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Pepe Lepew On March - 23 - 2010

A person I work with wears his libertarianism on his sleeve. He rails constantly at the workplace about liberals, hippies, taxes, Obama, etc. He has literally said in the workplace that Obama is evil.

Well, about a year ago, he got into a massive motorcycle wreck. He had been drinking and he wasn’t wearing a helmet. He had a fractured skull and spent weeks in the hospital and required months of therapy. He missed about three or four months of work.

Since then, he has railed about all the hassles he has gone through with our insurer (United Health Care) and how they try to screw him every chance they get. Even with insurance, he owes more than $50,000 in medical bills (I can’t imagine what the total cost of his treatment must have been), and he said he may have to declare bankruptcy because of his problems paying these bills.

On Monday, he posted on Facebook, a long-winded tirade against Health Care Reform. He called it the end of our country, and my favourite: “That slow sucking sound you here? That’s Hussein Obama’s socialism dragging this country down the drain.” He was obviously very, very, VERY angry about Sunday night’s historic vote.

Well, some people responded, as you can guess, and he told some people off. Someone got mad and called his boss.

It turns out this guy has to sometimes deal with health care professionals and local politicians as part of his job. More than 500 of his fans, many of them local, read this tirade of his. The boss wasn’t happy and they suspended him without pay for two days over it.

I honestly feel sorry for the guy. There was something not quite right with him even before the motorcycle crash. He has no impulse control; no filter stopping him from doing some of the self-destructive things he does. He can’t seem to help it.

But, what I’m struck by — again — is how he is so blinded by his idealogy that he was utterly incapable of seeing that if anyone could benefit from health care reform, it’s him. He’s looking at bankruptcy because of medical bills, but he rails about socialized medicine.

Honestly, if everything in this bill went into effect tomorrow, I don’t know if it would really help this guy. If he lived in Canada, which has genuine socialized coverage, he wouldn’t be facing $50,000 in bills he can’t pay and possible garnishment and even bankruptcy. He just isn’t making the connect.

I continued to be mystified at the disconnect.

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  1. kesmarn says:

    Pepe: on the issue of the co-worker in the motorcycle accident--did he ever, once, make mention of the “personal responsibility” aspect of all this? You know--the part that righties are so fond of, about all of people’s problems being due to their own bad choices? Did the fact that he had been drinking and had chosen not to wear his helmet strike him--at ANY point--as having been a couple of those bad choices?

    It would be almost impossible (for me, at least) not to mention to him that his bad judgement was probably going to cause everyone else’s insurance premiums to go up. “Thanks, dude.” Who could resist scribbling that on the old get well card?

    • boomer1949 says:

      “Personal responsibility” — now that’s a phrase I doubt he has ever used. It’s always the fault of someone else, and I bet he sued the light post, guard rail, curb, car, pedestrian, or whatever it was that “got in his way”.

      • kesmarn says:

        You got it, boomer! Maybe he should throw in the manufacturer of the motorcycle on that lawsuit while he’s at it!

        “Where was my auto-pilot?”

  2. bitohistory says:

    ❗ According to C-Span the Senate is coming back into session at 2:15 am!!! Looks like the R’s are gonna have bring their jammies.

  3. KQuark says:

    AustrianSchool on huffy is another hypocrite. The guy works for a government contractor and is proud of the fact that he does not work hard at his job. I told him all you are doing is proving the point that using private contractors is wasteful not that government is wasteful. Another cognitive disconnect. We would like for government to administer all healthcare insurance but at least for now they are cutting Medicare Advantage which freed up much more money going directly to providers.

    I’m disable so I’m at home during the day but I noticed a trend before and after the election that troll activity peaked during work hours. After about 7 pm eastern the boards were almost troll free. Know I don’t know about folks here but when I was working I did not have time to blog. It just shows again what hypocrites they are.

  4. Tweety says:

    Hi Pepe,

    I totally agree with your last paragraph about people being so blinded by their idealogy that they literally don’t care if they or their family members can benefit from health care reform.

