khirad, I adore Sarah Vowel. And my son has had a crush on her for years! (I think she’s his ideal woman.)


I agree with your son. There’s just something adorably cute about her. Oh, and she’s very witty too. 😉


cher, I do too. She is now the Daily Show’s “Senior Historical Correspondent.” She was on last week doing a history of “Evacuation Day.” It’s the day after Thanksgiving when nearly 10,000 revolutionary soldiers were freed from their imprisonment on British prison ships after the British “evacuated,” in the face of the approaching Continental Army. Funny stuff.


So much to be grateful for! It needs to be said how grateful I am for the Planet and the very wonderful people who created it and keep it going! AdLib, KQ, bito, and of course, Kalima are—and I say this with complete sincerity– some of the kindest, most ethical, and smartest people on planet Earth. They have attracted a group of people likewise smart, kind and just old fashioned DECENT. I am proud to call you all my friends and comrades.

I feel grateful for good people everywhere—my family (whom I thank for all being staunch Liberals!), my dear friends who put up with me, my neighbors who are quick to share and to help each other, and all the many strangers I encounter around the city who are friendly and make every-day chores easier. We are all in the same boat.

I am so grateful for my beloved family. Each of them are so loving and funny! I am grateful for the daily laughs!! I am lucky to laugh before I go to sleep almost every night.

Yesterday I got my first Social Security check, and I am grateful that our government cared enough about us working stiffs to create a program that put something aside for us when we retired. Woo Hoo!

I am grateful to President Obama and the Dems who enacted the Affordable Care Act, and the many other acts that are starting to reverse the terrible path our enemies (domestic and foreign) have laid out. It’s good to know that there are still many decent people in government who believe in serving and protecting.

I am grateful to activists who put their bodies, time and money on the line to preserve Democracy and justice. I am even grateful to the few remaining writers and journalists who shine a light on all they are doing for us.

I am beyond grateful for hearts that can remain open and for minds that are not closed.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

PS, I am also grateful for Ted Turner and the TCM Channel! And House marathons and the creators of Law and Order: Criminal Intent, and everyone connected to Breaking Bad!


Cher, I hate ditto but DITTO to everything except Social Security checks ( I can, just haven’t). Planet people are amazing friends–all. I haven’t felt surrounded by this much knowledge and compassion ever (a small while in the 70’s with good folk, but these are wow folks here)

Best to you as you settle into a TG dinner



Actually I am grateful for a now defunct progressive site like Huffpo where I got my start commenting to blogs and that eventually led me here to a truly progressive site.

I am thankful for family, friends and the life I have been able to live, free from “group think”. I am grateful for the opportunity to come back home once again, this time to stay, but I am also grateful for the opportunity I have had to live in other places. I have carried with me a great many friends from all those places and now, from The Planet.

I am grateful for all those who speak out for social justice and free choice. I am grateful for all those who are willing to help others, to take a stand against injustice and the fact that I am not a Republican. Somehow I don’t think I would have ever fit their tight requirements.

I am thankful I have a husband and children who know and understand me and still loves me even though I hate to cook.

I cannot even begin to understand the work it takes to keep a site like this up and running and to Adlib, Kalima, KQ and Bito please accept my undying gratitude for taking on that work.

Happy Thanksgiving to all here at the Planet.


Happy Thanksgiving good folks.

I am thankful for a lot of things and this place to share my thoughts with people who are smart and funny and enlightened. Thanks to everybody in admin who makes this place possible.
I am thankful to have a home, decent clothing, and good food. I am happy to have a computer with which I use to come to this unique place.
Most of all, I am unbelievably happy to have a loving and caring relationship with my wonderful daughter, who was out of my life for 15 years. There aren’t really any words to rightly describe how grateful I am for this. She is my light and my life. When she had every reason to hate me and refuse to let me into her life, she was and is amazing in her forgiveness and caring. And I thank my ex for not vilifying me in front of my daughter and my ex’s deft hand at raising her.


KT, Your post is very moving.


A 3 a.m. ditto on that thought, e’cat.

And a belated Happy Thanksgiving to KT and all the rest of the Planeteers…who have become like a second family to me.

I’m so grateful for every one of you!


Hey kes, Happy Turkey Sandwhich day!


Thank you e’cat. I’m a very lucky guy in this regard. We have a great relationship. 😉


KT: Your daughter sounds like a truly remarkable human, and I thank YOU for the lovely comments made about your ex.

I was married before the Blov; I refer to the “ex” as “my practice husband”. Just because I didn’t want to be married to him did not mean he was not a great person; we just weren’t a great match.

Your ex sounds remarkable as well. I once had a friend whose husband left her with a 4 year old while she was 7 months pregnant because he needed “to find himself”. He found himself with a much younger girl, it seems.

My mom so admired my friend, because despite how John (his real name) treated HER, SHE never spoke ill of him in front of her boys (yes, the second child was also a boy). When John would pull a stunt – and oh, man, I saw a few – Peggy (her real name, too) would simply ask her boys if they wanted to visit a friend down the street, go out to play, or if they wanted to go with me to get ice cream. While the boys were out of earshot, John would get his verbal due.

Peggy went on to marry a fine man, who loved her boys as his own. John ended up breaking up with cupcake. C’est le vie.


I’m very glad to hear that things worked out for you and your friend. My ex and I just got married too young. I was 20 and she was 19. I was in the Marines when we got married and thought I was all grown up! Ha! I had a number of “rivers to cross,” when I got out.
My ex is a really good person. Smart, funny and a hard worker, who was brought up with good values and virtues. But, it’s like John Lennon once said, “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making plans.”


