This woman clearly doesn’t understand how the US government works. She honestly thinks Obama is in charge of ALL THREE BRANCHES of the government and rules like a dictator. Her ignorance is second only to her hubris. She fancies herself an intellectual and the US media gives her airtime to spew her vicious and vitriolic shit, which they accept as fact. She has gone as far as to urge Vice President Joe Biden to resign, which is patently a seditious act. For that alone, she should be censured, especially as she used this opportunity to promote this idea relentlessly in the national media from NBC to ABC to CNN, as a tool for the promotion of her own celebrity.

She is acting, not in the interests of reliably informing citizens of factual information, but to propagate her own agenda by manipulating the opinions of the lesser-informed and intellectually immature Progressive Base.

She is undermining and maligning the character and person of the President of the United States, whilst urging others of a public standing to do so.

Who is going to stop and stand up to this woman’s actions, which, amongst all of the above, have a particularly racist whiff about them?

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I don’t know, but I do know I sent her an email. I posted a copy in Timeout for O/T. Take a look. 🙂