    What does that say about the state of our country….or the Republican Party in general? God forbid that the Repubs get back into power in the next General Election. We still have a good opportunity to pass some form of Single Payer or Medicare for All in the next few years.

  5. WLA says:

    The lesson I gleaned from this is one I keep learning almost daily: Don’t start a fucking Facebook page.

    The part about the cognitive dissonance hardly surprises me.

  6. SueInCa says:

    Next up to send them into orbit will be Immigration Reform. It needs to be addressed and honestly worked on in order to maintain the minority vote. But it will drive the pugs up the wall because they have to support it or lose constituent support, except for areas that have low minority populations. Grandpa McCain has already asserted he will work on nothing for the rest of the year.

    • escribacat says:

      You are right, Sue. Now the Big Racist Guns are gonna come out.

    • Khirad says:

      Oh, they very much had this dual purpose in mind.

      We already saw the seeds of it with the ‘s’ word and “go back to Mexico”.

      Seriously, they complain all the time that Dems are only doing this for the Latino vote.

      My response: yeah? And, so?

      Wish you had of thought of it, huh.

      Instead, you have to stoke xenophobia to even entertain staying demographically relevant.

      Lord knows already you can’t compromise.

      How’s Miss Lindsey now? Wasn’t Sunday a deal-breaker?

    • nellie says:

      That man is such a fraud.

      • SueInCa says:

        IMHO he is the lowest of the low. He is a panderer and the American people saw that. The only reason he was the candidate was Huckabubba lost and I cannot see the base ever backing Romney completely.

        • nellie says:

          To me, he’s a spoiled, entitled, benefactor of tragic happenstance who has been milking his personal tragedy for all it’s worth. I wish I could see him less harshly, but I think he’s an opportunist — and a fraud.

          Sue — who in the world are they going to run in 2012? I can’t think of anyone who isn’t a complete joke — even to the Republicans.

          • AdLib says:

            I think it’s likely going to be Mitt Romney for the GOP in 2012.

            And they’ll be holding their noses and alienating the Baggers when they do.

          • Khirad says:

            I really wish I could find his commercial they’re playing here, nellie. It typifies what you just said.

            Seriously, I just spent way more time than I should wading through his website and mucking through YouTube conservahell but came up with nada.


          • Chernynkaya says:

            Yeah, his tragedy. He went to Annapolis because his father and grandfather were Admirals and almost flunked out. He then crashed three jets before he was captured. He was a total fuck up and LUCKY. By the laws of chance he should have died in any of those crashes but was lucky enough to be a POW-- and as you say, milked to to this day. You described him perfectly-- an entitled and spoiled fraud. No hero.

          • SueInCa says:

            They will put someone up there even if another loser like grampa. Those people have no shame, they will lie first then come back and apologize. The same people who heard the lie do not hear the muted apology so the lie stands.

    • Chernynkaya says:

      I honestly don’t know how they’re going to have the will to take up immigration. They might be emboldened and energized by the HC debate, or they could be exhausted and scared. Pelosi said she wasn’t going to make the House Dems vote for another tough issue this year, which, IMO is not right. We send them there to WORK HARD. They get lots of perks and prestige, and they owe us, but what are ya gonna do? I hope they are at least too worried about the Latino vote to NOT work on it.

      • escribacat says:

        Yeah, that was kind of weird, Cher. How many people have jobs where you can do one thing and then take the rest of the year off?

      • SueInCa says:

        Obama has already laid it out to them they need to start the process. I don’t think a vote will come by any means, but they need to start the debates and initial writing of the legislation or they are going to lose the minority vote.

        • Khirad says:

          I could be wrong, but it struck me as a backburner issue.

          Lord knows they need to make jobs and banking reform a priority.

          If for no other reason to shut the trolls up. πŸ˜†

          ..not like they’ll still not bitch and moan over something:roll:

          • SueInCa says:

            Khirad it is in the sense it won’t be passed this year, but if the President can walk and chew gum, the congress better be able to as well. They are paid to legislate.

