Dear Readers: Due to some family responsibilities, I regret that there will be a short hiatus for The Daily Planet. Please check back in a few days!

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You are missed, Cher. And if prayers would be useful, rest assured you’ve got ’em.


Cher, take care


I’m so sorry to read this and hope it’s nothing serious or for a prolonged time.

I am sending you best wishes and healing thoughts.

I’ll really miss your daily writings and am saddened to read this.

I do hope that you’ll be back soon and hope that you are okay.

It’s a lot of work that you do here, and I want you to know how much I appreciate all that you do, and I guess that I should apologize for not commenting more – but Christ on a crutch, there does come a time when a person has to say enough.

What interesting times we live in and I get that my parents and grandparents lived through worse, but whoa, every single level of government is so corrupt.

Did you watch Jack Abramoff on 60 Minutes last night?

Freakin’ A, and to think that there are liberals and progressives celebrating one of the biggest cons of all time, and all because he came out in support of OWS and shows contrition – yeah right – for his dealings.

If you believe that he gave all his money away – I’ve got ocean front property to sell you from Phoenix.

We here in Arizona, and God, who doesn’t hate Arizona?
But we got an election tomorrow, whereby Russell Pearce might just lose – I’ll believe it when I see it – and all the dirty tricks he’s pulled to secure a win.

Until Americans wake up and I’m not talking about you or me, I’m talking Teabaggers and Republicans and Democrats, until they wake up, we’re screwed.

I’ve lost hope in Obama, and all Democrats.

I’ve lost all faith.

I’ll still vote for Democrats, but it’s like George Carlin said – they don’t give a shit about us.

The peasants are starting to revolt – the 99% are starting to revolt – and goddammit, right when we had people moving accounts from big banks to credit unions or community banks, Wells Fargo comes out with a new bank that they’re starting for only the rich – you need over a half million to open an account.


And then today, the corporate media does a story pitting the older generation against the younger – not quite so young btw, 35 and younger – against folks 65 and older.

Whatever you do, try to save the rich!

I’m going to miss you, Cher.

I’m so sorry to read this.

I know that we’ve had our differences, but really, it was more so that I’m not very good at writing.

If you think my writing is bad, you should see me in real life!

I actually agree with you 100%. And when it seemed like I was disagreeing, well, honest to God.

I’m lacking in verbal communication, and have found that I’m lacking when it comes to writing.

You’re one of my favorite bloggers.

There were times that the devil in me surfaced, because I’ve never been easy.

I am contrary just to be contrary.

“The faults you find in others are the faults you possess.”

I’ve always thought that you and I are the same thinking-wise – but I’ve always thought that you were smarter.

Please don’t stay away for long.


Dear Cher, understood! You will be missed! 🙁