As a follow-up to Hate in America, did anyone see the DKos diary on the group in Texas called Repent Amarillo?

What’s next for Repent? They’ve posted a “Warfare Map” on the group’s Web site. The map includes establishments like gay bars, strip clubs and porn shops, but also the Wildcat Bluff Nature Center. Repent believes the 600-acre prairie park’s Walmart-funded “Earth Circle,” used for lectures, is a Mecca for witches and pagans. Also on the list are The 806 coffeehouse (a hangout for artists and counterculture types), the Islamic Center of Amarillo (“Allah is a false god”), and “compromised churches” like Polk Street Methodist (gay-friendly).

In January, Repent caused a stir when the group rolled out, a Web site that urges economic sanctions against Houston because the mayor is gay and a large Planned Parenthood building is being built.

In, their leader, David Grisham says: “Tolerance is indeed the last virtue of a degenerate society. Any society that starts teaching its children about tolerance and intolerance rather than good and evil will raise an entire generation that simply tolerates evil.”

Grisham works as a security guard at Pantex, a nuclear weapons facility contractor for the federal government. The Pantex website says, in part, that the plant, located 17 miles northeast of Amarillo, is charged with maintaining the safety, security and reliability of the nation’s nuclear weapons stockpile. The facility is managed and operated by B&W Pantex for the U.S. Department of Energy/National Nuclear Security Administration… The Pantex Plant workforce must exhibit the highest standards of ethical behavior. The Company does not discriminate based on race, age, color, religion, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, veteran status or disability.

It’s disturbing when religious fanatics have access to nuclear materials.

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Pepe Lepew

Methodists, coffee houses and parks?

Christ, these people are wackaloons.

Next, they’ll be going after Montessori schools!

Blues Tiger
Blues Tiger

I wonder how they would feel about the Methodist Owned Coffee House I used to attend Single Socials at?


Speaking of Montessori schools and all things liberal… I checked, and there is indeed a Unitarian Universalist fellowship there. Security detail forthwith (especially for the UU Pagans!). Knoxville is still fresh.


Nottoolate, I went directly to their website and sent ’em an email:

“I’m praying hard for all of you. Not because I think you’re right. But because I think you’re frighteningly wrong and don’t even realize it. I urge you all to read the Gospel of Matthew–seriously and thoughtfully. What you are about has almost nothing to do with the real message that Christ preached. Repentance is needed in Amarillo–that’s true–but it’s the gunslingers and the judges of their fellow humans who need to repent. God help you.”

The site itself is completely creepy:

For those with strong stomachs who would like to check it out.


These people stir up feelings in me that I don’t feel comfortable discussing with progressive brethren.

So instead, merely this, to center my anger:

The real enemy to this earth is the projections of their own ignorance, fears and hatred.

Blues Tiger
Blues Tiger



I read about these goons the other day. Don’t people who work at nuclear facilities have to take a personality test or something? Cops do.


If not, they should. At the very least they should have to be able to obtain and keep a DOE security clearance. I can’t imagine working for the Department of Energy would be any different than working for the Department of Defense…contractors included.

At the very least, having Yahoos like Grisham working for them should raise a red flag for “employee requirements” in the contract between Pantex and the DOE.


These hate groups need to be tracked. There is a group out of Philly that does track them, One People’s Project. You can bookmark it to track these people. I am sure you know of the Southern Poverty Law Center they track hate groups as well. Someone should blow the whistle on this guy to whoever is in charge of that plant.


I referenced them several times in my series,Sue. The SPLC that is. But I never heard of these guys!