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BlueStateMan On August - 20 - 2011

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  1. BlueStateMan says:

    Just in case Roves prediction of her entry into the race comes to pass….

  2. Emerald1943 says:

    Hey BSM! Well done! I especially like the Rick Scott/Voldemort comparison! Most fitting! LMAO

  3. lynettema says:

    If these pics were of Dems, they would be all over the right wing blogosphere. Actually, my right wing friends would each have sent them to me. Lefties just aren’t as excited about doing this. But I have to say, “Good work,” BSM.

  4. Caru says:

    Actually pretty funny. :)

  5. Dorothy Rissman says:

    I mean it is pretty cruel, but I had to laugh because so many of them made sense. Good job.

    I remember the PBO as Spock. That was a good one also.

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