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I’m concerned at the recent (alleged) comments made by a spokesperson for Thatcher when responding to a request from Camp Palin to hook up when America’s nomadic psycho arrives in London. Whilst I totally agree that Palin being described as nuts is an accurate one I would like to point out that it takes someone who’s nuts to recognise a fellow lunatic. Thatcher is seen by the right wing conservatives in the UK as one of the country’s greatest Prime Minister’s. Any endorsement from right wing conservatives usually requires considerable tongue in cheek acceptance of fact (alternatively a ‘are you f@@king kidding me?!’ will suffice). Thatcher’s legacy is still with us in the UK today , a struggling manufacturing base, housing shortages, the death of mining communities, a culture of greed and nepotism and sending soldiers into wars we have no right to be involved in. Thatcher was one of the worst Prime Minister’s of the UK and is still a figure of hate for many people who remember how she effectively turned the country’s police force into a private army and gave them licence to beat the crap out of miners who were fighting to save their jobs. Thatcher’s ‘innovative’ idea of selling local authority housing stock to those that wished to purchase their property seemed fine in theory but Thatcher also failed to build replacement stock for those who couldn’t afford to buy. This mistake has never been rectified by successive governments and now that we have a new conservative led govt I suspect the homeless situation will reach record levels. Our National Health Service which was once envied throughout the world is now being systematically torn apart in preparation for privatisation. This is something Thatcher tried to implement and she failed as will this latest attempt to make the masses pay for medical treatment on top of paying taxes.

Right wingers are right wingers and money and personal greed is their only goal. Sharing is something done amongst a chosen few. So whilst it is right to raise a smile for the ‘Palin is nuts’ quote please make sure that all the deserved ridicule for Palin should  be repeated for Thatcher. Thatcher did for feminism what George Bush did for intellect.

Pop Gondola – Annoying conservatives is my right when there’s little left

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NIce article, Pop. And your bio is a hoot!

KQµårk 死神

Great post welcome. You are spot on, Thatcher is Reagan in a bad fitting wool dress. They both conspired to turn both the US and UK in the wrong direction. Like Reagan, Thatcher attacked the working people the most and sad to say both their legacies continue.


Let’s also not forget Thatcher’s ruthless support for the Poll Tax and the riots it caused along with her downfall.

They called her The Iron Lady as a compliment but like the Tin Man, she had no heart. A real bloodless and cold creature who had no empathy for the majority of people in her nation. Bush with brains and a skirt.

She’s in a much more insidious league than Palin because Palin will never have power over a nation, only a small minority that is mentally impaired.

BTW, nice article and welcome to The Planet, pop gondola!


I lived through Thatcher’s tenure as PM. I did not like her policies, but – like Reagan – she managed to persuade a lot of working class and lower middle class people to vote for her, for the same reason Reagan co-opted the Reagan Democrats. Until John Smith was chosen Labour Leader, the Labour party had weak leadership, and when Thatcher, herself, was ousted, the men in grey suits made certain her successor was a weak one.

That said, Margaret Thatcher had far more intelligence and intellect than Sarah Palin will ever have. Since Thatcher’s primary carer is her daughter Carol, and a very frequent companion of hers these days is none other than her old political adversary, Denis Healy, I find the opinions voiced regarding Palin being nuts to sound suspiciously like Carol Thatcher’s tart tongue or even something that Healy would say.

Truth is, Thatcher is in the throes of Alzheimer’s; but unlike Reagan, I don’t think this manifested itself during her tenure as PM. This was a woman who existed on 5 hours sleep per night and worked rings around the men in her Cabinet.


Welcome to the Planet, pop!

Do you suppose there was more than one reason why Thatcher and Reagan were such dear, dear bosom buddies?

There are the obvious ones, of course. Like hating the poor. And being the lackeys of the ultra-wealthy. And taking sweet joy in crushing unions. And blaming the homeless for being homeless.

But couldn’t we also theorize? Couldn’t we speculate that they were both governing in the early stages of Alzheimer’s?

I jest. But, just barely… 🙁

Buddy McCue

Here’s hoping that Mrs. Palin never reaches the level of power that Thatcher did.




A hearty Amen to that