            • Khirad says:

              Absolutely Sue, but, media wise, they aren’table to double-task, and for this reason -- optics wise -- Jobs and the economy needs to be the focus from here to November.

              It;s like Jack Welch said. If Dems focus on this, and the economy keeps improving, “Republicans are in for a rude awakening come Novermber.”

        • nellie says:

          Health care has overshadowed all the other legislation this congress has passed — the tv heads have been acting like congress hasn’t been doing anything. I think a lot is in the works, not only immigration.

          It would be great if they would do DADT, but I bet they don’t get to that until after the elections.

          What’s safe? Banking reform? There’s a tax reform bill in the senate right now, I think…

          • SueInCa says:

            I know, the MSM is so one minded. I was watching the local NBC channel and the only people Brian Williams showed on the clip about healthcare reform were those against it. My husband was saying WTF? Jack Welch has predicted a big surprise for repubs in the fall, I hope he is correct. What the Dems have to do is a major get out the vote campaign. Too many let the mid terms go by with no major effort. We have a major one here with that twit Meg Whitman running for gov. What a huge mistake that would be, but if Dems stay home that is exactly what is going to happen.

            • nellie says:

              Jerry better run a better campaign than he ran for president. That’s all I’m sayin’.

              Think “Meg Twitman” could catch on?

            • nellie says:

              That sounds lovely. NIght, Sue.

            • SueInCa says:

              Adlib I hope you are right. I for one will campaign against her. Night everyone, have to go tuck my grandson in for bed and read a chapter in the hardy boys with him.

            • SueInCa says:

              As long as she keeps the press at bay. She is not allowing more than 5 minutes for anyone to interview her. She does not want to answer the tough questions. I don’t think she can weather the legislative questions though. And her religion may be a bridge, but will republicans hold their noses and hit the button for her? More than likely, she is big business and that is what they like.

            • AdLib says:

              I don’t think the “Twit” will win. We’ve just had years of destruction under Repub-Lite Ahnold, will Californians want to accelerate the destruction? I don’t think so.

  7. PepeLepew says:

    Jesus, we go out to dinner, and it goes from 4 comments to 66?


    • BigDogMom says:

      Hey Pepe, where you in CT lately, my dogs were sprayed last week and after dousing them with three large cans of tomato juice and two baths EACH….they have the essence of Le Pew still lingering…. πŸ‘Ώ

      • Chernynkaya says:

        Call me crazy-- I like the smell of skunk! And gasoline too.

        • BigDogMom says:

          GIRL YOU ARE CRAZY!!!

          The smell was so bad in the back yard when the thing sprayed that our eyes where burning and tearing while we were dousing the dogs with tomato juice….

          (ps: I love the smell of cigars)

          • PepeLepew says:

            BDM, I hate tobacco, but I love the smell of cigars, too.

            Not cigarettes, though.

            • BigDogMom says:

              I love when my father-in-law lights one up, I think I’m the only one in the family that let’s him smoke in the house…he like the big Cubanno’s, I think they’re called. The stinkier the better…but the next morning the house doesn’t smell that good, so I open all the windows!

            • PepeLepew says:

              My dad died of lung cancer, my mom has COPD and I grew up with asthma, but so help me, three or four times a year, I light up an illegal Cuban.

          • PepeLepew says:

            How can you LIKE skunk?

            • Chernynkaya says:

              I love skunk! On that trail I just mentioned I see them once in a while. I’ve even seen a pair walking jauntily together down my block. And shortly after that, it was so sad! I went to the trail and saw them both, dead, hugging each other. ~~sniff~~ (no pun intended.)

            • Chernynkaya says:

              Not up close and personal, truth be told. More like just in the vicinity.

            • PepeLepew says:

              Have you really, actually genuinely smelled it. It makes your eyes burn! It’s actually a kind of acid!

