This spring, the Move to Amend is on the move. Read on for the latest resources, actions, and upcoming events . . .

New resources:

* Our Field, Action, and Education Committee is working on a set of questions for candidates, to help you decide where current and potential legislators stand on issues of corporate personhood, corporate power, democratic reform, and constitutional amendments. The committee is also preparing a flier detailing the various responses to the Citizens United decision that different groups and members of Congress have proposed.
* With the help of Change.org, our Online Communications Committee is working on a short video about the Move to Amend, and about our core principles. Thanks to the many of you who have chimed in on Facebook, we have a great lineup of potential spokespersons for this video message.
* A brochure on the Move to Amend campaign is now available online as a PDF file. Please email us to order full-color print copies.

New website features:

We have heard from new groups across the country that are discussing how they can build support for constitutional amendments. To help individuals connect with groups and with each other, the MovetoAmend.org website will be adding some new features, making it more user- and organizer-friendly. In addition to expanded “events” and “take action” features, look for state pages with contact links and info on actions and campaigns. As we bring these improvements online, you will notice service interruptions from time to time; these are the websites growing pains.

On the local level–pass a resolution!

Take a small group and visit with each elected official of your municipal council, town board, or county board. Ask their opinion of the Citizens United decision (if polls can be trusted, they’re likely going to be on your side!) and what they’re planning to do to respond to the ruling and to protect their community and elections against corporate power. Share their response with your friends, co-workers and your local newspaper – hold them accountable!

Urge your local elected officials to sponsor a Democracy Resolution for your local government for discussion and passage in response to the Citizens United ruling. Remember, today most local government meetings are seen live and rebroadcast on community cable tv, an excellent opportunity to present the issue to a wide viewing audience.

You can use this Model Resolution to Legalize Democracy in the United States and Abolish Corporate Personhood as a starting point.

Upcoming events:

Yes, we are everywhere. Here are some of the next series of events featuring organizers the with the Move to Amend:

* May 3, Wisconsin ~ Ben Manski ~ UW-Stevens Point, 8:00pm, DUC Theater, Dreyfus University Center.
* May 4, Washington ~ Riki Ott ~ Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA, 5:00p.m., in the AIC building, Room 210.
* May 4, Wisconsin ~ Ben Manski, Mike McCabe ~ Madison, 7:00pm, WilMar Community Center
* May 5, New Mexico ~ Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap ~ Santa Fe, 7:00pm, Unitarian Church, 107 West Barcelona Road
* May 19, Massachusetts ~ Mary Zepernick, Sen. Eldridge, Rep. Atkins ~ First Parish in Concord, 20 Lexington Road, at 7:30pm
* May 22, Illinois ~ Riki Ott ~ United Church of Rogers Park, 1545 W. Morse Ave., Chicago, 1:00p.m.
* May 23, Illinois ~ Riki Ott ~ Chicago Green Festival, 3:00 p.m. in Room 319, Navy Pier, 600 E. Grand Ave., Chicago

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When did you post this?

I could ask him in person, but this surprises me, and was I sleeping and how come I didn’t know that you were up and about?

It’s not like travel trailer living has private moments.

Good job on getting the image to display!

I love the author of this post!


(need frivolity at this moment as you would not believe it – and it really sucks being the youngest and the only sister and thinking that I am the normal one compared to them, and that is the real truth. my family is so f’ed that they make me feel normal and that’s saying a lot.)


Corporations as “fictitious persons” is not a constitutional issue, and it might be faster to overturn it in Congress. Constitutional Amendments, however, are more durable. We should probably do both. I understand there IS legislation to deny corporations the same rights as human beings since the SCOTUS ruling in 1886 was based on the most profoundly absurd piece of judicial activistm ever – it was taking the 14th Amendment that palably involved freed slaves and their civil right and applying it to corporations (in this case, Santa Clara County v Southern Pacific Railroad). That is not a constitutional RIGHT, it is a SCOTUS interpretation subject to legal challenge by statute. Let’s do it both ways.

KQµårk 死神

Cheers it sounds like a very worthwhile cause.