Christmas is a secular holiday for me. I guess it’s tradition that keeps me looking forward to it every year…the tree, the lights, and the smells of cinnamon and apple, turkey and trimmings coming from the kitchen, the candles and sweet spices, and the warm fuzzy feelings this time of year. Religion does not play a part in it.

This year, I thought it would all be a time of only sadness. My sister was taken critically ill to the hospital on Tuesday, admitted to ICU in kidney failure and comatose, unresponsive to all but painful stimuli. As a registered nurse for many years, I knew the possibilities and none of them were good. The frustration I felt was intense. I was literally snowed in at my home, 100 miles from where she was, unable to do anything to help, unable to apply what knowledge I have to make her better.

As the hours dragged on, my spirits sank lower. I fully expected to be making funeral arrangements and to be trying to provide moral support for my sister’s children. But as time went by, she hung on to her frail life. I called the ICU and talked to the nurse…no change, only some bad lab values. Then a glimmer of hope. My sister mumbled a few words, something to the effect of “I want to go home”…then back into that dark place where she had gone.

Two days have passed, but there is slight improvement. Her kidneys are producing their amber indication of function; she is agitated and pulls at her IV lines…but she hangs on. A faint glimmer of hope!

I send her my energy…fight it, Sherri! Don’t give up! Don’t give in! Don’t leave me! Somehow, I think she has heard me! And this has been the best gift she could give me!

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Emerald, I am sending positive thoughts of healing, hope and happiness to You, your Sister and your Family. It sounds like your Sister is fighting with everything she has. Please stay strong to fight the good fight with her!


Emerald, that was touching beyond words. I’ve not stopped thinking about your sister. Even now I sit in tearful silence hoping that she will pull through. Anyone as dear and precious as you are must have a sister equally awe-inspiring.

I will keep both you and her in my thoughts. *HUGS CLOSE*


Emerald, so good to hear the encouraging news about your sister. And I do hope you have a chance to get to her in the near future. You know we’re with you here at the Planet!


Emerald, your news is very encouraging. And I’m glad to hear you are feeling encouraged. Let’s hope nature let’s up so you can travel. You are both in my thoughts.


Indeed, as someone who celebrates the season secularly as well, family is what it is all about. That being said, I offer my own little prayer of positive energy towards your sister and you in these lines all the same.

KQµårk 死神

Godspeed to your sister’s recovery. She sounds like a real fighter. Her chances of full recovery go up every day.


Emerald, I am so glad your sister is showing some signs of improvement. Keep sending good thoughts her way. It will help.


My best Christmas present was this year, hubby found a wonderful thing, recharge 20 minutes, pain here and there, will keep you warm. I don’t how describe it but is great, Using it now.

Wonderful news, was I selfish, yes I was, sorry. God bless to your sister!