        • PepeLepew says:


          There is a great line in “Kelly’s Heroes” in which one grunt says to another a latrine smells like home. And the other one says, “Yeah, it does.”

          That’s how I feel when I’m driving past farms. Smells like home!

      • PepeLepew says:

        It will take a while, mon cherie!

        No one messes with ze skunks … but dumb ol’ dogs.

        Speaking of which, I ran over a skunk yesterday with my new car. Yuck!

      • escribacat says:

        Ew. You have my greatest sympathy, BDM. My greys got nailed TWICE last year, and the little fella is still around. He sprayed the yard last week and I smelled it in my basement. Luckily my dogs weren’t involved in that one. How the hell do you get rid of a resident skunk? This bugger must be living under my neighbor’s shed or maybe in the shrubbery along my house. I’m afraid to investigate!

        • BigDogMom says:

          Trap the sucker…that’s what I did. It’s a little pricey, but well worth it…..he is now residing up state at a nice national park…you could say he is now on the government doll! :smile:

          • escribacat says:

            I do believe it’s going to come to that. I’ve had to replace four dog beds, numerous blankets, four collars, and some clothing.

        • PepeLepew says:

          Hee, hee.

          I think a bald eagle is building a nest on my property.

          I am VERY excited about this.

          • Chernynkaya says:

            I would be too! Last summer, I saw a golden eagle sitting on the trail near my house, eating a critter. It was almost 3 feet high, just sitting there--what a thrill! Zorro and I just waited happily a few yards away.

  8. escribacat says:

    I have several of these types in my life unfortunately. I just got a note from my sister in law. I had a bunch of family over for dinner on Saturday. My sister’s note said she insisted to my bro (republican) that he leave his politics at the door. He apparently has been fuming and storming about HCR all weekend. He runs a small construction company. His health care costs are astronomical because he’s too small to get a good deal. I don’t get it either. This is going to HELP him. And I have explained to them I don’t know how many times that the reason I have no insurance is because they wouldn’t frigging sell it to me. I don’t get why they won’t be relieved when I tell them I’ll finally be able to get it. They lived in Canada for seven years. Canada paid for the birth of both their kids.

    My brother is a really good person and I love him. But I think there are some things going on in his brain that prevent him from understanding this. (He still believes Republican presidents balance the budget and Dems spend freely).
    1) He doesn’t feel empathy or sympathy for people he doesn’t know. 2) He is uncomfortable about people who are different from him.
    3) He likes to stay in his comfort zone. He’s not adventuresome.
    4) He prides himself in being “independent.”
    5) He sees some people “working the system’ and that’s all he can see. He can’t look beyond it. (We have another brother who does this and everybody in the family wants to strangle him after years of his bullshit)

    Anyway, I’m so glad my sister in law told him to can it before he came into my house, because the way I feel about this and the way he apparently feels about it, there would have been a really ugly fight. I don’t want that. I already had a similar ugly fight with my other brother (the Rush Limbaugh fan). We already made a truce that we can’t talk politics.

    It disturbs me though. How can something like health care cause such anger and division?

    • PepeLepew says:

      Maybe we can trade brothers!

      Seriously, I love my brother. I just don’t get him. Quasi-pseudo Libertarian type.

      • escribacat says:

        I’ve got three of ’em! One is a candidate for Ted Kasynski’s cabin as far as I’m concerned. The next is only still human because of his wife (the Limbaugh fan). The third is a smart businessman who has been more than generous with more than one family member by giving them jobs when they didn’t deserve them or appreciate them. All three are hyper-conservative.

        • PepeLepew says:

          My one brother is a flaming liberal, my sister is a flaming liberal who briefly liked Ron Paul, until I forced her to read up on what RuPaul is really about. My third drug-addled brain-damaged brother — I just can’t figure out. I mean, he thinks Obama should be impeached for not prosecuting Bush for war crimes against Humanity. I just don’t know what tack to take with that!

