In the past two days, I have seen two movies, neither of which should be seen by oneself.  Yesterday, Christmas Day, I saw Up In The Air and today, the day AFTER Christmas, I saw It’s Complicated.

Talk about a roller coaster of emotions — nonetheless I cried — albeit for different reasons — during both. OMG, I need to see my shrink at least twice this week!

Seriously though,  each movie has an underlying message — it pretty much sucks feeling lonely. Please don’t misunderstand — there is definitely a difference between being alone and lonely. Most of us need to be alone from time to time, but most of us don’t deserve to be lonely. Being lonely means one is floating with no anchor, nothing or no one to throw us a rope, life raft, or life preserver to give us something to hold on to. Holding on doesn’t mean one is weak, it means we’re human; humans weren’t meant to be alone, stoic, unfeeling. It’s our nature not to be needy, but to need…the warm & fuzzies; touch; support; empathy; caring; love; acceptance.

Folks, we’re all in this together, and if we can’t depend on each other to make it, then why are we here?

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Oh no! I was extremely worried about him yesterday. His comments were heart-breaking and he seemed close to the edge. Does anyone have his email?


Oops! My bad! This was supposed to be a reply to boomer about TRP!

Hey everyone, TRP posted some really depressing comments yesterday that I’m sure most of you noticed. He was extremely depressed and I became really concerned for his stability.

Does anyone have any contact information for him? Adlib, I know you cannot post anything due to privacy, but is there any way to get in touch to make sure he is OK?

Meanwhile, I know the power of good vibes…let’s all send some to him! He seems to be in a very vulnerable situation right now and needs help!


So true, we’re all in this together, and we need each other.

And ferrets!


LOL! I don’t know whether I want any more information about this or not……:-0


Don’t be scared, she is cute.


One of my “adopted sons” who works for me had two ferrets and they were adorable! You can’t help but love them! I could play with them for hours.

KQµårk 死神

Boomer this is a great piece and subject to discuss. I can honestly say before I became disabled I was much more lonely than I am now. I had much more human contact than I do now but much of it was hollow and with people I could not relate to on a human level.

Thank goodness for technology! Now even though I don’t see people in person as much I am closer to family than ever and have many more friends where we have many more things in common.

I truly believe the good thoughts and vibes from folks here are aiding my recovery and I can’t thank you folks enough.


Hey KQ! You make an excellent point! But the part about the vibes from people here are spot-on! As you know, I have been going through hell over my sister. All the PlanetPeople have been sending the most wonderful best wishes and prayers. I cannot say this strongly enough…the effects have been absolutely palpable! I believe I have actually felt it!

There are many things that we cannot see or hear, but we know they are real! The power of collective thoughts is one of those things! I don’t think I have ever experienced anything like this in my life! This is truly amazing, and I’m so happy to know that your recovery is being helped by it too!


Boomer, what a beautiful comment! You are absolutely right!

I am a walking, talking example of how needy we can be. I have been struggling with the prospect of losing my beloved sister, one of only a few relatives I have left in this world. I found myself leaning on each of you here for that moral support. Being snowed in and unable to travel did not help.

But the most amazing thing has happened…I really do believe that the collective thoughts and prayers from all of you has had a very real and profound effect on me and perhaps on my sister too!

We are indeed in this together and I am so thankful that we are!

BTW, have you seen any further comments from TRP? He was really in a blue funk earlier and I was worried about him.