pop gondola

I seek to avoid success and like to leave ambition a long way behind me. I am an orphaned oddity thanks to having parents living in denial. I have an impressive list of failures and a plethora of objectionable personality disorders. I live on the edge of no mans land close to no man is an island. There is a future as long as we don't allow weapons into the room.

Anti War Poem #1

          No Welcome in Hell Burn Till skin is crisp I want you to know my soul Under your feet As you march I want cacophonous wails And speed of fright A skull ripped from a seam I want...

Thatcher and Palin – Two rotten eggs deserving of each other.

I'm concerned at the recent (alleged) comments made by a spokesperson for Thatcher when responding to a request from Camp Palin to hook up when America's nomadic psycho arrives...