          • escribacat says:

            I have one of those too (addled). I didn’t include him in the above count. He has no opinions on anything. Doesn’t appear to be capable. The only other lib in the family was my mother, and she passed away.

  9. AdLib says:

    I mentioned below, the disconnect comes from being brainwashed.

    Remember that poll during the election that showed the more people watched Fox News, the less correct about issues they became?

    The right wing appeals to the simplistic, emotional reptile brain. Good or evil, American or Democrat, our way or destruction of the country.

    It’s easier for people to hear and understand, “Look for yourself, the horizon is a straight line, the Earth is flat!” than to comprehend the more complex truth about why the horizon appears as a line while the Earth is round.

    Then, add to that the narcotic of extreme emotions such as hatred and fear and you’ve got the political equivalent of crack.

    Once they’re addicted, even motorcycle accidents that bankrupt people don’t have a prayer against a mind that’s been hooked.

    Such people, in the areas that they are conditioned, are immune to reason, logic and truth. They have been given permission to hate and blame which makes them feel clearer about why they are unhappy in their lives and the only way you’ll take away that thinking from most of them is from their cold dead head.

    They are a minority, it does make sense to try and de-program those that can be but as your story points out, some are as committed to being brainless as a motorcycle rider without a helmet.

    • BigDogMom says:

      Yes, they are a minority, but, unfortunately they are the ones given air time now by the MSM because car crashes are viewed more than feel good stories…

      But I believe that this will change soon, it has already started with the evening news and the morning shows, like Good Morning America. Diane Sawyer has now dedicated a segment every night with a feel good story, triumph over tragedy in these trying times.

      People need this, people want to see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, they want to see that there is hope for the future and that the good guy wins in the end.

      The November elections will be the indicator whether the GOP hate machine has burned itself out….

      • Khirad says:

        In a weird way, I hope that the baggers keep it up (without escalating from vandalizing Democratic offices). The longer the GOP courts them, the longer the middle will be wary, and if not voting Democrat, at least sitting out. They risk burning out the Republican Party from both ends.

        • BigDogMom says:

          Khirad, I believe by November they will have burned themselves out with the mainstream voter…especially if Obama keeps up this momentum he has and continues to go around the country on this info campaign.

  10. dildenusa says:

    Why do you feel sorry for this guy? He made a decision to ride his motor cycle without a helmet while he was intoxicated.
    Now I don’t wish bad things to happen to people. He obviously needed some kind of emotional therapy before his accident but thought that there’s nothing wrong with me, it’s the other guy with problems. I don’t think his ideology has anything to do with his tirade against Obama and health care reform. He seems to me to be unable to think for himself and requires a guru to tell him what to think.

    • PepeLepew says:

      I feel sorry for him because he’s self-destructive and he mostly just hurts himself.

      Sorry, call me a softy! :)

      • Khirad says:

        I’ve known the type. He’s never really sat down and thought through what he believes, but just feels it in his gut and acts, I’m guessing.

        I know, it’s hard to hate them. It’s more like that Libertarian guy from Parks and Recreation that you just roll your eyes at.

        • BigDogMom says:

          Or your mailman that knocks on your window when he sees you at your desk and wants to talk about how the world and the post office has mistreated him for 30 years.

          You nod your head yes, trying to sympathize with him. Then you quietly ask him not to walk across your lawn to your neighbors house, because you just put seed down. Which he then proceeds to yell at you because the post office has given him a time limit to deliver your mail, turns with a huff and walks across the lawn anyway….what do you do?

  11. PatsyT says:

    I was just having a chat with my sister about facebook.
    My sister lives in a mountain community in So Cal
    and is about to start working for the census.
    When she told a neighbor what she was going to be doing
    That neighbor was aghast.
    “Oh I don’t have anything to do with the Government, we home-school our kid and
    don’t trust the government at all,
    I don’t want the government to know any of my business,
    I won’t have anything to do the census.” the neighbor said.”
    Yet my sister tells me that the neighbor is on facebook and twitter all day
    Telling the world about her business.
    Now really, come on
    If the gov wanted to find you
    you are making it way to easy on the facebook
    Turns this couple has just gone foreclosure, lost their home, in debt.
    Hmmm no wonder they are hiding.

