Did You Hear the One About Global Warming?

A Liberal was talking to a Conservative. The Liberal said that he had a hard time listening to global warming deniers telling us that there’s no such thing as global...

Don’t Forget to Have Fun

Some pictures are priceless Link to story

Any Lawyers Looking for Extra Credit?

Okay, give me some wiggle room on this one but here is a concept that just came to mind and I could use some help. Did or did not Sarah...

Job Application for Republicans

Say for example you were running a business and you had a bunch of employees. Let’s say that some of these employees (about half of them) started disrupting the...

Keep Your Head Low and Your Powder Dry

I will state this just once: Stealth is the key to vanquish your enemy or take your prey. With that said, I will venture further by stating flatly that...

Dubya Remix 2006

I did this audio back around 2006. Hope you enjoy it. Evil Is Real

I want to do this (if I had a train)

Have you ever (be honest) hit a puddle with your car - just for fun - to see how big of a splash it would make? Did you ever (be...

Most Excellent

I came across this a little while ago; couldn’t keep it to myself. BEST IN HD

Politcally Incorrect – Maybe

Dear Sarah, Thank you for pointing out the basic offensiveness of our decision to change GOP to SOP. However, since being politically correct, politically intelligent, politically relevant or politically astute seems...