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pop gondola On June - 12 - 2011






No Welcome in Hell


Till skin is crisp

I want you to know my soul

Under your feet

As you march

I want cacophonous wails

And speed of fright

A skull ripped from a seam

I want you to hear

Munch’s silent scream

Angry vicious

Clinical and mercenary

White heat

Stench of carcass

Charcoal footprints



Wounded air

Squeezing itself

Out of life

The torture of death

That will not leave

A tattooed cremation

A graft on my eyes

To feel what you should see

The fire


The flames


There is no cold

Until you melt

I will burn

Till you have felt

That which you refuse

To feel

©JMcN 2010 (aka pop gondola)

Written by pop gondola

I seek to avoid success and like to leave ambition a long way behind me. I am an orphaned oddity thanks to having parents living in denial. I have an impressive list of failures and a plethora of objectionable personality disorders. I live on the edge of no mans land close to no man is an island. There is a future as long as we don't allow weapons into the room.

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  1. pop gondola says:

    Hey folks,

    thanks once again for taking time to pass comment I really do appreciate it. The poem is about the horrors of war in general and how the soul of a dead soldier cannot rest until those that caused the war (usually bloodthirsty politicians)feel the pain and consequence of their actions.



  2. chasethis says:

    Planet people, I’d love to read some explications of this. Relax. It’s not an assignment and there is no due date.

    • whatsthatsound says:

      I’m puzzled too, but I see it as starting from the adage that “war is hell”. It morphs war imagery with hell imagery. I don’t know who the person that is suffering in hell is, if perhaps it is someone who committed an atrocity in an earlier war, perhaps?

      Anyway, that’s my take. I think it’s meant to express war/hell through images of rage, hate and agony. War is all those things, after all.

    • chase, I’m sure the poet himself could explain it better, but I think it is about the horrors of war as seen through the individual soldier’s eyes. And how he wishes us, who do not go to war, to see and feel as he does. That many people “refuse,” to feel, in any way, the pain and horror of war.

      PG, I hope I didn’t take liberties with this compelling poem.

  3. Welcome to the Planet PG. I like your poem. You’ll fit right in here, there are several poets here. Just curious, but are you a veteran? Your bio is pretty cool too. A fellow miscreant like myself! 🙂

  4. KQuark says:

    Very kewl. It lives up to the best personal description I ever read BTW.

  5. ADONAI says:

    Well, I liked it. But I am a huge fan of death metal.

    • Khirad says:

      And only those who are familiar with death metal realize most of it is anti-war. At least when it comes to stuff like Slayer, etc.

      I’m a fan of Industrial. Much the same approach to dark subject matter. They both wade into and confront the oft times seemingly inherent inhumanity of human nature head on.

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