    • escribacat says:

      Amazing. Do you know that Facebook is the number one tool of today’s detectives? You’d be amazed at how many criminals brag about their plans and their deeds online. And if you can’t find them directly, you can find them through their friends’ Facebook accounts.

    • AdLib says:

      This is hilarious! Your sister and you have cut the legs out from most of these paranoid hypocrites out there. They claim to have a fear of government knowing too much about their private life but ladle it out on Facebook for millions AND the government to see?

      A disconnect like that is exactly what is consistent among the Baggers and other ignorant types of Americans. They rail against a government takeover of health care then yell, “Keep your government hands off my Medicare!”

      What this is, is conditioning. A form of brainwashing. Hatred and fear of a specific thing programmed into the brains of these people, untouchable by reason or logic.

      I think it is the same part of their mind where their belief in religion resides, they simply have accepted hatreds and fears from those they see as their political “ministers” and are fundamentalist about them. What they have been told is true about the government and Dems being evil simply is true and no one can convince them out of their “faith”.

  12. nellie says:

    Speaking of cognitive dissonance:

    This is a photo of Rush Limbaugh’s NY apartment, now up for sale. This is what that guy is really like: 1049 Fifth Avenue

    I think we can take him.

  13. Khirad says:

    It’s a government takeover private insurance mandate!

  14. Chernynkaya says:

    Pepe, you got me started on a rant that’s been building. Your post was the last straw, so thanks for posting about your mentally disturbed co-worker. He exemplifies all Republicans.

    Reasonable voices like Colin Powell and Charlie Crist are ostracized and subjected to attacks from the “true” GOP, like Rush Limbaugh and Dick Cheney. When a reasonable Republican openly disagrees with their more radicalized party members they are hounded out. Or others (that were arguably reasonable), like John McCain, have become increasingly shrill and strident.

    Every day, another GOP member makes an audacious, lying statement and each new incident brings out the GOP apologists and spin-doctors.

    The GOP is, above any ideology, the Party of socio-pathologies. It

    • PepeLepew says:

      Cher, in all honesty, most of the *real* Republicans I know no longer call themselves Republicans, they call themselves “Independents.” My brother is a classic example of this. They are too ashamed to call themselves Republicans anymore, but they mostly vote Republican when it comes right down to it.

      • SueInCa says:

        Independents? I just do not understand the republican mind. How can you be independent and consistently vote republican or how can you be a tea bagger and then vote straight Republican. They lose all credibility IMHO because I see it as a ruse to deny the republican badge while maintaining the same thought process and voting line.

      • Chernynkaya says:

        Yes, Pepe, I know them too and I think that shows their sanity, even though they still vote Repub. Where else they going to go? ( And for godsakes, why don’t THEY ever get discouraged and stay home for elections?!) They still have the ability to be ashamed and I think that’s a step in the right direction!

    • choicelady says:

      One of my forebears helped found the Republican party in 1857 as he voice of justice against slavery. MAN am I pissed about what it’s become. OK -- no one on my mother’s side has voted Reep since FDR, but how anyone could retain the idea that this party is a party as opposed to a cult is beyond belief. I knew Reeps who were great in the ‘old days’ such as Chuck Percy who supported my brother’s CO status during Vietnam, and John and Lincoln Chaffee who had that old time sense of obligation to ordinary people. How did this all go so wrong? My forebear must be spinning in his grave!

    • BigDogMom says:

      Cher, I liken the GOP to the Nazi Party in the mid 30’s, before Hitler, Goebbels and Himmler really got them organized. The early followers were out of work angry-at-the-world thugs and bullies, very similar to Pepe’s co-worker. Which Hitler whipped up into a frenzy every weekend at the Beer Halls and then let them loose onto the streets to do his dirty work and recruiting.

