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Vituperation On January - 4 - 2010
Categories: Speakers' Corner

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  1. abby4ever says:

    A little aside…

    I just went out on the porch, dawn is just breaking, and it’s snowing! Hard! It’s that pure-white delicate-as-gossamer stuff that falls thick and fast but without a sound and drapes the trees and shrubs, and cottages too, in white, white, white.

    We are up north right now, near Gretna; every year at the tail end of the Christmas and New year holiday, we migrate up here…to my husband’s grandmother’s cottage. It’s small and cozy, the thatched roof kind that you see in books. And outside and about fifty feet from the porch, is a high lantern, an old-fashioned Charles Dickens type lantern, and it is in its light that you see the snow falling down. It’s been snowing for days and days up here and in sub-freezing temps, so everything there is is draped in white.

    Even the sheep.

    I will have to use my usual word for anything and everything that breaks my heart with its beauty. ‘Lovely’.

    Come on over everyone and I’ll make some hot chocolate and scones and we’ll sing songs.


    • Emerald1943 says:

      Abby, I’m really late in replying, but I’m definitely down with that! Hot chocolate sounds delightful! Two marshmallows, please! 🙂

      I’ve got to sleep…it will soon be daybreak here too. And of course, it’s STILL snowing here too.

      See ya’ tomorrow, gal! Have a great night/day!

    • abby4ever says:

      Sorry, Ms Hoff, this was supposed to be on the Time Out For OT thread.

  2. kesmarn says:

    Hi and welcome, vituperation!
    Art is a hobby of mine, although I don’t have much time to “play” these days. So I traveled over to your daughter’s website to have a look. If there is such a term as “Dark Whimsy” I think I would have to apply it to her work. I hope she wouldn’t be offended by that! I was particularly interested in her photography. I love it when artists are able to see beauty and inspiration in something as ordinary as the condiment display at the convenience store! Her one photograph of the interior of the Mexican store was really excellent. I hope she continues her artistic career. Thanks, proud dad, for posting the link.

  3. Khirad says:

    Welcome. Love the name, and your daughter’s work. It is true what you say about communicating through art.

  4. Emerald1943 says:

    Welcome, vituperation! And a big thanks for posting your daughter’s work!

    I have to plead ignorance here in that I know so little about modern art that I feel inadequately prepared to comment. I’m afraid my post would only show my lack of a well-rounded education, science and nursing being my “thing”.

    But I do know something about the performing arts and putting one’s self out there. It does take courage and I applaud your daughter for hers!

    I am sure I speak for all when I say we will look forward to more posts from you!

  5. KQuark says:

    Welcome and cheers for the link. The Planet could use a little more culture. I will check the site out for sure.

    You are absolutely right as well anyone who puts their work on the line is a brave soul.

    You or your daughter are welcome to post a longer article about her work some time.

  6. AdLib says:

    Hi Vituperation, welcome to The Planet!

    I like the work of your daughter’s that you’ve posted, the texture of the perforations and thread along with the perspective on the woman, very nice.

    One of our members was just remarking the other day that we haven’t had many posts on a number of areas including art, glad you posted this and will check out your daughter’s site.

    Please pass along kudos to her!

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