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Marion On January - 20 - 2010

This will be short and sweet, because I’m fucked off  because of the totally unbelievable result of the Massachusetts special election.

I propose we all visit Huffington Post today – those of us who can – and post special thanks to Arianna and her team of rabble-rousers for sufficiently ratcheting up the political immaturity and insecurities of the Progressive base and proving that these people are more ‘sheeple’ than people.

Elections are determined as much by the people who don’t vote as by the people who do. That’s how the GOP win.

So let’s give Arianna a whopping big thank you today for all her efforts to undermine and undercut the integrity of this government and this presidency.

And as much as I like Bill Maher, I think we ought to hold his ass tothe fire as well; because he’s done just as much with his pithy ‘Barry comments and his gratuitous criticism of Obama and his policies, even to the point of claming Obama was a conservative.

Go to his MySpace page: http://www.myspace.com/therealbillmaher

or to his Facebook fan page: http://www.facebook.com/maher

He needs to be told how much we thank him for his efforts at undermining this Administration and the REAL Progressive movement.

Maybe leave him a message asking how a ‘Progressive’ can support the death penalty, approve of racial profiling and NOT want government-controlled healthcare. That sounds mighty Repuclican to me.

If we are being exhorted by these so-called celebrity pundits to hold our politicians’ feet to the fire and make them accountable, we should also have the right to hold these people’s asses to the flame and make them responsible for their irresponsible messages to the masses.

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  1. Pashma says:

    Please think this out a little more. I am sick of HP and what they are doing, but they are powerful. Apparently someone monitors PPOV and knows very well about posts like this and call you out on it.

    There must be other media outlets that don’t like what she is doing. If you give people negative Obama, negative Obama admin stories on the internet, tv, radio, newspapers people believe it.

    Obama’s campaign was fascinating. They took it out of the hands of the media and connected with people 24/7. The administration does not realize the media campaign has not ended.

    As I have told you I live in Massachusetts. I am thoroughly disgusted today. Apparently when you don’t like what someone is doing you don’t fight to change it, you just give up and go back. But keep telling yourself you’re sending a message.

    There has to be another way.

    • nellie says:

      I agree w you, Pashma. Despite the fact that I’m pretty PO’d w HP right now — and posted my own Thanks for Nothing last night — I think it’s important not to make HP the center of the world.

      Going around the negative spin is something we really have to figure out how to do. And the administration should stay in campaign mode. That’s what they did in August, and they briefly got the public back to reality.

      • Pashma says:

        Thanks Nellie, I’m going to email just like during the campaign and hope that it helps. Huffington is NOT what it was for many of during the campaign and as someone posted today “why are all you liberal/leftie trolls doing on our site”.

        ‘Nuff said!

  2. LABC63 says:

    Another POS site is Salon. So busy with their faux concern/real blaming game for Obama, “don’t blame us far lefties” hand washing, and yes, fucking Camille Paglia with her wet dreams about Palin (the new face of feminism, according to Paglia).

  3. Chernynkaya says:

    Yes, Huffpo has done a lot of rabble rousing on the Left with its incessant anti-Obama choruses and its demoralizing dirges. No argument here. But let me also point out that the Progressive agenda needs a voice too. Obama himself told us to hold him accountable, to hold his feet to the fire. The question is how to do that while remaining both realistic and without succumbing to negativism.

    To me, that’s a big issue. I don’t want us to become an Obama hallelujah chorus any more than I want to become its death knell. There is a place for honest and honorable dissent. We need to hold Huffpo’s feet to the fire for becoming an insidious source of defeatism as well as Obama’s for moving too far to the right. we need to strike the right balance.

    • Gretel1or2 says:

      I agree we need to hold Obama accountable and maintain steady pressure on him and the democrats. However, I find that whenever there is a voice of constructive criticism directed at the president/democrats, Huffpost distorts it into a snarky blaming, name-calling issue and puts the most controversial headline -- which does not generate thoughtful discussion, but keeps people yelling at each other or defending the president. For example, if Howard Dean expresses a concern, HP will try to twist in a way as to get people deliberately riled up and make people think that Howard Dean is against the president, etc. The “Joe Biden should Resign..” headline was a prime example of this. Joe Biden was not against Obama, he simply had an opinion about one aspect of one issue. This is par for the course in ANY cabinet, yet HP tried to create a scenario that Biden and Obama were campaigning against each other. It is this non-constructive and contrived faux outrage that is counterproductive to the progress of this country.

      • Marion says:

        It’s ALL about airtime for her. ALL about it. She makes a remark, then MSNBC or Wolf Blitzer pisses themselves to book her on Scarborough or Keithie or The Situation Room and she spouts her venom there, ALWAYS with that annoying, shiny face that’s botoxed into a smile.

        Didn’t you notice her new homeboy Joe Scarborough and his blog telling the Progressive base to link with the Teabaggers? That’s her game. She came a cropper, however, when she was booked on Ed Schulz’s show to promote ‘Joe Biden should resign’ and got upstaged by Balloon Boy. I thought she was going to brain Ed.

        Poor Bill Maher’s following her tack -- make a controversial remark and do the chat shows. Gives publicity. I wish there were a way to stop that.

    • LABC63 says:

      I agree -- there needs to be a balance. But there is hardly a voice over there for balance. There is Sirota and the circle jerk of commenters over there, fanning each other for high pitch progressive whining. None of them are interested in having their opinions challenged. I completely agree with your assessment, I just do not know if HuffPost is up to the challenge, in its present state.

  4. SueInCa says:

    Martha Coakley lost this race. She was complacent and took for granted her big lead. She was arrogant and it cost us a seat. The best thing I can do for Hairyanna now is to continue to post negative comments about her and her gang inside my regular comments over there, continuosly. Let’s see if she tries to ban me for excercising my free speech.

  5. nellie says:

    I posted a thank you to HP last night.

    I also went to FDL and asked if they were finally ready to support this president’s agenda.

    I have a letter working to the DNC next. They are mostly at fault for letting this happen. They have an agenda — or so they tell us. I begin to wonder whether they even want to get it passed.

  6. jan4insight says:

    Here’s what I just posted over there:

    Oh put a sock in it, A H! You were one of the first on the left to throw this President under the bus! Why -- because he didn’t make the unicorns dance fast enough for you? Or was because you thought the controversy would add a few more clicks to your site & drive up the ad revenue????

    When will people get a clue that fracturing the Dem base and fellow-travelers is the best way to help the Repub’s? There’s a lot of blame to go around for this sh1testorm (and I’m certainly nit apologizing for Coakley), but at your feet, A H, I am laying a big, steaming pile!
    I’t probably scrubbed by now, but FWIW 😛

  7. Gretel1or2 says:

    HuffPost is now having a field day with their “OBama=Failure” chorus. Almost every headline would make you think that Obama’s term has been completed and people are ready to vote him out. Expect to see calls for impeachment within a few months. This is the level of hostility that this site has garnered against the president. This is not a policy issue, this is someone working out their personal vendettas on a blogsite.

    • escribacat says:

      Agreed, Marion. I have been posting those messages over there since last night — amongst the rightwing party that has settled in. Her new constituency.

  8. LABC63 says:

    The obscenities alone will prevent any message of thanks I have for that Zsa Zsa Gabor sounding bitch and HuffPost from seeing the light of day.

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