If you have Children, Grandchildren or Nieces and Nephews,

at this time of year,

many of you may have been to your share of this seasons live children’s concerts.

I have.

My youngest daughters middle school choir performed the song below.

Normally this song would not fit into my “post it” criteria.

I love the serious and heavy hitters of music that are dripping with purpose,

meaning and authenticity.

This one starts with the *oh no, it’s a drippy new christmas song riff*

and gets more sticky for there.

But it got me anyway.

Good for you, David Foster, Cause I’m picky.

This song got me,

first, from hearing my youngest daughter practice it repetitively.

Then, reading the lyrics.

A real message is in there.

Of course the music is compelling, persuasive.

Finally, and most importantly, from attending my youngest daughters Middle School performance.

That night, as I sat down in the Middle School Auditorium,

or as they call it here, MPR (Multi Purpose Room)

One of my daughter friends asked if she could sit with me,

her mom was in the building next door, doing some community service work,

and I, of course, said, sure!

I’ll call her, Kerry.

My other daughters were performing at the high school concert,

so my husband was at the high school and I was on my own at the middle school.

These events are always better with company, right?

Having Kerry would make it a little more friendly, right?

Several songs came and went, all was fine.

Then, THIS song started and although I felt that urge,

I vowed to myself, I am not going to cry,

I did not were waterproof mascara, I am not going to cry.

Was doing ok after the first verse, and thought,

I am going to make it with out crying.  FFFhewww !!

Then, next to me, my daughters friend Kerry began spouting tears like a fire hose.

“Oh Sweetie, are you ok?  I whispered to her in a hush.

I handed Kerry a fresh tissue (glad I had that in my bag)

Kerry turned to look at me with a face verging on full blown tears that she was trying

so hard to heroically contain.

“I am,” she said.

“I just worry about my dad, he is in Iraq.” Kerry finished.

I did not know that. Now, this song makes her think about her Dad.

OK, thats it, I am now officially crying to a David Foster Christmas Song!

Who cares about mascara. Bring on the kleenex.

This Girls Dad is so far away, and she is so worried about him. In contrast, my husband is at the high school looking for parking. There is nothing you can say, you can only feel their pain, fear and concern along with them. Maybe you can hug them, if they let you, beware, they can be very brave. Thank God I had that extra kleenex in my bag. I can see why Michelle Obama has put a focus on Military Families. There is a very great need there.

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Patsy, a beautiful story and a beautiful song, too. We need to get all those kids/parents home from war zones everywhere…soon. Thanks for posting.

P.S. Natalie Cole is truly her father’s talented daughter.