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Pepe Lepew On February - 14 - 2011

My, look at all you PlanetPOV newbies. Some of you I know, some I don’t. Some may only know me as an adorable meerkat. Some may not know me at all.

I am a VERY old HP old-timer, there from virtually the beginning if you don’t know me. Welcome to the Planet. I need to spend more time here.

Anyway, I am the most lucky person in the world. I really am. Because I am madly in love. And I realize how incredibly lucky I am. You have no idea how much I appreciate that. Have a loved one, a child, anyone, someone, some green-eyed exotic GODDESS FREAK of nature from beyond the planet Neptune you want to dedicate a message to on Valentine’s Day?

Here is your thread to do so.

I plan to go quite fou today. And I really don’t care if I mortify certain people.

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  1. texliberal says:

    Love means never having to say you’re sorry. WRONG, after 38 years of marriage it means listening to her infernal ABBA CD on all of our road trips. Over and over and over.

  2. BadBadKitty says:

    The bad part of being raised Mormon was all that Mormon indoctrination.
    The good part was being part of a real, very close family.

    My 6 year old niece just called me and invited me to go out to dinner with her, my twin sister, and her husband.
    She promised me that she had some “new Velociraptor jokes” (Jurassic Park).
    We even have a “secret” Velociraptor handshake.
    And of course, my sister is everything to me.

    I feel so loved, so valued, so appreciated. So included!
    Love is all. And all is love, if we allow it to be so.

  3. LisaDi9 says:

    LOVE IS watching your child draw on a brand new ($30)white shirt, with permanent marker, her Ultimate creation, coming down the stairs…
    Love is advising her, hey turn the T-shirt to your back, so that All can ADMIRE YOUR ART WORK
    LOVE IS watching your dog share the water bowl with your cat.
    LOVE IS a heart that is not afraid to try again.
    LOVE IS a great big HUG
    LOVE IS a Thank You, for being YOU
    LOVE IS snow falling from the sky….again
    LOVE IS your voice
    LOVE IS poems from the heart
    LOVE IS peace from the soul
    LOVE IS sharing you joy with others
    LOVE IS making sure you have something to read upon waking
    LOVE IS unmerciful TEASING
    LOVE IS holding hands
    LOVE IS created from a friendship
    LOVE IS unconsciously knowing…hey you’re THE ONE? FUCK ME…..( don’t go there)
    LOVE IS missing you, although you are a thought away
    LOVE IS Karma
    LOVE IS sharing happiness
    LOVE IS forgiving, not forgetting, cause how in heavens are you going to learn if you cannot remember…seriously
    LOVE IS honesty
    LOVE IS friendship
    LOVE IS accepting
    LOVE IS free to give as it is to take
    LOVE IS appreciation for all you have
    LOVE IS concern for others
    LOVE IS …Time-Outs
    LOVE will find you, you only have to open the door.
    LOVE IS loving yourself…warts and all, for if you cannot love yourself, how the heck can you love others…their warts and all.
    WOW…Love is a lot of stuff…who knew

  4. ADONAI says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day! Or as I call it, Monday. Why? ‘Cause the ladies know every day is Valentine’s Day when you’re with me!

  5. KQuark says:

    Haruko and Pepe up a tree,
    K I S S I N G
    First comes love,
    Then comes marriage,
    Then comes a baby in a baby carriage.

    Now that would be one funny looking baby.


  6. VietVet67 says:

    Hey Fellow POVers! Hope everyone is having and will have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

  7. Haruko Haruhara says:

    Silly Love Songs

  8. Haruko Haruhara says:

    Rilo Kiley

  9. Haruko Haruhara says:

    The Story

  10. Haruko Haruhara says:

    OK, my turn, silly

    Just like Heaven

  11. Redemption Song II says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to All!!

    (I’m happily single, but to those that want romantic love, I hope you find it; and to those that have it, it’s wonderful that you do! :0)

  12. PepeLepew says:

    One last one for Rocket Dog.

    Have fun today guys. If you love someone, you gots to hold them, squeeze, never, never leave them…


  13. PepeLepew says:

    For Rocket Dog


  14. zootliberal says:

    To help celebrate this day of love I captured this musical montage, one of the most romantic in the history of film, from the movie A Man and Woman and posted it to vimeo. Enjoy it, and then kiss somebody.

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