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Good Job Boomer. You have captured what alot of Americans are probably thinking right now, but do not have the platform to speak out with. We do, thanks to Adlib, Nellie, K7, KQ and the others who implemented this site.

It seems the wackier you are, the more ignorant you are, the less informed you are, the more people pay attention to you. See they cannot make fun of us who are getting by(some barely) and doing the right thing. The teabaggers, the conspiracy theorists, the radicals they can make fun of and fill up the time in their particular slot. Then they can pat themselves on the back because they have exposed the “bad” guy. Never once thinking about portraying the plight/experience of the person getting by. You see we are not particularly exciting and we don’t cause a big fuss so we are left out, they figure people do not wwant to be reminded of everything that is wrong in this country.

At least that is how I see it……………..


Boomer — do you feel you’re being neglected by Rachel Maddow? Or the other political forces you talk about in your letter?


Great job, Boomer!
Hope you send this off to Rachel.

Here’s a related article you might be interested in reading –



Bravo Boomer!! This could become a Manifesto 🙂 . Life shouldn’t be this hard – not when our parents and grandparents struggled all their lives to make a better world for their kids to grow up and thrive. My Nanna grew up very poor and told tales of having to scavenge for lumps of coal in the small Cornwall village of her childhood. It seems to me that we are struggling to merely hold out heads above water; forget trying to leave things better for future generations. Are we doomed to slide back to where our grandparents lived? I hope it’s not true but very much fear that it is. Sorry for the pessimism 🙁