Happy Thanksgiving to all my planetary friends.

I have many reasons to be grateful, not the least of which is that I made it to another birthday (today) and an age I never quite imagined I’d hit!

I am thankful for the birth yesterday of my first great nephew (or is it grand nephew?), named Christian Montague 7 lb. 2 oz.

I am incredibly grateful for an inheritance I received recently at a time when I was unemployed and uninsured. My situation has improved drastically — thanks to an auntie I never even met and President Barack Obama who made it a priority to get health care reform passed.

I am thankful for my greyhounds and my kitty, who enrich my life in ways I don’t even consciously understand.

I am thankful (and so pleased and amazed) that my Rush Limbaugh-listening brother has welcomed into his home for the holiday his gay son and partner (Hispanic, no less!!) — who will all be coming over for a Thanksgiving dinner soon. I am grateful that my beloved nephew has found love at last and that the country is evolving enough so that he has a good shot at happiness instead of having to hide in the shadows.

And thanks to my other friends and family, online and offline — I love my solitude but my human connections keep me sane. Hugs and affection to you all!


Hey e-cat! I had pie for your birthday – YUM!

Your nephew is a great, grand nephew indeed! Welcome to the world (and Planet), little one. So much to see, so much to do.

Have a great day, birthday girl. Now, for MORE pie….


I hope that your dinner went well.

And congrats on a great nephew.

KQµårk 死神


Dear Planeteers,

As a turkey baby, I was born exactly nine months after Thanksgiving, turkey day is my favorite holiday. It gives me time to tell everyone how thankful I am first just to be here but to have so many great people in my life.

I’m foremost just thankful to be here thanks to my wife’s unending tender loving care (she is absolutely my angel on earth), the support of my family and friends and a doctor who really cares.

I’m thankful for being part of such a great online community with folks here at the Planet (I don’t want to start mentioning individuals, for one you know who you are and I know I’ll forget at least one name). I’m thankful for my gamer and FB pals. Thankful for being able to live comfortably considering I can’t work. The proverbial last but not least thankful for a president and Dems who cared enough to help me get access to the healthcare I need without having to go bankrupt, especially thankful to President Obama for keeping Americans safe from day one along with all those who serve home or overseas and many other things.

Thanks to my turkey Dolly for giving up her life so I can have my favorite meal.

I hope everyone at the Planet has a bountiful day and gets to be with the people they love most.

Peace, KQuark

P.S. Cheers for the great post and all your great posts for that matter.


To All: the very best of all this holiday has to offer, and hopefully it all peace and abundance.

It is a time for hope—hope this all works–and that the crazies don’t win.
And a time for thankfulness to all the great people here who help keep the world enlightened with truth.

Enjoy the Day!

KQµårk 死神

Thanks food and back at ya. Have a great day!


Happy Thanksgiving Planetarians!

I am thankful this year for so many blessings, it’s hard to know where to start.

For our jobs.

For a chance to buy a new home.

For the Blov, who actually made his own breakfast today.

For the Pup, who makes his own breakfast most days!

For Barack Hussein Obama, my dear President (not to get too Kim Jong Il, who is my boyfriend just cuz he’s so crazy funny).

For Kalima, AdLib, KQuark and Bito – I hope each of you know exactly what you mean to me.

For others – kes and Khirad and Patsy/Oatsy and e-Cat and FunkSands and Cher and Boomer (I miss you), and EVERYONE who has made this site such an exceptional (AND low-calorie) treat.

For friends who are able to overcome what to me are almost insurmountable odds, be they war, illness or divorce, and who still live with laughter and love and grace.

For a chance to go now and drive to the country to my “illegitimate” mom’s house in the beautiful TX hill country, to spend time with 40 or so pseudo relatives that I love.

And for a chance to come home later and check in here.

Happy Thanksgiving, but PLEASE don’t tell me about To-furkey. It’s just not right……..xo AB

PS AdLib – you KNOW light blue broadens my already ample ARSE. And with the pies today….oh dear me! Would it have killed you to order us dark pants?????

KQµårk 死神

AB, cheers and my feelings are absolutely mutual.


And back to you, AB. It’s always such a pleasure to “see” you!!



Wishing one and all a Thanksgiving where “Thanks” is the most important dish served and consumed.

Things I have Learned about Being Grateful…IT
Is a key to good mental health.
Is just good manners.
Is a sign of respect.
Demonstrates that the efforts for the community are noticed.
Indicates that those efforts make a difference.
Encourages those who give to keep on giving.
Encourages us to be the best we can be.
Is something everyone can be and do no matter how active they are.
Creates a more caring and understanding environment.
Is a sign of grace at work in us.

SO…let me say a word about my gratitude for this site, its founders and administrators, and its contributors.

Thank you founders and admin team for providing us with a place where we can blog freely and passionately and be supported in that speech by those who may not agree with us but believe in the need for forums like this and work day after day to make it work and to make it better.

Thank you contributors (which also includes the founders and admin team) for providing thoughtful articles, interesting comments, intriguing replies, challenging responses….for being serious, silly, funny, profound, angry, sad, compassionate, curious, thought-filled and thoughtful.

I AM VERY THANKFUL TO THOSE WHO LED ME TO THE PLANET, I AM HAPPY TO THINK OF MYSELF AS A PLANETEER. I know that if I really want to “take on” a topic in a lively, vibrant community, this is the place to do it.


KQµårk 死神

Cheers Murph the Planet would be absolutely nothing without great thoughts and support from you and the rest of the members.