      If you can stomach it, listen to or watch Beck’s shows, he is using Goebbels propaganda playbook, (I swear he’s working for the GOP), he knows how to push these types of peoples buttons. It doesn’t take much, they are already mentally unstable to begin with, he just plants the seed and they run with it……

      I just pray that the GOP, the Christian Fundies and these type of people burn themselves out before something really tragic happens.

      • PepeLepew says:

        My coworker is too effed up to be a thug or a bully. I see him as a deeply messed up and confused person. Honestly.

        • escribacat says:

          He’s diverting his internal personal rages and disappointments onto a political target. He’s raging and ranting without being “personally involved.”

      • Khirad says:

        I’m scouring the world’s histories to find a better comparison. It’s hardly unique, unfortunately.

        This analogy really works, I would just rather take into an argument something besides the ‘other’ N-word.

        • Chernynkaya says:

          Khirad, you pricked my curiosity. There’s this form Wiki, but you have to read the whole entry to get the right analogy:



          • Khirad says:

            Replete with Lincoln quote!

            Yes, that was indeed more accurate (though I should have checked the talk page and history, it did kind of stray there at the end). What we’re dealing with is inchoate and schizophrenic anger -- not (yet) harnessed in any disciplined manner.

            Wow, the etymology of ‘mob’ totally makes sense. How did I not know this? Now, just to tweak Horatius’ quote to sound less elitist, “odi profanum vulgus et arceo.” [I loathe the uneducated mass and keep them away from me]

      • Kalima says:

        The word “Christian” in Christian Fundies makes my blood boil. I’m sure that there are many of us feel the same. It’s false advertising and insulting.

        • Chernynkaya says:

          I know how you feel and don’t blame you! It’s like Orwellian NewSpeak. And it’s an example of so many RW labels that are, in truth, the opposite of what they really mean.

          As a Jew, I object to the sect, “Jews for Jesus.” It’s an oxymoron and IMO dishonestly claims to be a Jewish organization. (Although, to be fair, they are not a hate-based organization-- so the comparison is not a successful one..)

          • Khirad says:

            I feel the same way about them. On the face of it it is self-serving and offensive as a title.

            The Black Israelites can be ironic, as well -- not to paint with a broad brush, but, for ‘Jews’ those I’ve heard can sure sound like they were from the Nation of Islam.

            I’m not an authority on the group, though.

      • Chernynkaya says:

        BDM I have had that thought too. But Nellie has a point. Germany was in a similar situation-- the out of work angry mobs-- but also a smaller country and more homogeneous. One the other hand, Hitler didn’t have the advantage of Fox Noise propaganda machine and 24/7 corporate media! So maybe that even it out. In the end, I have to decide if I trust the vast majority of Americans and I haven’t made that decision yet.

        • BigDogMom says:

          Cher & Nellie -- I agree, America has such a diverse group of people that it is highly unlikely that we would let anything like Germany in the ’30’s happen here. I’m sorry I failed to clarify that in my post, (ADD on my part, the Pizza Man came in the middle of my post!).

          I was trying to explain the angry/victim mentality that we are seeing here in our country today and how it is being fueled by the likes of the GOP and Faux News, such as Hitler and his propaganda machine once did in order to gain power.

          Yes, we are a scrappy bunch of misfits and that is what makes this country great…will we tolerate this type of propaganda and anger for much longer? I doubt it.

          The average person can only take so much this atmosphere before they start to tune it out and turn away from it, (re my husband)…I have faith that there are a lot more compassionate and loving people in this country, than there are the angry racist.

          Good will prevail, it always does…..

      • nellie says:

        I have a feeling Americans are not going to tolerate the same kind of bullying that, for some reason, caught on in Germany. We scrappers have been through way too much to get where we are. America attracts the risk takers from all around the world — the people who are willing to take on the fight of a new place, strangers, a new language.

        I have a lot of faith in the average American. I know my family has survived a lot — the fighters survived. We are ALL fighters in my family.

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