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whatsthatsound On March - 11 - 2011

Written by whatsthatsound

Writer, Illustrator, Curmudgeon. Ferret Owner. Tokyoite, formerly Ohioan. Much nicer in person.

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  1. Chernynkaya says:

    Whats! From Randall:

    @Chernynkaya = I LOVE IT!!! How adorable! What a sweet badass honey bear! =) xoxo

  2. Questinia says:

    I agree with food chain, this could be a serial. It’s about time Pooh went sociopathic. Pooh and Rosie could be like “Bonnie and Clyde”, wreaking havoc all over Shibuya and the Chichibu.

  3. whatsthatsound says:

    Humor In the Time of Disaster -- or how this crazy, badass cartoon came to be:
    First of all, ever since HH (she’s to blame!) posted that video about the honey badger, I’ve been somewhat obsessed. It’s just so damn funny. And I think that the narrator, Randall, gets a particular pleasure out of saying “honey badger”; anyway it’s just so cute each time he says it. So anyway, I got the idea for my Pooh parody Friday morning, in Tokyo. I had my appointments finished by two thirty and was home working on it. The work went quickly because most of the drawings are based directly from the original illustrations of the Pooh books.
    So, sometime around three, everything starts shaking. And KEEPS shaking! Mild earthquakes just don’t last that long. So I couldn’t draw, put down the pen. I went to get my mother-in-law. She’s experienced earthquakes, and the devastation of war, so she was not very worried. I practically had to force her to get out of the house, since it was really shaking, is newly built, and I just wasn’t sure it could withstand what was happening. We went outside, and as soon as it subsided, I went back in and kept working on Honey Bear. And the aftershocks kept making us go outside again! So it went on like that for like an hour. Sketch some more, go outside, sketch some more, go outside. Pretty badass! I just HAD to finish that sucker! Meanwhile, phones are dead, and I can’t call anybody. Email was working so I kept an eye on the puter. New meaning to multitasking, perhaps.
    But there you have it, the evolution of a cartoon. Thanks to all whose comments show you enjoyed it. We can all use the laughs!

  4. msbadger says:

    Hey, WTS- too damned long no see. I hope you are okay over there. This is hilarious- but I also love Heffalumps, so I feel bad! 😉 Hello everyone. Glad to see so many familiar folks here. Probably more than a few I don’t recognize, due to different ID’s here than on HP. Love you you all, anyway.

    • whatsthatsound says:

      badger, it’s “too damned long” because YOU don’t spend enough time around these parts! Make yourself at home, here, pardner!

  5. Haruko Haruhara says:

    I hope you’re OK, WTS.

    Who started this silly honey badger thing anyway? 8)

  6. ParadisePlacebo74 says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That was awesome!

  7. Buddy McCue says:

    This is really funny. I love it!

  8. Chernynkaya says:

    Whats--I am laughing so hard! OMG--Honey Bear has become a Republican!

    By the way, watch out. Combination of earthquake and nuclear power plants = RODAN.

  9. foodchain says:

    Oh god, I just got it (unless it’s just my peculiar way of seeing things) I’m ready to “catch more with Honey.” Roar! The suspiciously elephanty victim. Long live the Honey Bear!

  10. Artist50 says:

    Whatsthatsound doodles as Tokyo falls…

  11. foodchain says:

    On a day when we need a little relief. Great collaboration!

  12. kesmarn says:

    To be able to come up with something this funny — in the middle of an earthquake — is kinda awe inspiring.

    😯 😆

  13. M Cubed says:

    Run for the hills, everyone! The badass Honey bear is comin’!

    Wonderful sketches, whatsthatsound. You have brightened up our morning!

  14. AlphaBitch says:

    Sure, Heffalumps and Piglets etc -- but just wait until TIGGER gets there! Or Kanga and Roo! Kanga will kick his HB butt.

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